Hobby Update – Grudge Thrower

I’ve been very quiet on the hobby front of late, that isn’t to say that I haven’t been beavering away but my output has been more about gaming and writing up reports than painting.

Although my painting has been limited I have managed to finish assembling and priming around 2,500pts of Lizardmen, so i’ve not been totally idle!

Determined not to let another month go by without finishing a model, I did knuckle down and finish off the last of my unpainted, static, dwarven warmachines.

This was in the form of the Grudge Thrower (or Catapult to you and I). I once again painted the crew in matching colours, but different to the crew of the other warmachines (the idea is each crew are easily recognisable to the general based on clothing colour). The grudge thrower itself was a finecast model and is slightly warped. Based on this, I can understand the distaste that many have for GW’s range in this material.


Using the Grudge Thrower in game

This is often thought of as one of the holy trinity of dwarf warmachines that you should always take (the other 2 being the cannon and organ gun). I will say it’s rare I field it, if only because it has up until now, not been painted! I also don’t like loading up too much with warmachines as gunlines are boring to play against!

That said it is probably the most versatile of the machines. The ability to both cause a Strength 9 hit with D6 wounds at the centre of the template and Strength 3 on everything else even partially under the template. As an added bonus you can even try and hit things that are hidden from view (though it always scatters in this situation).

Where dwarf warmachines excel is their ability to buff themselves with runes and this one is no exception. The 3 which are highly recommended are the:

  • Runes of Forging – allows you to re-roll the artillery dice (to prevent misfires or change the scatter distance) – 25pts
  • Rune of Accuracy – allows you to re-roll the scatter dice (to boost the chance of a direct hit) – 25pts
  • Rune of Penetrating – Increases the strength of the hits by +1 – 40pts

Out of the 3, the +1 strength is the auto take for me. S10 on the central hole is good but it’s the S4 on the other hits that is the money shot. It allows you to devastate toughness 3 elves and the like and give a 50% shot of killing most other higher toughness infantry.

Forging and then Accuracy are useful and if you have the points take them as they really make the catapult deadlier but the misfire chart for non black powder weapons is fairly forgiving so you can chance not taking forging if you want to save points.

The above aren’t the only runes available, you can give it flaming attacks to deal with regenerating critters, though it’s more common to give that to cannons.

One trick is to place the grudge thrower far on a flank and stick a rune of immolation on it. It’s range means it can still hit most things and due to the threat, an opponent must divert something to neutralise it. If it is destroyed (or at a moment of your choosing), you can cause it to explode, inflicting 2D6 strength 4 hits on anything in base contact. That is funny but is a waste of the warmachine. If doing this, I like to combine it with a small unit of 10 Quarrellers or Thunderers as a guard. These shooters will easily tackle the normal light cavalry sent to take out the warmachine and will mean your opponent will have to divert something more substantial. If they do this then they are not concentrating on your main battle line which is never a bad thing.


Riotville pt 3 – Beastmen vs Bretonnians

In the second of my Riotville games I ended up facing Lee’s Bretonnians. I was exceptionally pleased by this, as not only had I been admiring his army on Riotvolle’s blog a few days earlier but it was the first time I’d played Bretonnians in 8th ed!
As with the previous game, I made very limited notes and missed some photos, so the write up is going on memory so it won’t be entirely accurate/has a dose of poetic licence.

Although I’ve listed it in the previous two posts, I’ve again copied the army taken for pick up readers.

The Herd of Bashor the Bloody

Bashor (General) – Beastlord – The Brass Cleaver, Charmed Shield, Talisman of Preservation, Potion of Strength, Heavy Armour, Razorgor Chariot – 396pts

Zhurock the Mighty (BSB) – Wargor – Heavy Armour, Shield, Gnarled Hide, Beast Banner – 206pts

Wazzock the Lame – Bray Shaman, Level 2 Lore of Beasts, Dispel Scroll, Additional hand weapon – 142pts

38 Gor – FC, Additional hand weapon – 329pts

Tuskgor Chariot – 80pts

Tuskgor Chariot – 80pts

30 Bestigor – FC, Banner of Eternal Flame – 400pts

5 Harpies – 55pts

Razorgor – 55pts

Razorgor – 55pts

Total – 1798pts
I’ve given a rough idea of Lee’s list below. I didn’t have a copy of his list it so this is going from memory of items that popped up during the game. The units should be correct (I’ve guessing command options on some). The items are more or less correct but maybe not exactly on the characters stated, as, in the case of the lord, he couldn’t have all these items equipped as he would have been over the magic points limit. I’m also aware that the list is a chunk under 1800 points so I’ve obviously missed a few bits (perhaps banners).

Lee’s Bretonnians

Lord (General) – Armour of Agilulf, Talisman of Preservation, Crown of Command, Lance – 242pts

The Green Knight – 275pts

Damsel – Level 2 (Beasts), Warhorse, Dispel Scroll (?) – 144pts

Paladin (BSB) – Virtue of Duty – 104pts

10 Knights of the Realm – 264pts

20 Men at Arms – Full Command – 238pts

10 Peasant Bowmen – Braziers – 65pts

5 Mounted Yeomen – Musician – Light Armour, Shields – 97pts

8 Grail Knights – Standard, Musician – 334pts

1 Trebuchet – 90pts

The one thing that I will say about Lee’s knights is he was fielding them in standard ‘Empire’ formation, that is to say not in the ‘Lance’ (6*2 for the KotR and 4*2 for the Grail) and had been using this in all his games. We had a big discussion, together with Luke B, on the virtues of the Lance and why he should be using it. Despite this (and perhaps due to the unit trays he had) he still went with the wide formation for the game. However I think he will use the lance going forward and the difference (especially with the increase in Grail Knights attacks from doing so) may come as a nasty surprise to his opponents.

Pre-match rolls

We were both rocking level 2 Beast mages and both rolled Transformation but both discarded it.

 The Damsel ended up with Curse + Wyssans
Wazzock had Savage Beast and Wyssans

The scenario was the dreaded Watch Tower


This was the same as the previous game but with a tower dead centre for the scenario.

1 Terrain


 Learning from the mistakes of the previous game and knowing all that really mattered was the watchtower, there was no subtlety in my deployment, I started with my two big units, front and centre with enough space in between for Bashor and then everything else went at the ends.
I actually won control of the watchtower but as I didn’t have any units of 20 models or less, I didn’t put anyone into it. Winning control of the tower automatically gave Lee first go, but as he was praying, we diced off and Lee won the first go.

1.1 Deployment

1. Deployment2. deployment3. deploy4. deploy5. deploy

Turn 1 – Bretonnians

The Bret lines moved up cautiously with the knights ensuring they were well out of any charge range of the beasts. The exception was the men at arms, who marched at full speed for the safety of the tower, comforted by the presence of their betters on either side.

The Damsel kicked off the magic phase by casting curse on the large unit of Gor.

The incompetent peasants manning the Trebuchet hadn’t listened to the maker’s instructions and managed to misfire it so it was unable to fire this turn.

5.1 bret T16. bret T17. bret T18. bret T1

Turn 1 – Beastmen

Both Razorgor were ordered forward to block the impending charges of the two knight buses. The Bestigor and Gor units moved up in preparation to counter charge, the latter disdainfully ignoring the curse placed upon them. 9 Casualties later and a wound on Wazzock made them re-evaluate whether this was a wise decision! Bashor and one of the Chariots, also moved up in support.

