WHFB – Beastmen vs Bretonnia – April 22

Following on nicely from the last battle report, my club mate, Luke, has also started to put together some of his battles in a similar format.

We were originally due to play Bloodbowl. That would have been my final game of the group stage and if I’d have won or drawn (and there was a reasonable chance of that as my team was looking pretty strong) it would have secured a spot in the knockouts. However Luke had a two day fantasy competition coming up and asked if we could have a practice game. Knowing that I wouldn’t be able to use my team in the next league (due to GW releasing the new Norse team, invalidating the current team in most leagues) and always happy to play more fantasy, I accepted, thus giving two members of my BB league group a by to the knockouts (I’m nice like that).

So this battle took place on the last Friday of Apr and was a practice game for the Triple Crown (TC) Grand Tournament, their flagship annual event.

As such there were a few additional rules in place for the armies (covered in an earlier post but recapped here).

Beastmen are allowed to take marks of chaos (as specified in the end times books: Glottkin and Archaon but the comp makes them free upgrades).

Bretonnian cavalry (knights, characters but not peasants) are all given devastating charge, giving them +1 attack on the charge. This combines well with the Lance formation as all the supporting attacks from the knights on the flank, on the turn charged, also get these.

The comp pack also specified that all generic magic items used the rulebook costs (Bretonnian/Beastmen and Skaven had some items with different point costs as their books never had an 8th edition version). This reduced the cost of some items (I.e., sword of striking/enchanted shield) but increased the cost of others.

Finally, the TC comp pack also allows armies to take certain limited entries from the storm of magic/monstrous arcanum supplements. An example of this are the 2 unicorns in Luke’s list (though I didn’t utilise these).

My lists is below. My list built on the earlier one I had been using, with the unit of Razorgor and attached Doombull. I wanted to give this a good run of games to see if it was a viable choice (Spoiler: I made the same mistake as in the last game, detaching the Doombull from the unit!). The rest of the army was along the same lines as my normal Beastmen lists (an almost stillmania* style approach).

* For those not knowing that term, Nigel Stillman was a GW writer and regularly appeared in WD magazine. One of his articles, ‘Stillmania’ extolled the virtues of writing a list and fielding it with no changes between games at all.

Great Bray-Shaman (General): Level 4 Wizard; Lore of Beasts; Mark of Nurgle; Fencer’s Blades; Jagged Dagger 280

I took a bit of a gamble with my general in not taking a ward save. Instead he is relying on weapsonskill 10 (from the fencers blades) and -1 to hit from the mark of nurgle, so that opponents will only hit him on a 5 or 6.

Doombull: heavy armour; shield; Sword of Striking; Talisman of Preservation; Ramhorn Helm; Gnarled Hide; Mark of Tzeentch 343

As with the last report, this guy is very well armoured with a 1+ save and a 3++ ward. He will also throw out a ton of attacks.

Wargor: Battle Standard (The Beast Banner); Mark of Nurgle; heavy armour; shield 191

Bray-Shaman: Level 2 Wizard; Lore of Shadow; Mark of Nurgle; additional hand weapon; Power Stone 132

47 Gors: Foe-render; Musician; Standard Bearer; Mark of Nurgle; additional hand weapon 401

Tuskgor Chariot: Mark of Khorne 80

Tuskgor Chariot: Mark of Khorne 80

5 Ungor Raiders: Mark of Slannesh 30

5 Ungor Raiders: Mark of Slannesh 30

5 Ungor Raiders: Mark of Slannesh 30

29 Bestigors: Gouge-horn; Musician; Standard Bearer (Standard of Discipline); Mark of Nurgle; 393

5 Harpies: Scouts 70

5 Harpies 55

6 Razorgors 330

Razorgor 55

2,500 points

Again, Luke was fielding his beautifully painted Bretonnians, a couple of shot of them are below.

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