WHFB – Wood Elves vs Dark Elves – Rumble in the SELWG Jungle – Comp’ Game – 28/12/18

With the kids and ourselves on holiday, Greg and I arranged to meet up to kick off the whfb competition. Due to the club being shut over the break we decided to meet and play at Warboar, a Friendly Local Gaming store (FLGS) located in southeast London.

It was the first time I’d played there and they had a reasonable space upstairs with a multitude of mats and plenty of scenery on hand (though most was aimed at 40k). The staff were very friendly and there was also a café in the store that also had a bar, bonus! I’d definitely go back there again.

Although I’ve only played Greg a few times at Warhammer, he is one of my regular D&D group so we are well acquainted. We were both a bit rusty on the rules (I last played 3 months ago but Greg hadn’t played in almost a year!). As such we had decided to take a more relaxed approach to the game.

Any mistakes are purely down to memory.


We both had chosen to take magic heavy lists, so it would be interesting to see how that panned out.

Greg’s Dark Elves

 Supreme Sorceress (General) – Lvl 4 Dark Magic – Talisman of Preservation, Steed – 285pts

Supreme Sorceress – lvl 3 Dark Magic – Talisman of Endurance, Manticore – 385pts

Death Hag (BSB) – Cauldron of Blood – 300pts

5 Dark Riders – Standard, spears, repeater xbows, shields – 110pts

5 Dark Riders – Standard, spears, repeater xbows, shields – 110pts

34 Witch elves – FC, Banner of Swiftness – 419pts

5 Coldone Knights – FC – 180pts

Repeater Bolt Thrower – 70pts

Repeater Bolt Thrower – 70pts

5 Shades – 80pts

5 Shades – 80pts

War Hydra – 160pts

5 Doomfire Warlocks – 125pts

5 Doomfire Warlocks – 125pts

Total – 2499pts


My Wood Elves

Merilel of the Moon (General) – Lvl 4 Highweaver – Book of Ashur, Ironcurse Icon – 295pts

Sejal Dawntouch – lvl 4 Deathweaver, steed, powerscroll, talisman of preservation – 320pts

Haldrin Stormlight – Glade Captain, Charmed shield, Dragonbane gem, HODA, Great Eagle – 169pts

The Left Hand of Haldrin – Waystalker, Bow of Loren – 110pts

The Right Hand of Haldrin – Waystalker – 90pts

10 Glade Guard – Standard, Musician, Starfire Shafts – 180pts

25 Glade Guard – FC, Swiftshiver arrows, Standard of Discipline – 445pts

10 Deepwood Scouts – Standard, Hagbane tips – 170pts

5 Sisters of the Thorn – Standard, Lichborne Pennant – 155pts

6 Wildriders – Standard, shields – 178pts

6 Wildriders – Standard, shields, banner of eternal flame – 188pts

10 Waywatchers – 200pts

Total – 2500pts

Shot taken a week or so ago. I managed to paint the wildriders in time for the game

Pre-game rolls


 A – Invade and Defend

Gain 500 victory points (VP) if your opponent doesn’t have a unit containing fortitude in your deployment zone

Gain 500 VP if you have a unit containing fortitude in your opponent’s deployment zone

Gain 400 VP if you kill more characters than your opponent.


 The Highweaver ended up with: Soul Quench, Hand of Glory, Arcane Unforging and Fiery Convocation.

The Darkweaver took: Spirit Leech, Soulblight, Doom and Darkness and Fate of Bunja

The Lvl 4 Sorceress had: Doombolt, Shroud of Darkness, Chillwind, Word of Pain

The lvl 3 Sorceress rolled: Doombilt, Black Horror and Power of Darkness

Strategy cards

I chose Card D – Operation Anaconda. You gain 500 VP if the enemy general is dead by the end of the game.

The card special rule, when played, gives the general +1 LD until the start of your next turn. This is capped at LD 10, so was of no use to me as my general had an LD of 10 due to the standard of discipline.

Greg rolled a D6 for his and ended up with Card A – take the field. You gain 500 VP for controlling more quarters than your opponent.

The special rule allows you to vanguard a core unit or character. (I may be wrong but I think Greg forgot to do this, as if he had, it is more than likely the Witches would have been in my face at a much earlier junction!)