The harpies also advanced to threaten the mounted peasants and one of the chariots positioned itself to counter any threat to them.

Deciding to not risk his remaining wound, Wazzock didn’t cast anything.

8.1 beast T19. beast T110. beast T111. beast T1

Turn 2 – Bretonnians

The KoTR smashed into the Razorgor in front of them, ripping it apart in short order. Digging in their spurs to overrun into the horde of Gor, the mounts bulked at the idea, shying away after they caught the rancid scent of the foul beasts.

The Grail Knights likewise made short work of the mutated boar blocking their path but their battle hardened mounts were used to all manner of foe and didn’t stop, slamming straight into the great weapon wielding beasts.

The Green knight burst forth from the rock backing onto the house and lined himself up to join the main combat.

The Men at arms sighed with relief as they ran into the tower and started to bar the doors and windows to try and avoid as much of the fighting as possible.

The Damsel again cast Curse onto the Gor but this time rocked unsteadily in her saddle as the detonation from the miscast, wounded her in the process.

The bird women shrieked with rage as they lost one of their number to the yeomen’s bow fire.

The Peasants finally worked out how to fire the Trebuchet but being both illiterate and innumerate they were unable to calculate how to hit anything and it was by sheer chance that their shot clipped the corner of the Gor.

11.1 bret T212. bret T213. Bret T214. Bret T216. bret T2

Turn 2 – Beastmen

Again ignoring the curse that had been cast on them, the Gor charged into the knights. This time they only lost 3 of their number to dangerous terrain, though one of these was poor Wazzock, who managed to snag his leg in a rabbit hole, fell over and snapped his neck.
Bashor and a Tuskgor chariots also charged into the flanks of the knights to support the fight and despite swilling his potion of strength, the lady smiled on the Knights and they lost just two of their number. In return, half a rank of the Gor were killed.

Still enraged that they had lost one of their number to cowardly bow fire, the Harpies charged at the Yeomen. The mounted peasants proved a much tougher foe that they anticipated (the lady was watching them) and they only slew one of the humans for the loss of 2 of their number.

The unengaged chariot wheeled round to cause the Green Knight problems in later turns.

The lady was definitely watching over her chosen champions and the Bestigor only cut down 1 of the knights for the loss of 4 of them. They took comfort in weight of their superior numbers, confident that the mounted humans would fall shortly.

16.1 beast T217. beast T218. beast T219. beast T2

Turn 3 – Bretonnians

With their charge advantage gone, the Grail knights only managed to kill 2 of the elite beasts but took equal deaths in return.

In the skirmish between the Yeomen and Harpies, the mounted peasants gained the upper hand as they slew another harpy and the last one fled, convinced that a vengeful lady was after her, only to be run down.

In the main event, the Green knight charged the rear of the Gor and between him and the Knight Bus, only a few Gor were slain, though the number of attacks the Gor were putting out, started to make their mark and two of the knights succumbed to the mass attacks.

The damsel, not liking the chariot poised to attack the green knight, once again cast Curse of Anraheir. For the second time she miscast and this time she was unable to escape the magical feedback that ended her life. Both armies were now bereft of magical support!

Once again the Trebuchet misfired and wouldn’t be able to shoot for this turn and the next as the down heartened peasants cleared the mechanism of the serf that had been caught in it.

19.1 Bret T320. Bret T321. bret T322. bret T323. bret T3  

Turn 3 – Beastmen

The combat between the army’s elite units continued with the Bestigor losing another 3 of their number in exchange for one Grail knight.

The other combat went horribly array for the Beastmen, with the knights of the realm (complete with the General, BSB and the Green Knight) going to town on the Gor, whilst in return saving almost everything thrown back at them (the general took a wound and just one knight was killed). It was too much for the Beastmen and they all fled. The Knights decided to chase down Bashor and once again he was bought down from behind. The Gor and Chariot both escaped but the now much reduced unit, was perilously close to the edge of the battlefield with the Green knight breathing down their neck.

23.1 beast T324. beast T325. beast T3

26. beast T3
I had to include this photo as evidence of how many ward saves Lee was making with his Knights (the Green Dice).

Turn 4 – Bretonnians

The Green Knight finished what had been started the previous turn and charged the already fleeing Gor and that routed them off the table.

With the main enemy combat block gone, the General’s unit reformed to move round the building to help out the Grail Knight Combat. Things were looking grim for the remaining Beastmen forces.

The Yeomen charged the rear of the chariot that had previously been cursed. Although both sides failed to do any damage, being charged in the rear was too much for the chariot and it fled but the ‘wannabe’ knights failed to catch it.

Aware of the other Knight unit lining up to flank them, the remaining Bestigor got their act together and went to town on the last of the Grail Knights. The lady chose this moment to take her eye off them and the remaining champions were hewn apart. The elite beasts reformed to either charge the Bretonnian General and the KoTR unit or the Men at Arms in the tower.

26.1 Bret T427. Bret T428. Bret T429. Bret T4
Turn 4 – Beastmen

One of the chariots charged into the Green Knight and the other one rallied.

(Edit: The photo show one of the chariots charging the Green Knight. Either this charge occurred when it shouldn’t have done as both chariots should have rallied or it happened in turn 5. I’m guessing the later and the mistake is just in this report and due to the fact that I had forgotten to take many photos to accurately record it. As I had already made the Diagram Maps before I noticed it, I’ve left it in this report as the chariot had charged when it shouldn’t have done).

With no sign of indecision, the Bestigor charged into the KoTR. Without the benefit of their lances the Knights were only able to take down a few of the beasts but the lady’s blessing held strong and the great weapons failed to cause any damage.

29.1 Beast T430. Beast T4
Turn 5 – Bretonnians

The Yeomen move up ready to support when they felt they could offer an advantage without risking themselves.

The Green Knight finally beats the chariot and promptly runs it down.

The Knights of the Realm were up against much tougher opposition than they had previously faced and even the lady was unable to prevent two of their number being cut down. Under the General’s steely gaze the knights held their ground.

30.1 Bret T5

Turn 5 – Beastmen

With their blood up, the Bestigor lost control and flew into a frenzy. Sensing the impending massacre the remaining chariot smashed into the flank of the Knights. Between they cut down the remaining knights and the BSB and left the General alive on a single wound. Once again the Crown ensured that he did not run.

30.2 Beastmen T5
Turn 6 – Bretonnians

Seeing their liege in trouble, the Yeomen ‘bravely’ charge into the rear of the Chariot to save the beleaguered lord. The peasants are completely outclassed and are all slain as is their master, who was unable to defend himself against the wave of savage attacks. With no one else in sight, the blood drunk beasts turned their attention to the men they scented, hidden in the tower.

30.3 Bret T631. Bret T6

Turn 6 – Beastmen

In the final move of the game, the frenzied bestigor assaulted the tower. They crashed through the door and hunted down the garrisoned men, slaying 16 of the men is short order. The final 4 had holed up on the roof and blocked the trapdoor preventing the beasts getting to them, thus holding the tower and winning the game!

