Gronn Fjord Raiders

With the new club Bloodbowl league fast approaching I finished off repainting my old Norse team and the new additions to the team (in the form of 2 Ulfwerners, a snow troll, linemen and an Empire Great Cannon crewman as the coach (to allow me to argue the call!).

I have a few items still to do with them, I want to add a couple of white lines onto some of the bases to simulate the chalk lines of the pitch (something I saw on a google image but looked pretty good). I’m also going to pick up a white pen to write the names on the bases. I think I prefer this to putting numbers on the players.

I did paint the full 16 figures on the team, even though I haven’t yet finished deciding on the starter roster.

On one hand I really want to have a minimum of 12 players, an apothecary and 2+ rerolls but this limits the number of non-linemen I can field. On the other hand I really want to include the 2 Ulfwerner and Troll in the starting roster, though this means I would struggle to field more than 11 players (but would have the compulsory apothecary) and would also lack any number of reasonable rerolls. Decisions, decisions!

The humans are the classic GW norse miniatures. The Ulfwerner are by Willy Miniatures (purchased from a Spanish company called Comixininos). The Snow Troll was from Gaspez Arts (an Italian company). Both specialise in Blood Bowl miniatures.

So without further preamble I present the Gronn Fjord Raiders.

The team of 2018
The Linemen (fodder): Vali Thorsen, Asmund Whitefall, Mythil Strus, Ragna Dagfinn, Gudmund Stonehand, Sigurd Thurmondson and Odin the Grey.


Throwers and Runners: Floki the Swift, Bjorn Grimurson, Ulysses the Beholden, Holgar the Red (hair colour to be repainted!)


Berserkers: Magnus the Bold, Eirik Longhorn and the dreaded Head Coach: ‘The Auditor’


The Big guys. Ulfwerner: Beorn Two Skins and Cadoc the Bear. Snow Troll/Yhetee: Uday Ragekill




Hobby Update – Hobbitses

I’ve been a bit slack on the painting front recently. It’s been a bit of a combo of things, mainly work related but also hitting a bit of a painting wall (I think due to the old wood elf plastics I’m half way through). It has meant that I currently have 6 different batches of miniatures half painted on the table and i’m switching between them without finishing any of them.

After saying that, I have however managed to finish one set of figures, 4 hobbits. My mum is a huge LoTRs fan and has around 8 GW figures in a display cabinet with various other figures. I thought i’d surprise her by buying the same figures and painting them up as a present for xmas. The other 4 will be done when I remember to take a picture so I know which ones she has!


Hobby Update – Marines and Wood Elves

The painting side of my hobby has definitely fallen by the wayside a bit over the last few months so I’m going to have to attempt to pick that up.

The logical place to start was with a model that has been sitting, part painted, since the summer. This was for a combination of reasons, I had wanted a slightly different paint scheme for this model from both the other wood elves and especially the wardancers but hadn’t been happy with the initial palette chosen. The colour I wasn’t sure on was actually the green, which is the underlying theme of the army. Nevertheless, the yellow ensures she stands out from the other models so I’m reasonably happy with her.

The other reason the Shadowdancer had hung around for so long was I had moved her to one of my bookcase shelves and kept forgetting to pull her down. Age must finally be catching up with me…

The other thing I’ve worked on this month is the biggest of my new toys, the Redemptor Dreadnought. As with most painting projects, as soon as you take photos you notice bits you need to revisit, in this case the sarcophagus detail needs a lot more work but as it is hidden most of the time I’m happy to field it as is on that front.

I’ve deliberately avoided any company or other markings, only adding the Chapter symbol on the shoulder, as this follows the ethos of the Shadow Sentinels and the misleading secretive nature so friends and enemies are unable to tell their true strength. This does however leave large chunks of empty green plate armour. I will leave this a bit before making a decision to edge highlight as I kind of like the stark nature of it.

The base was also quite deliberately done as green and fertile. I thought it was something different to the normal mud/snow strewn land inhabited by the other club players and added some positive energy (as much as is possible with a hulking weapon clad behemoth towering over it) in the form of bright vibrant plant life. I do have some tufts and other plant bits on route to add to it, to make it more interesting and I did think about adding a couple of brown mud dreadnought sized footprints behind it but I might have to use that as an excuse to buy another dread’ so I can use the foot to imprint some green stuff or a textured paint.