The comp pack specifies that each board should have: 2 buildings, 1 forest, 1 marsh, 2 hills and 3 walls and fences. Greg placed the first piece and then we alternated. I think we both had the same idea but for different reasons as we both placed almost all the scenery down the centre of the board. I think Greg was trying to block my line of sight for shooting, whereas I was trying to impede his witch elf horde.

1 Terrain


 I won the roll for choosing sides and with the terrain so even, choose the side I had been sitting on.

Laying down my free forest on the right, kind of gave away where the big unit of glade guard was going, even with the dummy drops on the other side.

Even with me getting the bonus to the first turn roll, Greg won it and elected to go first.

1.1 Deployment1.2 deploy2 deploy3 deploy4 deploy5 deploy6 deploy7 deploy8 deploy9 deploy

Scout placement and vanguard moves

10 deploy scouts11 deploy scouts12 deploy scouts13 vanguard14 vanguard15 vanguard

DE Turn 1

Before the Dark elves were able to move, an Arrow of Kurnous sought out the enemy general, striking true and wounding the supreme sorceress. (I initially forgot to roll for this but Greg kindly and probably much to his regret, let me do it after the start of the game).

The two units of Warlocks and the supporting Darkriders (containing his general) continued their swift advance, moving to surround my Sisters bunker and Captain on eagle and putting extreme pressure on that quadrant.

With the limited forces on that side of the table distracted, the witches, Hydra and Sorceress on Manticore advanced up the centre, using the large central building to protect their flank from the bulk of the Wood elf ranged units.

The Knights and the final unit of Darkriders decided they didn’t like being exposed to so many enemy archers and decided to ‘strategically withdraw’ (run away) towards the bulk of their forces.

The winds of magic blew strongly with the DE mages maxing out at 12 power dice. Both units of Warlocks fired Doombolts at the Wood Elf Captain but Merilel was watching over her champion and dispelled both missiles. She was unable to prevent the final Doombolt from the sorceress targeting the ‘Left Hand of Haldrin’ and the Waystalker and his magic bow, were torn apart by the magic missile. The Magical feedback from the miscast killed off one of the Warlocks.

The two units of Shades and the Darkriders all targeted the closest of the Wildriders, slaying 5 of the 6 frenzied elves.

The two Repeater Bolt Throwers targeted the Scouts but were unable to replicate the damage caused on the other side of the battlefield, the multiple bolts only piercing 3 of them.

15.1 DE turn 116 DE turn 117 DE turn 118 DE turn 1

WE Turn 1

Wood elf movement was limited to redeployment, with Haldrin leapfrogging the warlocks, whilst keeping out of the Manticore’s charge arc. The Deathweaver and sisters failed their march roll so just moved round a little bit. The large unit of glade guard reformed to face the majority of the dark elf forces whilst the smaller unit of guard moved up in support. The remaining Wildrider and the second unit of wildriders retreated behind the archers (while I worked ot what I was going to do with them).

Magic was a write off, with the winds reversing to give a low roll. Fate of Bunja failed to cast (Doh!) and Hand of Glory was easily dispelled.

Haldrin shot the Hail of Doom arrow into the Darkriders but the winds had obviously effected it and the magical arrow had lost its potency, only downing a single rider. 50 shots from the Glade Guard swiftly followed, the weight of arrows wiping out the unit and leaving the Supreme Sorceress on a single wound and looking rather worried.

The Waywatchers found themselves just within range of the Coldone Knights and quickly took out two of them. The small unit of glade guard then tried some speculative shooting at the shades in the building and picked off one who had made the mistake of showing herself at the window.

In the final shooting of the turn, the Scouts took revenge for their earlier deaths and took out one of the bolt throwers.

19 WE turn 119.1 WE turn 120 WE turn 121 WE turn 1

DE Turn 2

The Witches continued their advance, wheeling round the building to bring them into view of the large unit of glade guard.

One unit of warlocks moved to the edge of the board, next to the Eagle rider. The Sorceress on Manticore moved up to threaten the same rider with a charge in the next turn.

The rest of the DE forces moved up in support of the witches, with the shades leaving the building. They also conveniently formed a living wall in front of the DE general, who had retreated behind the relative safety of the central building. The Doomfire Warlocks then charged into the Sisters unit directly in front of them.