(Holding the tower, meant the men at arms gained Stubborn and so, although they took a pasting, they only had to roll under their pitiful leadership of 5 to hold both their nerve and maintain control of the tower annnnnnd you guessed it, with a 3 the lowly peasants saved the day for Bretonnia!).

31.1 Beastmen T6 - charge32. Beastmen T6 - charge

33. The 4 remaining Men at arms
The remaining 4 men at arms, holed up on the roof!
34. Final LD test
The winning throw!


Post Battle thoughts

Well, this was by far and away the most enjoyable game of Watch tower I’ve ever played. Coming down to the wire and it being the peasants who managed to hold on, was just too funny and a great way to end what had been a fantastic game. Having a crowd of other players round the table to witness it and get caught up in the tension of the roll, was the icing on the cake.

Overall I was happy in the way I played and definitely in how I deployed. The more I play them, the more I think you have to just ensure all your units are laid down with almost a disregard to your opponent, especially in a scenario such as this. The BSB and General bubbles are just too important to faff around with Chaff first, especially if their placement might impeded these auras.

So what would I have done differently? Well, I’m not sure I needed to move the Gor in my first turn after Curse had been cast. Losing 25% of the unit to dangerous terrain was a serious blow and meant that they lost steadfast too quickly. In fairness it probably averaged out with the second turn move where I only lost a couple of them. It was also sods law that I lost my shaman from the dangerous terrain tests. It just shows why I rate Curse of Anraheir as one of the best spells in the game. Not only can it impact your movement and punish opponents if they ignore it but the -1 to hit modifier it also imposes is excellent.

With only magical attacks able to affect the Green Knight, I should have ignored him with the chariot and kept it focused on supporting the harpies. However I forgot that rule about him and who knew Lee would roll so hot with the Yeomen saves and that the harpies would be so poor on their attacks. I still think that statistically they should have cleaned up the mounted peasants (though when has any player rolled statistically correctly lol).

The one thing that didn’t come across in this report was the number of saves that Lee was making. In particular the ward saves from the blessing of the lady. I’ve never seen the like, it truly was something else. The Grail Knights really were favoured by the lady all game and the Knights of the Realm only fell apart when the Bestigor gained Frenzy.

I should have also of targeted as many attacks as possible into his general at all times, as the Crown of Command kept making a huge difference when he failed combat.

So that was my final game of a thoroughly enjoyable day. I really can’t recommend attending Riotville enough. As I said before, it isn’t a competition but just an excuse to roll some dice with some likeminded 8th edition fans and who here doesn’t like that kind of action.

Riotville part 2 – Beastmen vs Dwarves

Following on from my last post, this one cover the first of the two battles played during Riotville 2019.

I will say that when we played the game I made barely any notes and forgot to take some photos towards the end. As such, excuse any mistakes (such as what happened on which turn) as failures in memory or just down to poetic licence as I attempted to fill in gaps. The photos are also slightly dark as the lighting was spotlights and I completely forgot to adjust the brightness on my phone!

I’ve covered my list in the previous post but I’ve recapped it again below.

The Herd of Bashor the Bloody

Bashor (General) – Beastlord – The Brass Cleaver, Charmed Shield, Talisman of Preservation, Potion of Strength, Heavy Armour, Razorgor Chariot – 396pts

Zhurock the Mighty (BSB) – Wargor – Heavy Armour, Shield, Gnarled Hide, Beast Banner – 206pts

Wazzock the Lame – Bray Shaman, Level 2 Lore of Beasts, Dispel Scroll, Additional hand weapon – 142pts

38 Gor – FC, Additional hand weapon – 329pts

Tuskgor Chariot – 80pts

Tuskgor Chariot – 80pts

30 Bestigor – FC, Banner of Eternal Flame – 400pts

5 Harpies – 55pts

Razorgor – 55pts

Razorgor – 55pts

Total – 1798pts

Sedge’s Dwarves

Thane (general) – great weapon, Fiery Ring of Thori, Master Rune of Gromril – 136

Daemonslayer – Master Rune of Swiftness, Rune of Might, Rune of Parrying – 215

20 Longbeards, shields, full command, Strollaz’ Rune, 1 x Rune of Sanctuary – 340

10 Thunderers – 120

20 Slayers, full command (i.e. 1 is a Giant Slayer), Strollaz’ Rune – 307

Gyrocopter, vanguard – 100

Cannon, Rune of Forging – 145

20 Rangers, full command – 310

Gyrobomber – 125

Total 1798 points.

Prematch rolls

When we played the game I made barely any notes and forgot to take some photos towards the end. As such, excuse any mistakes (such as what happened on which turn) as failures in memory or just down to poetic licence as I attempted to fill in gaps.

The dwarven Ancestral Grudge was the best/worst result possible (depending on your side) with just General vs General hatred.

Wazzock ended up with the following spells from the Lore of Beasts: Amber Spear and Wyssans Wildform.


The tables had already been pre-populated with terrain, so we just left that where it was. The terrain was excellent and some had even been customised, with one of the buildings on the table having had part of it’s roof removed and had a rocket and launch rails coming out of it!

We then proceeded to roll Battle for the Pass and I think Sedge won the roll to choose ends.

1. Terrain

1.1 Deployment1.2 Deployment2 Dwarf deployment3 Deployment4 Deployment5 Deployment5.1 Deployment6. Vanguard7. Vanguard8. Scout
The Slayers, Gyrocoptor and Longbeards all vanguarded and the Scouts went behind my lines

The Dwarves then also won the roll to go first.


Dwarves Turn 1

The Bestigor watched a bit confused as the orange haired slayers quickly moved towards them, ignoring the blood forest that surrounded them. Something obviously wasn’t right with the stunted ones as most foe tried to get out of their way rather than making a beeline for them. To their right, the Bomber moved up in support of the frothing lunatics (ensuring it stayed out of the beastmen charge range).

Over to their left, the longbeards and Gyrocoptor also advanced toward them.

With the emergence of Rangers to their rear, they were feeling somewhat surrounded and let out a bray of anger as two of their number were felled by crossbow bolts.

The Dwarf artillery opened fire with an angry roar hit the Razorgor that had strayed to the far side of the house. A swath of blood up the side of the house was all that remained of the monster after the shot had been fired. The rest of the beasts, unaware of its fate due to the impeding building, were unperturbed.

8.1 Dwarve T19. Dwarf T110. Dwarf T111. Dwarf T1

Beastmen Turn 1

Determined not to lose face in front of Bashor, the Bestigor charged into the slayers. The nearby Razorgor was caught up in the momentum and swiftly followed them in. The death cult may have smelt fearless but the elite beasts could tell it was an act as they whiffed most of their attacks. Their amusement at this blunted their fury and they then proceeded to do the same.

Wazzock looked at the rapidly approaching dwarven flying machine and then showed why he earnt the moniker ‘the lame’ by failing to cast a boosted amber spear.

Still concerned by the block of Rangers threatening the rear of his lines, a short command sent the harpies winging their way over to threaten the flank of the dwarven scouts.

Bashor then moved the remaining forces up, with the Gor and chariots keeping a solid battle line and the great beast himself following behind them.