One bit I will be revisiting is the heavy onslaught Gatling Cannon. The front half is just way too pristine compared to the rear.

Hobby Update – Wood elves

I’ve had a set of the very first plastic wood elves since they were released. They were terribly painted by a younger me before I understood the concept of undercoating. You can get away with that on metal but plastic is far more unforgiving. So as part of my Oct monthly painting pledge I stated I would repaint them.

These 9 models were the only things I managed to paint during Oct which is a bit poor even by my standards, though there were some mitigating circumstances. 

1) Total War Warhammer 2 is still a new shiny thing and ate into my evening painting time.

2) I spent a week in the Luxembourg.

3) The sculpts are horrible. I won’t lie, these are hands down my least favourite GW WE sculpts ever. If I had to describe them in one word it would be ‘clunky’. That combined with the fact it was a repaint really demotivated me. (So I cheered myself up by building my final 10 Wildwood Rangers).

This is the closest I have to a ‘before’ shot

Being a lazy sod (on the painting front), I repeated the mistakes of the past and decided the previous paint job would do as a base coat. (Running out of white primer and not being able to pick any up helped the decision too).

As such I went with the previous colour scheme (shockingly forgoing the normal warlock purple) but this time adding highlights, washes and the flock to the base.

The one thing I wasn’t happy with was the flesh wash. I used a really liquidy, 15 year old (ish) pot of reikland flesh wash. It’s not really worked.

I also haven’t touched the original hair. I’m going to have a think what I want to do with that.

So bar the above item, I’m happy to remove these from the painting table.


 Next up on the table are 15 second generation plastic WE archers (I know I’m a glutton for punishment). I’m going to try and blitz these with the minimum effort necessary. I will intersperse these by trying to finally finish the Glade Lord on Stag that has been loitering for 3 months.

However I may also be distracted by the other item I bought in Oct and finished building yesterday. Something a bit different for me as it’s 40k related. More on that later.

Throng of Karak Silvertop – Taking stock

Rather than getting on with any of my EEFL painting pledge this afternoon, when my daughter went down for her nap, I continued to procrastinate and instead dug out my dwarves to take an army shot and take stock of where I am at with them (similar to what I did with the Herd of Khazbar). So without further preamble…

Throng of Karak Silvertop


Lords and Thanes




Runelord and Runesmiths


Ungrim, Daemon and Dragon Slayers


Rank and File


So we’re looking at the following to be finished:

Josef Bugman (part-painted)
Belegar Ironhammer
King Kazador
White Dwarf on shieldbearers (Bugman and Gotrek)
Grimm Burlocksson
Burlock Damminsson
Master Engineer (part painted)
3 Runesmiths (1 part painted)
40 Miners (10 part painted)
16 Quarrellers/Rangers
2 Doom Seekers (part painted)
1 Grudge Thrower and 3 crew
1 Gyrobomber/coptor (will also be magnetised to switch)

So the tally stands at:


Edit: it works out to be around 10k of dwarves under 8th edition rules (but probably only 9k fielded legally and that is using the 50% lord/thane wits allowance).


Hobby Update – Herd of Khazbar the Magnificent

This is more of a WIP than a true hobby update. As I stated in a previous post, I have the following beastmen left to paint (and build) but I’m going to take a hiatus from them at present. So instead, I thought I’d post a few shots of the whole army as it is.


2 Minotaurs

Minotaur Standard bearer

Wargor BSB


Note: These were taken before I finished the Ungor Raiders (and the Wargor and Gorbull BSB models are not shown as they are not built as yet).

And yes the Herd are displayed on an extra large, wipe-able, child friendly, giant toadstool.


The ‘Heroes’


A letter froooooom America

I love it when you get home to surprise parcels. 

A couple of months ago I mailed some of my bits box to one of the guys off the eighth edition for life forum and as a thank you he sent me this little beauty. It’s an Avatars of War model and he even painted it in in colours that matched my army theme (though liberally splattered by blood). Suffice to say I can see my next dwarf outing being heavily slayer themed!