Magic started with a Doombolt launching at Haldrin. Knowing that the sister’s combat could be key, the two wood elf spellweavers glanced at each other and let the spell through. To their regret, Haldrin and his mount were swiftly vaporised by the profusion of dark bolts. His sacrifice was not in vain as it allowed Merilel to prevent Soulblight weakening the sisters.

The DE shooting proved very ineffective with 20 shots from the shades failing to injury the remaining Waystalker and the RBT also failing to kill any of the Deepwood Scouts.

In the only combat of the round, the Sisters overcame the Warlocks, slaying two and sending the remainder running. They restrained from pursuing (though in hindsight that was a mistake as it was their turn next go).

22 DE turn 222.2 DE turn 223 DE turn 224 DE turn 225 DE turn 226 DE turn 2

WE Turn 2

 Again there was relatively little movement from the wood elves. The Deepwood scouts advanced so that all of them could fire on the bolt thrower. The single wildrider ran away behind the nearby building to conserve his points and the sisters moved up to get the Deathweaver in range of the enemy general and out of the charge arc of anything else (as the fleeing warlocks combined with the witches were blocking them).

The winds of magic picked up again giving the max number of 12 dice and the wood elves made good use of them. Sejal started by casting Fate of Bunja on the enemy general and in a fit of cunning, the sorceress on Manticore interfered with the winds, preventing the general from attempting a dispel, allowing the wood elves to kill the Supreme Sorceress and her rival for power. (This in turn achieved my strategy card bonus and gain the 500 bonus VPs). The Sorceress then let Hand of Glory go through (for a +2 BS on the large unit of glade guard) but successfully dispelled both the Soul quench and Curse of Anraheir aimed at the witch elves.

The large unit of Glade Guard then opened up on the witches and 16 of them were summarily cut down. The other unit of Guard and the sisters accounted for a further 3. The frothing unit of madwomen was definitely looking a bit more manageable now! (Note: we just started recording the number of witches left on the dice, rather than removing the models, hence the unit looked untouched in the photos).

The Scouts again targeted the bolt thrower but failed to do any damage but the waywatchers then stepped up to the plate and removed it in a single round of shooting.

26.1 WE turn 2

DE Turn 3

Out for blood and eager to get to grips with their arboreal kin, the witches surged forward but the hail of arrows that answered their charge, faltered their advance. On a plus point, they only lost 3 more of their number to the 50 shots.

The rest of the forces moved up, surrounding the sisters and the Deathweaver (and the warlocks successfully rallied).

Magic was a bust for the DEs with Black Horror failing to cast and Doombolt being dispelled.

Their shooting was somewhat more effective with the dark riders killing the final waystalker and the combined fire of the shades taking out 2 of the sisters of the thorn.

26.2 DE turn 327 DE turn 328 WE turn 3 

WE Turn 3

The Scouts continued their march into the DE half of the board, looking to get into the deployment zone and thus secure those scenario points. The Wildriders all moved up, ready to counter charge should the witches kill the large unit of Glade Guard. The sisters again failed their leadership roll to march but were still able to move to prevent anything charging them.

Fate of Bunja was fast proving to be the Deathweavers favourite spell and this time it was the Deathhag’s turn to feel its gaze. The Cauldrons inbuilt magical resistance came to her rescue and she only took a single wound. The Highweaver then failed to cast Fiery Convocation (damn!) and Spirit Leech (also aimed at the Deathhag) was dispelled.

The Woodelf archers all combined to target the witch elves and after the hail of arrows had finished, another 10 had been slain and the cauldron had also taken a wound and this left only two of the witches and the Deathhag standing.

27.1 WE Turn 3 

DE Turn 4

The remaining witches again tried to charge the Glade Guard and with another stand and shoot reaction in the making, Greg just removed the unit.

The cold ones chose this moment to fail their stupidity test and stumbled forward (it was possibly the second turn in a row).

With another huge magic phase, the wood elves were unable to stop volley after volley of doombolts targeting the sisters and their boosted ward was unable to save them. With the sisters all dead, the wounded Deathweaver ran towards the safety of her own lines. She was followed by a flurry of crossbow bolts and although she was further wounded, they failed to bring her down.