11.1 Beasts T112. Beast T1

Dwarves Turn 2

With the herd forces moving out of range of the Dwarf crossbowmen and their flank looking exposed, the Rangers marched up to get closer to the rapidly receding beastmen units. The Gyrocoptor moved up and dropped its payload onto the flying women, the explosives tearing 4 apart and the final one ran from the field in flight. Never-the-less they had done their task and distracted the enemy forces.

The other flying machine flew over the Gor and promptly missed the largest unit on the table with its payload (thus continuing Sedge’s long standing lack of success with the machine). As an aside, the Bomber did railroad the Bashor’s chariot (intentionally or not), which annoyingly would prevent him joining the slayer combat in the next turn.

The dwarven sharp shooters showed great composure in ignoring the sea of beastmen directly ahead of them and took a wound off one of the chariots. The cannon then stepped up and displayed exactly why dwarf artillery is the best in the world. In a shot worthy of the greatest billiard player (if that player had the chance to redo the shot and avoid his cue blowing up, thanks to a rune of forging), the cannon ball arced over the Gor and ricocheted between the 2 chariots, destroying both with ease.

With the warm up round over and they fury well and truly roused, the Bestigor really started to get stuck in, their great axes hewing heads and limbs from bodies and granting 11 of the dishonoured dwarves peace at last. Things didn’t just go their own way and the dwarves took out a rank in return and the Razorgor was left hanging onto life by a slim thread.

14.1 Dwarves T215. Dwarf T216. Dwarf T217. Dwarf T2

Beastmen Turn 2

 The Gor continued to advance toward the handgunners, Zhurrock salivating at what his horde would do to the measly unit of handgunners in front of him. Wazzock finally managed to conquer the winds of magic and skewered two of the gunners with the amber spear.

The combat almost drew to a close with the remaining rank and file slayers killed. However the Daemonslayer refused to die to such vermin, hanging on with a single wound remaining and cutting down two of the beasts in retribution for his fallen brethren.

17.1 Beasts T218. Beast T219. Beast T2

Dwarves Turn 3

Seeing their chance, the Longbeards charge into the flank of the Razorgor, butchering the pig and then following up into the side of the Bestigor. The elite Beasts managed to kill 2 of the elder dwarves and the troublesome Slayer lord before their nerve finally broke and they fled, only to be run down.

The rangers moved into the nearby house to provide support where needed and the Gyrocopter moved up towards the centre of the board.

With much celebration, the dwarf Bomber finally managed to not only score a direct hit on the Beastlord but the roll for the centre hole hit Bashor and not the Chariot. The elation was swiftly muted as this charmed shield deflected the shot and the chariot was unharmed. The Bomber pilot took his frustration out on the Gor using his clatter gun to poor fire into the rear of the horde. The thunderers seeing their impending doom looming large, also targeted the horde, again helping increase the tally of dead Gor.

With no other suitable targets, the cannon attempted to remove a swathe of the Gor but the powder was faulty and a single beast was pulverised as he shoved Zhurrock out of harm’s way, sacrificing himself to save the mighty Wargor.

19.1 Dwarves T320. Dwarf T321. Dwarf T3

Beastmen Turn 3

The main horde of beasts finally got their chance to engage the dwarves and piled into the handgunners. Wazzock boosted them with wildform and with their muscles unnaturally enhanced they tore many of the dwarves limb from limb. This was too much for the remainder who fled but were hacked apart as they turned their backs. So swollen with power were the Gor that they overran the full distance, drastically pulling them out of position and almost off the battlefield!

Enraged by the loss of his bodyguard and with the Bomber when out of his reach, Bashor drove his chariot at the unit of Greybeards that had caused the insult. The Dwarf thane pushed himself to the front bellowing a challenge. Grinning as he paused only to swill back his potion, Bashor promptly cut down the dwarf leader, his increased strength allowing him to cleave through his opponents heavy armour with ease. Despite seeing their leader cut down, the dwarf musician frantically blew his horn to stiffen their resolve and to Bashors horror, the awful noise spooked the mightly Razorgor pulling his mount and squealing with fright, it turned and fled. Bashor wondered how this could be as an Axe embedded itself in his back and the lights went out.

21.1 Beasts T322. Beast T323. Beast T324. Beast T3

Dwarves Turn 4

Seeing the mighty enemy lord vanquished, the Rangers gathered their courage and slinked out of the house they had been hiding in. The Longbeards reformed and started the long march towards the Gor. Both Gyro’s also moved up toward the Gor unit.

24.1 T4 Dwarves

Beastmen Turn 4

The single remaining Beastmen unit on the board, swift reformed and then moved up. Wazzock attempted to cast spear at the Gyrocoptor but the attempt was shut down.

24.2 T4 Beasts

Dwarves Turn 5

The Gyrocoptor moved up but was unable to get into a position where it could cause damage to the Gor without risking a charge. It still choose to do this and managed to roast a few Gor.

The bomber returned to form and once failed to hit the largest unit on the board with the largest template in the game…

24.3 T5 Dwarves25. Dwarf T526. Dwarf T5

Beastmen Turn 5

The Gor charged the nearby Gyrocoptor, who predictably fled. Frustratingly, they failed to catch it stumbling a miserable few feet forward. Wazzock (just to break a trend) then cast a boosted Amber Spear at it. The magical feedback wounded the shaman but of course the unstoppable spear rolled a 1 to wound.

With no way of getting the Gor into combat and nothing bar that unit on the table, I choose to conced at that point. A first win of the day for Sedge!

27. T5 Beasts

Post battle thoughts

The words ‘screwed the pooch’ come to mind! I made a couple of blunders during the game. The biggest and first was during deployment. At the point when I only had characters left to deploy, I realised that Sedge had a unit of rangers left to place (even having seen his list way in advance on the EEFL site I somehow thought they were quarrellers), I proceeded to panic and put my Lord on chariot into the space directly behind my lines, to prevent the scouts going there. Classic blunder. This not only took all my troops out of his LD range, it meant that he was unable to keep up with them as chariots can’t march. I should have just ignored them as all my troops move faster than the rangers. I would have said that having the General out of LD range really impacted my ability to make primal fury rolls, but I consistently rolled a 10 or over most of the game, in order to fail them anyway. Still it was a terrible mistake and one I didn’t repeat in the next game.

My other two mistakes were: not flying my harpies straight at his cannon. Who knows what I was thinking moving them near his rangers as they wouldn’t have been able to do anything against that unit and their sole role was war machine hunting or chaff duty (the rangers really did their job and threw my ‘game plan’). The final mistake was aiming the Gor at his Thunderers. I know why I did it (because the bomber was basically blocking them early game) however I should have just swung them round and gone for one of the other units (backing up the Bestigor to allow the Gor at the slayers was probably the best thing).

The vanguarding dwarves looked like great fun to play and I definitely want to revisit that list again in future. I also forgot what a total tarpit the slayers are. They are just such a great unit. Sure they are susceptible to shooting but it wasn’t like I had any.

I’ll also add that I may complain about some of my terrible rolls during the game (and will) but Sedge had his own issues with regards to the slayers. His Daemonslayer couldn’t hit a barn door (even with rerolls to hit) and the slayers were following in his footsteps.

Hindsight is a great thing of course and I’m sure Sedge would have also changed a few things too. However despite the blunders and unlucky rolls (all the excuses are coming out), Sedge played a much better game and deserved to win.

