Dwarves vs Daemons – SELWG comp practice game 1 – part 1

So on Friday I had a chance to play a warm up game against Neil Robin’s Daemons. I regard Neil as one of the better players at the club. Two years ago he won both the 40k and WHFB (with Nurgle daemons) comps and last year he was semi finalist in the whfb (with Lizards)  and won 40k again. I’ve played him a number of times in the last few years with the first number of games being classified as ‘an education’ (he wiped the floor with me) but I have learnt more from him then any other player. The last few games have been mixed – 1 draw and 1 win for me (the win was due to a cascade on his slann but i’ll take it!). He is a great sport so when he proposed switching our Kings of War tester game to a whfb warm up, I jumped at the chance.

Neil’s Army – Daemons of Chaos (EDIT: added in spells and lesser gift rolls from the game)

Keeper of Secrets (Lore of Shadow) + 2 * Lesser Gifts – 530pts

He rolled ASF and D3 impact hits for his gifts and Pit of Shades, Miasma, Enfeebling foe and the Withering for spells

Herald of Khorne + Juggernaut of Khorne + Lesser Gift – 175pts

He rolled a 2+ ward save vs first wound

Herald of Khorne + Juggernaut of Khorne + Lesser Gift – 175pts

He took blade of blood (+1 STR)

4 * Bloodcrushers of Khorne (Full command) + Razor Standard – 335pts

3 * Bloodcrushers of Khorne (Musician + Standard) + Standard of Discipline – 230pts

14 * Pink Horrors (Standard) + Gleaming Pennant – 197pts

Rolled Treason of Tzeentch

10 * Pink Horrors (Standard) + Banner of Swiftness – 155pts

Rolled Infernal Gateway

10 * Pink Horrors (Standard) – 140pts

Rolled Pink fire of Tzeentch

10 * Pink Horrors (Standard) – 140 pts

Rolled Glean Magic

6 * Chaos Furies – 84pts

6 * Chaos Furies – 84pts

1 * Beast of Nurgle – 60pts

1 * Beast of Nurgle – 60pts

1 * Skull Cannon – 135pts


I’ve not played DoC before so had limited ideas on what to expect. Like all chaos armies I would expect him to start as far forward as possible and limit my shooting as much as possible. It should be magic heavy and I must choose with care what spells to try and destroy and dispel the rest as much as I can.

For me I have several priority targets:

Skullcannon – should be targeted as the priority by my cannon as it will surely be targeting my warmachines.

Beasts of Nurgle – Irondrakes primary target as fire based attacks will negate their regen

Keeper of Secrets – If possible take him out with everything to neutralise the magic phase

Bloodcrushers – Slayers should try and hit them at the earliest opportunity together with hammerers.

For the rest, I’ll just wing it and try not to cock up deployment as usual 🙂




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