28.1 DE Turn 429 DE turn 431 DE turn 4

30 DE turn 4
Now you see sisters
32 DE turn 4
Now you don’t

WE Turn 4

The Scouts continued to move into the opposing deployment zone and the waywatchers moved out of the building, ensuring they kept the marsh between them and any of their dark kindred. The Deathweaver continued to flee after failing to overcome the fear of her own mortality.

The winds had blown themselves out but despite that, the highweaver still managed to attempt two spells. Hand of Glory was dispelled but Soul Quench obliterated the closest unit of Shades. The waywatchers then targeted the other unit, turning 3 into pin cushions and leaving just two remaining. The larger unit of glade guard turned their sights to the so far undamaged unit of warlocks and when they were finished, a single model was left alive. The final unit of Guard looked to utilise their arrows by firing at the Hydra and took off a single wound.

32.1 WE Turn 4

DE Turn 5

The remaining DE force moved up to form a cohesive battleline ready for a final turn charge.

In another astounding roll, Greg again pulled out a maximum 12 for the winds of magic. He then proceeded to again fire off 3 doombolts against the running Deathweaver. The first was dispelled, the seconded failed to cast but the third was cast by the sorceress with irresistible force and broke through the weavers defences, finally slaying the proverbial thorn in the DE foot. The calamitous detonation only wounded the Manticore thanks to the Sorceresses continuing ability to make her 5++ ward save.

The dark elf shooting again proved to be subpar, with the combined fire of the darkriders and remaining shades unable to kill any of the wildriders.

32.2 DE Turn 533 DE turn 534 DE turn 5

WE Turn 5

Still not knowing what to do with themselves and not liking the look of the hydra and manticore eyeing them up, the Wildriders, for the second time, decided that they needed to be somewhere else and backed off to threaten with a counter charge.

The winds of magic again dropped off for the wood elves but the Highweaver still managed to cast Hand of Glory on the glade guard to improve their BS. She then targeted the single warlock with a Soul Quench, casting it with irresistible force. The power of the spell not only destroyed the warlock but the dimensional cascade blew up 9 guard from the unit and sucked the Highweaver into the warp! To make matters worse, the unit then failed its panic test and ran. Disaster!

With things looking suddenly grim, the remaining wood elves held their nerve and concentrated on making the dark elves pay. The waywatchers shot at the darkriders, killing three and with casualties mounting and order breaking down on both sides, the remainder also decided to flee. The Scouts and smaller unit of guard both decided to even the playing field and concentrated on the remaining sorceress. She once again passed all her ward saves but her beast was not so fortunate and she was quickly left standing exposed on the corpse of her manticore.

34.1 WE Turn 535 WE turn 536 WE turn 537 WE turn 5

DE Turn 6 

In a last bid to get some points, the Hydra tried to charge the 10 glade guard but all it got for its trouble were two additional wounds and a failed charge.

The dark riders rallied and the remaining warlocks decided to retreat to conserve points. The shades moved into the building to gain hard cover and the Sorceress also moved behind the building to avoid being shot. In a typical underhanded Dark elf tactic (yes I was impressed) she then cast Black horror at the waywatchers with another irresistible force. One of the Shades in the building succumbed to the vortex, as did one of the Waywatchers. The miscast was another Calamitous Detonation (which she again saved with the ward) but that signalled the end of the magic phase.

The little shooting available, failed to do anything.

37.1 DE Turn 638 DE Turn 639 DE turn 640 DE turn 641 DE Turn 6 

WE Turn 6

In the final turn of the game, I tried to maximise what points I could. It started with the large glade guard regiment rallying, denying Greg any points for them.

The waywatchers did their best to eliminate the Coldone Knights but only managed to slay 2 of the 3 remaining knights.

The scouts and two units of glade guard all aimed at the Hydra but only managed two wound it twice, leaving it clinging to life with a single wound remaining.

41.1 WE Turn 6 


In a brutal first game, the Wood elves not only pulled out a win but it was the first one I’d managed with them in 8th edition!

With regards to the scenario objectives, I had a unit with fortitude in Greg’s deployment and had prevented him getting any in my deployment zone, netting me 1000 VPs (500 VPs for each). Greg had killed more characters than I had, giving him the last objective and 400 VPs.

I also achieved my bonus objective in killing his general (for another 500 VPs). He didn’t achieve his objective of capturing more table quarters than I did.