It was great to finally meet another of the EEFL members and once again prove my wife wrong (I really am not sure why she consistently worries that these random strangers I meet on the net might turn out to be robbers/murderers!).

Next up Lee’s Bretonnians!

Riotville 2019 part 1

It’s been so long since I’ve been to a Warhammer event, that was not related to the club, that I’ve completely forgotten when it actually was! When one of the blogs I follow (https://riotvilleonfire.blogspot.com/?m=1) announced they would be holding another event and knowing that my wife seriously owed me for a certain Sunday Drinking event, I jumped on the chance to attend.

The day was filled with great looking armies

Riotville isn’t a tournament per-say but more of an all day 8th edition ‘game-a-thon’, an excuse to get a bunch of gamers together. The only restrictions to the day were official 8th ed. armies, an 1,800pt limit and 25% Lord/Heroes allowance.

An extremely hung over Lano, defending his Vampiric lands from one of three Dwarven armies to take the field.
Luke once again bought forth his brightly coloured oldhammer warriors

With my normal exuberance to the art of list building, I reeled our half a dozen lists for Wood Elves, Beastmen and even considered dusting off the haughty High Elves from the depths of the shed! (I discounted Dwarves, knowing at least two other players were bring them). The points cap really made this a fun, if slightly frustrating experience, as it really limited the options you could bring (which after speaking to Mike, was the whole point of it, I liked it a lot!).

So after the lists started getting a little bit too outlandish, I dialed them back somewhat and settled on the following:

The Herd of Bashor the Bloody

Bashor (General) – Beastlord – The Brass Cleaver, Charmed Shield, Talisman of Preservation, Potion of Strength, Heavy Armour, Razorgor Chariot – 396pts

Zhurock the Mighty (BSB) – Wargor – Heavy Armour, Shield, Gnarled Hide, Beast Banner – 206pts

Wazzock the Lame – Bray Shaman, Level 2 Lore of Beasts, Dispel Scroll, Additional hand weapon – 142pts

38 Gor – FC, Additional hand weapon – 329pts

30 Bestigor – FC, Banner of Eternal Flame – 400pts

Tuskgor Chariot – 80pts

Tuskgor Chariot – 80pts

5 Harpies – 55pts

Razorgor – 55pts

Razorgor – 55pts

Total – 1798pts

For those that read the blog, you might recognise this as a very similar list to the one used in the EEFL ashes game vs GrandmasterWang.

Bashor once again takes to the field on his mighty razorgor chariot. His equipment was slightly changed with the main difference being the potion of strength to give him a hard hitting one turn of combat. Is it sensible to take your general (one that is so crucial to getting the most out of the Beastmen army) and making him stick out like a sore thumb? Very likely not but I was still going to do it but I did cave a bit at the last minute and gave him a Charmed Shield due to a last minute panic about cannons!

The rest of the list was a fairly standard faire with a large block of Gor, in horde formation, to maximise attacks. They would be backed up by the BSB giving them the crucial +1 to strength. The only difference with him was for once he actually got the gnarled hide to give him a 2+ save.

After switching backwards and forwards a few times, the Bestigor were given the banner of eternal flame, to give them flaming attacks, rather than the standard of Discipline (that gives +1 LD). I figured that as the general wasn’t in the unit, they might actually need to use his leadership at some point (and the standard would prevent that).

The only other difference was the harpies made a come back. A small unit of 5 included to give a fast moving threat.

Riotville 2019

So with the list chosen, all that was left to do was get to The Red House pub in North East London (a far easier prospect than I initially thought as I’d driven past the place on numerous journeys without realising) and meet up with the rest of the chaps.

The set up was 5 tables in the upstairs room/gallery of the pub. Mike (with possibly help from his regular players) had bought along all the tables/mats and a hefty amount of scenery so the tables all looked great and after sitting down for a healthy full English with a number of the players everyone decided who they’d like to play (there was no formal structure on this).

My first game had all ready been pre-booked as although Greg and Luke from the club had also travelled up, I also knew that a member of the EEFL forum, Sedge was attending with his superbly painted Dwarves, so I took the opportunity to ‘Grudge’ him for the first match (I’ll cover games in a later post). My second game was against Lee and (again) a beautifully painted army of Bretonnians. I was really pleased with this matchup as I’d been admiring the army on the Riotville blog a few days before the day and knew I had to get some shots of it and this gave an opportunity to do so, whilst in action in a great thematic game against my Beasts.

Obviously not the Bretonnians but Mikes great Ogres

The day was great fun with an abundance of great painted armies, laughs and chilled players. The only bummer of the day was having to bail early due to child commitments. Still, hopefully next year I’ll be able to swing the whole day.

Hobby Update – The missing Wildriders

As I realised in my last post, I completely forgot to post any pictures of my wildriders. These were actually finished over the xmas period and the only thing that have been changed since is i’ve added some woodland flowers to the bases. (At the time I hadn’t been able to find these as they had been put in ‘a safe place’ – or temporarily lost – during the house move).

The colours echo the rest of the army in order that it retained that coherent feel. The only thing different was the hair. I quite like the contrast it gives.

The stags were painted in the same way as the great stag previously painted, using red washes to give it a red deer tone (as they are local to where I grew up).

The eagle eyed amongst you will have noted that there is a variation in the colour of the leggings (or whatever the correct clothing term is) between some of them. I actually painted them in two batches and didn’t realise I’d gone with different colours. I’d say that i’ll go back and repaint them but with all the unpainted bits in boxes, it won’t be for some time.


As a unit in 8th edition, these guys are a brutal, glass hammer. The abilities are only amplified by their plethora of special rules.

They have a base move of 9 with the fast cavalry rule. So they are as fast as you can be in the game without being a flyer and can vanguard 12″ before the first turn to really threaten. They also get forest stalker, so ignore dangerous terrain checks when in woods and also gain the wood elf bonuses when fighting in woods: fight in extra ranks (meh for these guys, which i’ll cover later) and the ability to re-roll ‘to wound’ rolls of 1 (rider only). It is very easy to forget that these bonuses apply to them, as it’s rare that cav of any other army will go near woods (and you almost have it hard wired into you to avoid them!)

The rider has elite WS 5 and 1 strength 4, Initiative 5 attack. They also have frenzy which adds an extra attack and with the normal armour piercing wood elf spear and the devastating charge rule, they gain a further attack and +1 to their strength when charging (so 3 Str 5 attacks each with enemies taking a -3 to their save). Having the elven Always Strikes First (ASF) rule, means they are normally re-rolling any failed hits too.

They have a 5+ armour (that can be increased to 4+ if you buy shields) and have an inbuilt 6++ ward save. They also cause fear. It doesn’t normally do much in this edition but against a low leadership foe, if they do fail a fear check, they will be reduce to WS1 and likely won’t be hitting back easily, which is nice.

The stags are no slouches and aren’t just there to look pretty. They give an extra WS3 Str4 attack at initiative 4. It is generally accepted that the stags benefit from frenzy, so they also gain an extra attack, but it should be mentioned that some ‘rules lawyers’ argue that in the rule book, Frenzy applies to a model so it should be just one extra attack per model (that could come from either the elf or the mount) not from each of them.

