Beastmen/Herd – State of Play

After looking at my Wood Elves and Dwarves I thought i’d also take stock of my latest army: Beastmen. Like the last post, i’ll look at it from a Warhammer point of view, so i’ll group them my Core/Special/Rare/Characters but it will be slightly interspersed with Kings of War references as I have a couple of models that don’t really translate.

Some of the models were ebay purchases, pre-painted and so as normal full disclosure will be given.

I can only field a 3000pt whfb army (which makes this the smallest of my five ‘complete’ armies), as although I have the models to field a lot more points of special choices, I only have enough core choices for that value.


60 Gor – all painted (This equates to 2 Hordes and a Regiment of Spirit walkers in KOW).

10 Ungor raiders (never used so unpainted)

2 Tuskgor Chariots

10 Warhounds (need to be painted – I never used them with Beastmen and they were actually in my Warriors of Chaos pile but 2 troops of 5 in KOW are almost compulsory).







8 Minotaurs (5 painted, 3 on the way)

40 Bestigor (or 2 Regiments of Longhorns – 25 are painted).

10 Harpies (ok I only photo’ed 5 of them but the others are identical)

2 Razorgor – no separate photos, instead i’ve photographed the start of my Stampede – still need to decide on a final addition (for those taking notes, you’ll see I’ve already started on my Monster March creatures).






2 Ghorgons




3 Shamans

3 Heroes (the 2 painted were from ebay).

1 Doombull (again a pre-painted purchase).

1 Hero on mount – being used as hero on Chariot

1 Gorebull BSB – a slightly (ok massively) oversized rhino model (it’s a good head above the doombull but I didn’t find any Minotaur standards I really liked).




A while back, Imperial Rebel Orc asked everyone how many models they own, so I’m using this series of posts to help keep a tally of my models as I go through them.

In total the Beastmen/Herd army is around 150 models of various sorts, 44 still to paint.

My dwarfs total around 320 models (I’ve added some more miners since I last reviewed them), of which 80 odd still need to be finished. I also have 6 mine carts that can be used as unit fillers.

The wood elves total around 193 models (including my latest purchase of the 4th edition Ariel model that I picked up for a steal on ebay and will be used as the Green Lady model in KOW). Around 85 need to be finished, they all need basing and some of the older models I also want to revisit.

So total models so far: 663.

I have one other large complete army to hand (High elves – approx 250 models) and another large army at my folks (O&G). I then have a reasonable collection of undead, Warriors of Chaos, Space Marines and Blood Bowl teams with assorted other models i’ve picked up over the years (mainly GW and mainly fantasy, with some necromunda as I sold my epic 40k several years ago). I’m not sure i’ll ever be easily able to catalog all my models, mainly as most of the rest are in storage at my folks, but i’ll keep going (at least for the main forces).



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