The final breakdown of Victory points were:

Wood Elves                         Greg’s Dark Elves

Total from kills                  1840                                       1253

General slain                      100                                         100

Scenario                              1000                                       400

Strategy card                      500                                         0

Fully painted                     750                                         750

Total                                    4190                                       2503

In the 20-0 format, due to the variance in VPs of 1687, it worked out as 13-7 Tournament points in my favour.

42 - Remanents
The remaining Wood Elf forces
43 - DE Remanents
The remnants of the Dark Elves (picture curtesy of Greg)



 That was an extremely brutal but immensely fun game. It had lots of carnage, a number of points where the game swung and a great opponent. All the hallmarks of a fantastic game and a reminder of why I love this edition so much.

Both of us were a little rusty on some of the rules but there wasn’t too much looking in the BRB or army books. We both made a few errors on deployment and I’ve never played a game with so many scout drops and vanguards from both sides. It made the opening moves very interesting.

There were a number of large magic phases in the game with 4 of them netting the maximum 12 dice (after channels). Three of these were on Greg’s turn, well above the odds. That pretty much guaranteed 3 Doombolts were going to head my way. A frightening prospect of 6D6 Str 5 hits plus a multitude of additional S1 hits from the attribute. He did balance this out by rolling at least 3 miscasts but he again came out of these unscathed each time (in part down to the sorceress continually passing her 5++ ward – the dark gods were smiling on her!). It was definitely the first game that I’ve really enjoyed using magic (at least until the sucked into the warp incident) and I didn’t dither too much over what to use.

I did think that Greg spent too much time chasing around after the sisters. They almost acted as a distraction carnifex for him.

Unlike most of my games, I’m not going to pick apart what worked well or not for my list, mainly as I’m sure a number of my opponents will end up reading this and they can make their own deductions from the report rather than me spelling it out for them. Instead I’ll make notes, that I won’t include here and will then add them into my list analysis at a later date.

I’ll end this brief summary by saying that there are always a number of ‘what if’ situations in a game and one of those for me was ‘what if Greg (and I) had remembered that he gained an additional vanguard and it could have been used on his witches’. It would have meant they would have been an additional 12” across the board from the start. It may have made no difference as other things may have played differently but they may not have been shot to pieces before making it into combat (and the destruction of that unit by my archers, I’ll add, was probably the highlight of the game for me. Having been on the end of them so many times, it was just extremely satisfying so delete them with shooting).

Shout out

Greg also writes a blog and also wrote up a report from his view point (with more photos taken by him). It can be found here: https://gregwfb.wordpress.com/2018/12/28/2018-19-wfb-campaign-game-one/


Rumble in the SELWG Jungle – My Wood Elf List

No posts are forthcoming for ages and then suddenly you get 3 in quick succession. Lucky you!

So this year I decided to take my Wood elves for a spin in the competition. I don’t have high hopes for my placement but it will give me a solid run of games with them, which is the whole point of using them.

I’ll start with a couple of group shots of the army and then intersperse the list with some unit shots so at least you can look at some pictures if list bashing is of little interest.

Note: The Sisters and Deepwood Scouts are not my painting. Although I prefer to paint my own models, I’m not adverse to picking up the odd pre-painted eBay bargin.



So the first thing that jumps out looking at these shots is the distinct lack of bodies. Even my dwarves normally field more bodies! Ok so I’m not going to overwhelm the foe by weight of numbers, so what did I take and why?

The Warhost of Tal Shavoc

Lords & Heroes

Merilel of the Moon – General – level 4 (highweaver), Book of Ashur, Ironcurse Icon – 295pts

Sejal Dawntouch – level 4 (Deathweaver), Power scroll, Talisman of Protection, Elven Steed – 320pts

Haldrin Stormlight – Glade Captain, Hail of Doom Arrow, Charmed Shield, Dragonbane Gem, Great Weapon, Great Eagle – 169pts

The Left Hand of Haldrin – Waystalker – Bow of Loren – 110pts

The Right Hand of Haldrin – Waystalker – 90pts

Core Choices

24 Glade Guard – Full Command, Standard of Discipline, Swiftshiver Arrows – 445pts

10 Glade Guard – Musician, Standard, Starfire Shafts – 180pts


Glade Guard with Swiftshiver arrows and the Highweaver
Glade Guard
Special Choices
10 Deepwood Scouts – Standard, Hagbane Tips – 170pts

5 Sisters of the Thorn – Standard, Licheborne Pennant – 155pts

6 Wildriders – Standard, shields, Banner of Eternal flame – 188pts

6 Wildriders – Standard, shields – 178pts

Deepwood Scouts
The hero is a unit filler, representing 2 Wildriders in this list.
Busy beavering away to finish these in time for the first game!