The downsides of the unit are: because of frenzy, although they are immune to panic, fear and terror, they cannot flee if charged, they just have to sit there and take it when that happens. That’s normally a problem, like most cav, you really want these guys to be doing the charging to make the most of their increased strength and attacks.

It terms of using them, units of 6 or 7 in a single frontage makes the best use of them. I prefer this to a unit of 10 or so, as that way you make the most of their attacks as supporting ranks only allow the rider to make a single attack. Any additional attacks are wasted (including from the mount). That said, having a unit of 8-10 with an embedded character on a great stag, makes a superb centre piece unit and the additional bodies allows them to absorb fire and retain combat effectiveness.

I’ve used them both ways and i’m currently preferring to field a couple of units, as that way if one is shot to pieces, you still have one left to threaten with and they do act as great deterrents, you can place them to threaten areas of the board and then finish off any loiterers with missile fire.


Hobby Update – Citadel Wood and other.

Another month has passed with no activity on the blog. Well look on the bright side, at least I haven’t just been posting random drivel 😀.

I realised I should have posted my completed Wildriders but managed to delete the photos in a clear out of my phone without saving them anywhere first, so need to redo them. Doh!

I don’t mind admitting that I had a real hobby slump this month. The wood really didn’t inspire me (even with Azazels challenge) and so what did I do. Yep started a new army. Oooooo shiny!

Going with my normal trend I wanted something that was the opposite of the current flavour. Only one thing was in my head, monsters and that meant Lizardmen.

One start collecting box, combined with a Xmas special set, was added to the few I already owned and meant that I was now the proud owner of 2 Carnosaurs, 1 Bastildon, 6 Ripperdyctls, 50 odd skinks, 30 odd Saurus, 8 cold one Cav, a scarvet on coldone, Tetto’eko and Gor Rok. A decent fledgling force indeed. Expect to see more of this in the upcoming months and yes I’ll be running it as a monster mash!

I’m also pleased that I managed to get a burst of inspiration (I resorted to watching you tube) and basically finished the citadel wood in two nights of painting.

That was the final piece I needed to finish for my comp’ army and after a few comments from a few forum members, tied the wood into the army through the colour of the leaves. It was all pretty basic painting with copious amounts of dry brushing (or not so dry…) and washes, with some of the detail picked out.

WHFB – Wood Elves vs Dark Elves – Rumble in the SELWG Jungle – Comp’ Game – 28/12/18

With the kids and ourselves on holiday, Greg and I arranged to meet up to kick off the whfb competition. Due to the club being shut over the break we decided to meet and play at Warboar, a Friendly Local Gaming store (FLGS) located in southeast London.

It was the first time I’d played there and they had a reasonable space upstairs with a multitude of mats and plenty of scenery on hand (though most was aimed at 40k). The staff were very friendly and there was also a café in the store that also had a bar, bonus! I’d definitely go back there again.

Although I’ve only played Greg a few times at Warhammer, he is one of my regular D&D group so we are well acquainted. We were both a bit rusty on the rules (I last played 3 months ago but Greg hadn’t played in almost a year!). As such we had decided to take a more relaxed approach to the game.

Any mistakes are purely down to memory.


We both had chosen to take magic heavy lists, so it would be interesting to see how that panned out.

Greg’s Dark Elves

 Supreme Sorceress (General) – Lvl 4 Dark Magic – Talisman of Preservation, Steed – 285pts

Supreme Sorceress – lvl 3 Dark Magic – Talisman of Endurance, Manticore – 385pts

Death Hag (BSB) – Cauldron of Blood – 300pts

5 Dark Riders – Standard, spears, repeater xbows, shields – 110pts

5 Dark Riders – Standard, spears, repeater xbows, shields – 110pts

34 Witch elves – FC, Banner of Swiftness – 419pts

5 Coldone Knights – FC – 180pts

Repeater Bolt Thrower – 70pts

Repeater Bolt Thrower – 70pts

5 Shades – 80pts

5 Shades – 80pts

War Hydra – 160pts

5 Doomfire Warlocks – 125pts

5 Doomfire Warlocks – 125pts

Total – 2499pts


My Wood Elves

Merilel of the Moon (General) – Lvl 4 Highweaver – Book of Ashur, Ironcurse Icon – 295pts

Sejal Dawntouch – lvl 4 Deathweaver, steed, powerscroll, talisman of preservation – 320pts

Haldrin Stormlight – Glade Captain, Charmed shield, Dragonbane gem, HODA, Great Eagle – 169pts

The Left Hand of Haldrin – Waystalker, Bow of Loren – 110pts

The Right Hand of Haldrin – Waystalker – 90pts

10 Glade Guard – Standard, Musician, Starfire Shafts – 180pts

25 Glade Guard – FC, Swiftshiver arrows, Standard of Discipline – 445pts

10 Deepwood Scouts – Standard, Hagbane tips – 170pts

5 Sisters of the Thorn – Standard, Lichborne Pennant – 155pts

6 Wildriders – Standard, shields – 178pts

6 Wildriders – Standard, shields, banner of eternal flame – 188pts

10 Waywatchers – 200pts

Total – 2500pts

Shot taken a week or so ago. I managed to paint the wildriders in time for the game

Pre-game rolls


 A – Invade and Defend

Gain 500 victory points (VP) if your opponent doesn’t have a unit containing fortitude in your deployment zone

Gain 500 VP if you have a unit containing fortitude in your opponent’s deployment zone

Gain 400 VP if you kill more characters than your opponent.


 The Highweaver ended up with: Soul Quench, Hand of Glory, Arcane Unforging and Fiery Convocation.

The Darkweaver took: Spirit Leech, Soulblight, Doom and Darkness and Fate of Bunja

The Lvl 4 Sorceress had: Doombolt, Shroud of Darkness, Chillwind, Word of Pain

The lvl 3 Sorceress rolled: Doombilt, Black Horror and Power of Darkness

Strategy cards

I chose Card D – Operation Anaconda. You gain 500 VP if the enemy general is dead by the end of the game.

The card special rule, when played, gives the general +1 LD until the start of your next turn. This is capped at LD 10, so was of no use to me as my general had an LD of 10 due to the standard of discipline.

Greg rolled a D6 for his and ended up with Card A – take the field. You gain 500 VP for controlling more quarters than your opponent.

The special rule allows you to vanguard a core unit or character. (I may be wrong but I think Greg forgot to do this, as if he had, it is more than likely the Witches would have been in my face at a much earlier junction!)


The comp pack specifies that each board should have: 2 buildings, 1 forest, 1 marsh, 2 hills and 3 walls and fences. Greg placed the first piece and then we alternated. I think we both had the same idea but for different reasons as we both placed almost all the scenery down the centre of the board. I think Greg was trying to block my line of sight for shooting, whereas I was trying to impede his witch elf horde.

1 Terrain


 I won the roll for choosing sides and with the terrain so even, choose the side I had been sitting on.

Laying down my free forest on the right, kind of gave away where the big unit of glade guard was going, even with the dummy drops on the other side.

Even with me getting the bonus to the first turn roll, Greg won it and elected to go first.

