Wood Elves – State of Play

In a previous post I looked at my Dwarf army and where I was at in terms of painting and models owned. In this post I will do the same with my wood elves. It will be done with a Warhammer 8th ed. hat on, so i’ll group them my Core/Special/Rare/Characters, listing out what can be fielded. I’m doing this mainly for myself, so I have a record of where I am at and what I need to do.

It is worth noting that some of the models (tbh the better painted ones) were purchased off ebay, taking advantage of the exodus many players undertook when the warhammer world was canned. I will of course give full disclosure on these. Most of the figures I painted were done in my early teens and suffer from my inability to finish them fully and my early years lack of understanding the need to undercoat!

Including characters and using 8th edition rules, I can legally field around 6500 points (though it is very character heavy). Under KOW it is around 3000pts.


30 Eternal Guard

64 Glade Guard

10 Dryads

5 Glade Riders (original 4th edition with lances) – No photos as they are still at my folks


Hidden at the back are 3 very old high elf models used to flesh out numbers
Purchased around the same time as the 8th Wood elf army book to bump up the Eternal guard numbers, when I came back from my tabletop hiatus.
Original lead Scarlocks archers. My very first warhammer purchase and still one of my favourites
One of the ebay purchases, I believe the menhir is from the Ghorgon kit and can also double up as a herdstone from my Beastmen or KOW Herd army.
The back row are some of the very first plastic wood elves and even by my painting standards look shite.
‘White metal’ Dryads


20 Deepwood Scouts

6 Treekin

16 Wardancers

3 Warhawk riders

10 Wildriders

5 Sisters of the Thorn

ebay from the same seller as the glade guard purchase
as above
as above
New(ish) Hunters of Kurnous GW models. I really love these and they are ideal as treekin
Original treemen models (incl Durtha) being used as treekin.
The newer wardancer models (black bases) are from ebay.


The warhawks tie back into the army theme with the ‘warlock purple’ colour (now called screamer pink I think)
Detail shot
Paint scheme to be decided!


Another ebay purchase
as above
as above



7 Waywatchers

2 Great eagles (no photos, as they are in my high elf box) but they match the colour scheme of the warhawks.

Ebay purchase
Mix of old and new


2 Spellsingers and Glade Captain

Spellweaver on Unicorn



Glade Captain BSB


Spellsinger on Giant Eagle

Shadow Dancer (no photo at present as the model was upstairs when I took the photos and I missed it – will update this with the photo when I get round to it)

Glade Captain on Giant Eagle (the newer GW model – no photo as it isn’t built yet!)

Glade Lord on Dragon (no photo as it is at my folks – Dragon is painted but not the rider)

Orion (original 4/5th ed version). Again no photo as it’s at my folks. He’s at least mostly painted.

Ariel (4/5th ed model)


The model on the right is from ebay, other 2 are mine.


Branchwraith, Drycha, BSB and Waystalker
ebay purchase

So basically a lot to do. A bucketload of painting, basing of everything and touching up/finishing off of the older models. With no dedicated painting area and my little one now walking, an innate curiosity and a growing reach, I’m finding it harder to get in any painting time as she needs constant supervision. Hopefully with the weather warming i can set something up in the utility room and start cracking on with this and other projects!



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