Rare Choices

10 Waywatchers – 200pts

Total – 2500pts

Waywatchers and stalkers with the sisters and Deathweaver in the background

List Thoughts

As per usual I list bashed an obscene number in preparation. All theory hammer of course as why bother practicing when you can spend hours poring over a laptop instead… They did however follow a similar theme though and revolved around lists I’d previously run.

I then threw them all out the window and thought to myself what do you want to take?


A wood elf list wouldn’t be complete without a load of archers and I wanted to fully embrace this. I also wanted to maintain my preferred all comer style and so to make it versatile I took 4 main different types of arrows/archers.


The Scouts took hagbane to provide poison shots. Their main use will be war machine hunting followed by big gribblies. Poison will effectively bypass the high toughness they rely on for defence (with good rolling on my part…).

Glade Guard

The small glade guard unit will gain +1 to wound against any of the bad guys as well as getting flaming AP attacks. Again my thought was most Regen monsters fall in the category so flaming would negate this and the to wound bonus would mean they’d always do so on a 5+.

With the large unit of archers, I nearly went with trueflight (no ‘to hit’ modifier) arrows but decide to avoid them in order to both take me out of my comfort zone and because I worried that with my reliance on bow shots, I didn’t have enough, so I opted for Swiftshiver, so they doubled their output. With correct placement (in a wood, in 3 ranks), they’d put out 48 AP shots. The downside is, at long range, they would be hitting on a 5+. This meant I had no real choice but to include a level 4 Mage wielding High Magic to try and get ‘hand of glory’ in order to boost Ballistic skill (BS).


The waywatchers are just all kinds of good, able to ignore armour entirely or double their output by firing two shots, adding to the sheer volume of fire the list could put out.


Two waystalkers would add an additional ranged threat in their ability to snipe out characters. They would be aiming to remove any support heroes or wizards, namely BSBs and scroll caddies. Other mounted heroes would also be fair game. At a pinch they could also be used as redirectors. I previously haven’t found a single waystalker to be that useful, so I was hoping two might make the difference (or it could just be a waste of points 🙄)

Glade Captain

The final shooting element comes from the Captain. This is mainly in the form of the one shot Hail of Doom arrow. 3D6 S4 AP shots is nothing to be sniffed at and can work wonders or fail miserably. It is best used to remove a unit of chaff and normally does so fairly comfortably. He is also fairly versatile being able to take out chaff in combat and tie up warmachines (and perhaps kill them due to his S6).


I’ve never had a great success with magic in 8th. I’ve always found it too fickle and random. Yes there have been instances where it has helped but more often than not miscasts or low winds of magic rolls have made it meh. This time I decided to go big and give myself options.


The first mage selection was chosen as High, mainly to try and get the one spell mentioned above. I do like the lore as it’s a good allrounder with spells impacting movement, one that heals and had the benefit of having a number of quite cheap spells. It also has the added advantage of giving protection counters as the lore attribute too. I do normally prefer shadow for wood elves but again I was trying to break the habit and try something different.

This mage would likely (at least start) in the large unit of archers and inside the ‘free’ woods. This would ensure a +1 to all casting. I then took the Book of Ashur and whilst very pricey, would provide an additional +1 to casts. Effectively this makes the mage a level 6, so would maximise her effectiveness. The issue was the book meant she would have no save so I was hoping the lookout sir rule and the protection counters would offset this weakness… The final item was also defensive in nature to give the unit a 6++ Ward vs war machines. As the only unit of any size, it is a prime candidate for them so everything helps!


I had decided early on that I wanted to take a lore I’d not previously used and had chopped and changed a number of times. In the end I decided to go with Death as I’d been on the receiving end of it a number of times and generally wasn’t a fan. It also has a toughness debuff spell which I think is quite important when you go with mass shooting. The number of sniping spells would also tie in nicely with the waywatchers.