1.1 Deployment1.2 deploy2 deploy3 deploy4 deploy5 deploy6 deploy7 deploy8 deploy9 deploy

Scout placement and vanguard moves

10 deploy scouts11 deploy scouts12 deploy scouts13 vanguard14 vanguard15 vanguard

DE Turn 1

Before the Dark elves were able to move, an Arrow of Kurnous sought out the enemy general, striking true and wounding the supreme sorceress. (I initially forgot to roll for this but Greg kindly and probably much to his regret, let me do it after the start of the game).

The two units of Warlocks and the supporting Darkriders (containing his general) continued their swift advance, moving to surround my Sisters bunker and Captain on eagle and putting extreme pressure on that quadrant.

With the limited forces on that side of the table distracted, the witches, Hydra and Sorceress on Manticore advanced up the centre, using the large central building to protect their flank from the bulk of the Wood elf ranged units.

The Knights and the final unit of Darkriders decided they didn’t like being exposed to so many enemy archers and decided to ‘strategically withdraw’ (run away) towards the bulk of their forces.

The winds of magic blew strongly with the DE mages maxing out at 12 power dice. Both units of Warlocks fired Doombolts at the Wood Elf Captain but Merilel was watching over her champion and dispelled both missiles. She was unable to prevent the final Doombolt from the sorceress targeting the ‘Left Hand of Haldrin’ and the Waystalker and his magic bow, were torn apart by the magic missile. The Magical feedback from the miscast killed off one of the Warlocks.

The two units of Shades and the Darkriders all targeted the closest of the Wildriders, slaying 5 of the 6 frenzied elves.

The two Repeater Bolt Throwers targeted the Scouts but were unable to replicate the damage caused on the other side of the battlefield, the multiple bolts only piercing 3 of them.

15.1 DE turn 116 DE turn 117 DE turn 118 DE turn 1

WE Turn 1

Wood elf movement was limited to redeployment, with Haldrin leapfrogging the warlocks, whilst keeping out of the Manticore’s charge arc. The Deathweaver and sisters failed their march roll so just moved round a little bit. The large unit of glade guard reformed to face the majority of the dark elf forces whilst the smaller unit of guard moved up in support. The remaining Wildrider and the second unit of wildriders retreated behind the archers (while I worked ot what I was going to do with them).

Magic was a write off, with the winds reversing to give a low roll. Fate of Bunja failed to cast (Doh!) and Hand of Glory was easily dispelled.

Haldrin shot the Hail of Doom arrow into the Darkriders but the winds had obviously effected it and the magical arrow had lost its potency, only downing a single rider. 50 shots from the Glade Guard swiftly followed, the weight of arrows wiping out the unit and leaving the Supreme Sorceress on a single wound and looking rather worried.

The Waywatchers found themselves just within range of the Coldone Knights and quickly took out two of them. The small unit of glade guard then tried some speculative shooting at the shades in the building and picked off one who had made the mistake of showing herself at the window.

In the final shooting of the turn, the Scouts took revenge for their earlier deaths and took out one of the bolt throwers.

19 WE turn 119.1 WE turn 120 WE turn 121 WE turn 1

DE Turn 2

The Witches continued their advance, wheeling round the building to bring them into view of the large unit of glade guard.

One unit of warlocks moved to the edge of the board, next to the Eagle rider. The Sorceress on Manticore moved up to threaten the same rider with a charge in the next turn.

The rest of the DE forces moved up in support of the witches, with the shades leaving the building. They also conveniently formed a living wall in front of the DE general, who had retreated behind the relative safety of the central building. The Doomfire Warlocks then charged into the Sisters unit directly in front of them.

Magic started with a Doombolt launching at Haldrin. Knowing that the sister’s combat could be key, the two wood elf spellweavers glanced at each other and let the spell through. To their regret, Haldrin and his mount were swiftly vaporised by the profusion of dark bolts. His sacrifice was not in vain as it allowed Merilel to prevent Soulblight weakening the sisters.

The DE shooting proved very ineffective with 20 shots from the shades failing to injury the remaining Waystalker and the RBT also failing to kill any of the Deepwood Scouts.

In the only combat of the round, the Sisters overcame the Warlocks, slaying two and sending the remainder running. They restrained from pursuing (though in hindsight that was a mistake as it was their turn next go).

22 DE turn 222.2 DE turn 223 DE turn 224 DE turn 225 DE turn 226 DE turn 2

WE Turn 2

 Again there was relatively little movement from the wood elves. The Deepwood scouts advanced so that all of them could fire on the bolt thrower. The single wildrider ran away behind the nearby building to conserve his points and the sisters moved up to get the Deathweaver in range of the enemy general and out of the charge arc of anything else (as the fleeing warlocks combined with the witches were blocking them).

The winds of magic picked up again giving the max number of 12 dice and the wood elves made good use of them. Sejal started by casting Fate of Bunja on the enemy general and in a fit of cunning, the sorceress on Manticore interfered with the winds, preventing the general from attempting a dispel, allowing the wood elves to kill the Supreme Sorceress and her rival for power. (This in turn achieved my strategy card bonus and gain the 500 bonus VPs). The Sorceress then let Hand of Glory go through (for a +2 BS on the large unit of glade guard) but successfully dispelled both the Soul quench and Curse of Anraheir aimed at the witch elves.

The large unit of Glade Guard then opened up on the witches and 16 of them were summarily cut down. The other unit of Guard and the sisters accounted for a further 3. The frothing unit of madwomen was definitely looking a bit more manageable now! (Note: we just started recording the number of witches left on the dice, rather than removing the models, hence the unit looked untouched in the photos).

The Scouts again targeted the bolt thrower but failed to do any damage but the waywatchers then stepped up to the plate and removed it in a single round of shooting.

26.1 WE turn 2

DE Turn 3

Out for blood and eager to get to grips with their arboreal kin, the witches surged forward but the hail of arrows that answered their charge, faltered their advance. On a plus point, they only lost 3 more of their number to the 50 shots.

The rest of the forces moved up, surrounding the sisters and the Deathweaver (and the warlocks successfully rallied).

Magic was a bust for the DEs with Black Horror failing to cast and Doombolt being dispelled.

Their shooting was somewhat more effective with the dark riders killing the final waystalker and the combined fire of the shades taking out 2 of the sisters of the thorn.

26.2 DE turn 327 DE turn 328 WE turn 3 

WE Turn 3

The Scouts continued their march into the DE half of the board, looking to get into the deployment zone and thus secure those scenario points. The Wildriders all moved up, ready to counter charge should the witches kill the large unit of Glade Guard. The sisters again failed their leadership roll to march but were still able to move to prevent anything charging them.

Fate of Bunja was fast proving to be the Deathweavers favourite spell and this time it was the Deathhag’s turn to feel its gaze. The Cauldrons inbuilt magical resistance came to her rescue and she only took a single wound. The Highweaver then failed to cast Fiery Convocation (damn!) and Spirit Leech (also aimed at the Deathhag) was dispelled.

The Woodelf archers all combined to target the witch elves and after the hail of arrows had finished, another 10 had been slain and the cauldron had also taken a wound and this left only two of the witches and the Deathhag standing.

27.1 WE Turn 3 

DE Turn 4

The remaining witches again tried to charge the Glade Guard and with another stand and shoot reaction in the making, Greg just removed the unit.

The cold ones chose this moment to fail their stupidity test and stumbled forward (it was possibly the second turn in a row).