The lore attribute also helps to regain power dice. Important when you are stacking up on mages! The only issue is the generally short range of the spells and so she would need to be mobile to close the range. This meant either flying solo on an Eagle (can you say cannon bait) or mounted and ideally placed in a unit. I decided to go with the latter and put her on a steed.

For items, I gave her the compulsory 4++ Ward and then a power scroll to halve the cost of a spell once in the game. Hopefully this would be a nasty surprise for an opponent.


The final magic choice was a unit of sisters of the thorn. Again it is a unit I’ve struggled to use effectively. They have one great spell that impedes movement and one that is meh but does heal wounds as a side effect. They were however perfect as a delivery and protection system for the Deathweaver and giving the unit the pennant also boosted their Ward save vs direct damage spells.


And because I couldn’t totally rely on shooting, I added in two units of Wildriders to add some combat threat. I fully expect one unit to be decimated early on, so am hoping two might mean one survives long enough to cause some damage…


So there you have it. A big pile of unknown. What I have done in this list is invest heavily in just two phases, magic and shooting. It’s not something I’d normally do, I prefer a more rounded list and like big combats but it will push me to try something new and again is almost the polar opposite of my Beastmen list.

The main sacrifice I’ve had to make is to exclude any real combat blocks, not something wood elves are really renowned for but it does feel odd not having trees of any variety in the list. The one regret I have is not being able to squeeze in my warhawks.

I do have a feeling I’m going to get minced, if only due to the learning curve and my own ineptitude with the list. Still, as long as I have fun (and with the opponents in the comp that’s almost guaranteed), that’s the main thing.

Rumble in the SELWG Jungle – 2018-19 club comp pt 2 – Scenarios & Strategy cards

As discussed in the previous post, these were lifted from the Brawler bash 2014 comp with the exception of the 6th scenario.


1 – Invade and Defend (Battleline)

Gain 500 VP if your opponent does not have a unit containing fortitude in your deployment zone at the end of the game.

Gain 500 Additional VP if you have a unit containing fortitude alive in your opponent’s deployment zone at the end of the game.

Gain 400 additional VP if you killed more characters than your opponent.

2 – Blood and Glory

Special Rules: Play the full six turns (as time allows).

Objectives: The first player to “Break” their opponent receives an additional 1400 Victory points. The second player to “Break” their opponent receives an additional 500 Victory points.

3 – Protect the weak (Battleline)

Gain 150 VP for each of your three smallest (in terms of points) units that are alive at the end of the game. If you have more than three units that are equal in terms of smallness at the beginning of the game, nominate three of those tying units to keep alive for points.

Gain 150 VP for each of your Core units above half strength (in terms of total wound count) at the end of the game. You can score these points up to four times (600 points).

Gain an additional 150 VP for each of your opponent’s three smallest (in terms of points) units that you have killed. If there are multiple units that are equal in terms of smallness, then the first three you killed count for the extra VP.

4 – Dawn attack

Special Rules: Deploy with the Dawn Attack map but DO NOT USE RANDOM DEPLOYMENT. Instead, each player deploys as normal (taking turns putting units down) until complete. Each player must deploy at least two units in each deployment area (left, right, centre). If a player does not have enough units to deploy at least two in each, then he/she may choose which area(s) to only have one. Roll off for first turn as in a Battle Line scenario, and ignore the language about stealing initiative.

Objective: At the end of the game, if either player has a unit with fortitude within six inches of the centre of the board and the other player does not, then that player gains 1400 victory points. If both players have units with fortitude within six inches of the centre of the board, each player gains 500 victory points.

5 – Character Crash (Battleline)

Gain 100 additional VP for each enemy character slain (slain means dead or not on the table, at the end of the game, for any reason).

Gain an additional 100 VP per character if you slay the character in a challenge.

Gain 350 additional VP if your Battle Standard Bearer is still alive at the end of the game. If you do not have a BSB in your army, you automatically gain these points.

Gain 350 additional VP if you captured more standards than your opponent.

6 – Attack the strongest point! (Battleline)

Gain 1000VP if your opponent’s most expensive unit is destroyed, fleeing or not on the table for any reason, at the end of the game. Characters/mounts embedded within a unit, count towards the cost (and thus which one grants the bonus victory points). If there are two or more units that cost the same then roll a dice to decide.