With another huge magic phase, the wood elves were unable to stop volley after volley of doombolts targeting the sisters and their boosted ward was unable to save them. With the sisters all dead, the wounded Deathweaver ran towards the safety of her own lines. She was followed by a flurry of crossbow bolts and although she was further wounded, they failed to bring her down.

28.1 DE Turn 429 DE turn 431 DE turn 4

30 DE turn 4
Now you see sisters
32 DE turn 4
Now you don’t

WE Turn 4

The Scouts continued to move into the opposing deployment zone and the waywatchers moved out of the building, ensuring they kept the marsh between them and any of their dark kindred. The Deathweaver continued to flee after failing to overcome the fear of her own mortality.

The winds had blown themselves out but despite that, the highweaver still managed to attempt two spells. Hand of Glory was dispelled but Soul Quench obliterated the closest unit of Shades. The waywatchers then targeted the other unit, turning 3 into pin cushions and leaving just two remaining. The larger unit of glade guard turned their sights to the so far undamaged unit of warlocks and when they were finished, a single model was left alive. The final unit of Guard looked to utilise their arrows by firing at the Hydra and took off a single wound.

32.1 WE Turn 4

DE Turn 5

The remaining DE force moved up to form a cohesive battleline ready for a final turn charge.

In another astounding roll, Greg again pulled out a maximum 12 for the winds of magic. He then proceeded to again fire off 3 doombolts against the running Deathweaver. The first was dispelled, the seconded failed to cast but the third was cast by the sorceress with irresistible force and broke through the weavers defences, finally slaying the proverbial thorn in the DE foot. The calamitous detonation only wounded the Manticore thanks to the Sorceresses continuing ability to make her 5++ ward save.

The dark elf shooting again proved to be subpar, with the combined fire of the darkriders and remaining shades unable to kill any of the wildriders.

32.2 DE Turn 533 DE turn 534 DE turn 5

WE Turn 5

Still not knowing what to do with themselves and not liking the look of the hydra and manticore eyeing them up, the Wildriders, for the second time, decided that they needed to be somewhere else and backed off to threaten with a counter charge.

The winds of magic again dropped off for the wood elves but the Highweaver still managed to cast Hand of Glory on the glade guard to improve their BS. She then targeted the single warlock with a Soul Quench, casting it with irresistible force. The power of the spell not only destroyed the warlock but the dimensional cascade blew up 9 guard from the unit and sucked the Highweaver into the warp! To make matters worse, the unit then failed its panic test and ran. Disaster!

With things looking suddenly grim, the remaining wood elves held their nerve and concentrated on making the dark elves pay. The waywatchers shot at the darkriders, killing three and with casualties mounting and order breaking down on both sides, the remainder also decided to flee. The Scouts and smaller unit of guard both decided to even the playing field and concentrated on the remaining sorceress. She once again passed all her ward saves but her beast was not so fortunate and she was quickly left standing exposed on the corpse of her manticore.

34.1 WE Turn 535 WE turn 536 WE turn 537 WE turn 5

DE Turn 6 

In a last bid to get some points, the Hydra tried to charge the 10 glade guard but all it got for its trouble were two additional wounds and a failed charge.

The dark riders rallied and the remaining warlocks decided to retreat to conserve points. The shades moved into the building to gain hard cover and the Sorceress also moved behind the building to avoid being shot. In a typical underhanded Dark elf tactic (yes I was impressed) she then cast Black horror at the waywatchers with another irresistible force. One of the Shades in the building succumbed to the vortex, as did one of the Waywatchers. The miscast was another Calamitous Detonation (which she again saved with the ward) but that signalled the end of the magic phase.

The little shooting available, failed to do anything.

37.1 DE Turn 638 DE Turn 639 DE turn 640 DE turn 641 DE Turn 6 

WE Turn 6

In the final turn of the game, I tried to maximise what points I could. It started with the large glade guard regiment rallying, denying Greg any points for them.

The waywatchers did their best to eliminate the Coldone Knights but only managed to slay 2 of the 3 remaining knights.

The scouts and two units of glade guard all aimed at the Hydra but only managed two wound it twice, leaving it clinging to life with a single wound remaining.

41.1 WE Turn 6 


In a brutal first game, the Wood elves not only pulled out a win but it was the first one I’d managed with them in 8th edition!

With regards to the scenario objectives, I had a unit with fortitude in Greg’s deployment and had prevented him getting any in my deployment zone, netting me 1000 VPs (500 VPs for each). Greg had killed more characters than I had, giving him the last objective and 400 VPs.

I also achieved my bonus objective in killing his general (for another 500 VPs). He didn’t achieve his objective of capturing more table quarters than I did.

The final breakdown of Victory points were:

Wood Elves                         Greg’s Dark Elves

Total from kills                  1840                                       1253

General slain                      100                                         100

Scenario                              1000                                       400

Strategy card                      500                                         0

Fully painted                     750                                         750

Total                                    4190                                       2503

In the 20-0 format, due to the variance in VPs of 1687, it worked out as 13-7 Tournament points in my favour.

42 - Remanents
The remaining Wood Elf forces
43 - DE Remanents
The remnants of the Dark Elves (picture curtesy of Greg)



 That was an extremely brutal but immensely fun game. It had lots of carnage, a number of points where the game swung and a great opponent. All the hallmarks of a fantastic game and a reminder of why I love this edition so much.

Both of us were a little rusty on some of the rules but there wasn’t too much looking in the BRB or army books. We both made a few errors on deployment and I’ve never played a game with so many scout drops and vanguards from both sides. It made the opening moves very interesting.

There were a number of large magic phases in the game with 4 of them netting the maximum 12 dice (after channels). Three of these were on Greg’s turn, well above the odds. That pretty much guaranteed 3 Doombolts were going to head my way. A frightening prospect of 6D6 Str 5 hits plus a multitude of additional S1 hits from the attribute. He did balance this out by rolling at least 3 miscasts but he again came out of these unscathed each time (in part down to the sorceress continually passing her 5++ ward – the dark gods were smiling on her!). It was definitely the first game that I’ve really enjoyed using magic (at least until the sucked into the warp incident) and I didn’t dither too much over what to use.

I did think that Greg spent too much time chasing around after the sisters. They almost acted as a distraction carnifex for him.

Unlike most of my games, I’m not going to pick apart what worked well or not for my list, mainly as I’m sure a number of my opponents will end up reading this and they can make their own deductions from the report rather than me spelling it out for them. Instead I’ll make notes, that I won’t include here and will then add them into my list analysis at a later date.

I’ll end this brief summary by saying that there are always a number of ‘what if’ situations in a game and one of those for me was ‘what if Greg (and I) had remembered that he gained an additional vanguard and it could have been used on his witches’. It would have meant they would have been an additional 12” across the board from the start. It may have made no difference as other things may have played differently but they may not have been shot to pieces before making it into combat (and the destruction of that unit by my archers, I’ll add, was probably the highlight of the game for me. Having been on the end of them so many times, it was just extremely satisfying so delete them with shooting).

Shout out

Greg also writes a blog and also wrote up a report from his view point (with more photos taken by him). It can be found here: https://gregwfb.wordpress.com/2018/12/28/2018-19-wfb-campaign-game-one/