Gain 400VP if your opponent’s most expensive character is killed, fleeing or not on the table for any reason, at the end of the game.

1. Deployment
Any excuse to post a pic of Luke’s Chaos Warriors



There are 6 Rumble in the SELWG Jungle Strategy Cards Below. Each describe bonus point objectives and special rules. After deployment, but before scouts are placed, both players must choose one strategy card from those remaining to them and place it on the table (these are not secret and you must both declare which you’ve chosen). You MUST choose a card to play each round. Each card can only be used once during the competition and the card you use, must be confirmed when your results are reported. Only the card player may gain bonus points based upon their card in play.


Card A: Take the Field!

+500 VP for controlling more table quarters than your opponent at the end of the game.

To control a table quarter you need to have fortitude there (i.e. General or a banner). The most fortitude in a quarter controls that quarter. In the event of a tie then neither player controls that quarter.

Special Rules: One core unit or solo character may make a Vanguard move. All normal Vanguard rules apply. (Units already capable of a Vanguard move receive no added bonus)

Card B: No Glory in Death!

+500 VP if your most expensive unit/model (NON- Character) above half its starting wounds at the end of the battle.

Special Rules: The player of this card automatically wins the roll to see who goes first, they may then choose to go first or allow their opponent to go first. If both players choose this card then roll off as normal (If a Bretonnian player uses this card and the opponent doesn’t, the army counts as having prayed and both players dice to see who goes first).

Card C: Operation Anaconda!

+500 VP for killing enemy general. (“killing”= opponent’s general not being alive for any reason at the end of the game.)

Special Rules: Your General gives a rousing speech to spur his/her troops to victory. At the start of any one of your turns you may declare that you are using this special rule and claim a +1 to the Leadership of your general (up to the normal max of LD10) It lasts until the start of your next turn.

Card D: Broken Arrow!

+500 VP for having all of your dispel/power dice generating characters/units alive at the end of the game. (If you have none of either to start with, you automatically get these points!)

Special rules: For the first turn of this game all your opponent’s spells miscast on double 1’s as well as double 6’s. (Note: double 1’s do NOT cause Irresistible Force)

Card E: Live to Fight Another Day!

+250 VP for having a unit that successfully (is not caught in that turn) flees from a charge.

+250 VP if the unit that earnt 250 VP for fleeing, is alive, not fleeing and on the table at the end of the game

**IF your army contains NO units or characters capable of fleeing at the start of the game THEN you may earn +500 bonus points if one of your characters (not champions) refuses a challenge during the game.

Special rules: Add d3 inches to one “flee” charge reaction during the battle. This must be declared prior to rolling any dice.

Card F: Lucky Seven Card!

Once in the game, before any 2d6 roll is made (but not before a re-roll, such as that given by a battle standard -bearer), a player may employ Your Lucky Seven card. This automatically makes the result of the roll a 7 without actually rolling dice.

Note that your Lucky Seven cannot be used to change two dice within a number of other dice rolled. It must be a straight 2D6 roll and not a 3D6, for example. Additionally, any army (such as Lizardmen) may use the Lucky Seven for a single leadership test (as well as any other straight 2d6 roll), except for a re-roll such as that given by a battle standard-bearer.

Your Lucky Seven may NOT be used for the Winds of Magic 2d6 roll. Your Lucky Seven roll may only affect the dice of the person playing the card.

**Alternate use of Your Lucky Seven card** You may choose to use Your Lucky Seven after your opponent has played their scenario cards, but before the battle starts, to nullify the special rules of your opponent’s card. However, they can still gain bonus points based on their card (if they meet the objectives of course!).


There you go, a brief overview of the pack. I didn’t include every detail, just the more important ones. Happy killing!


Rumble in the SELWG Jungle – 2018-19 club competition pt 1

I’ve again stepped up to run the warhammer fantasy competition at the club and although it officially started a few weeks ago, I’ve been rubbish at posting anything about it. This post will cover some of the comp pack and thoughts behind it. The next few posts will cover the Scenarios and Strategy cards

Knowing that, for the last 5 years, list choices have been heavily comp’ed at the club, I decided to go a slightly different route. This was also influenced in part by watching a number of the Malorian and Once Bitten (both in my opinion are legends) fantasy battle reports of some US GT’s on you tube. In particular, the Brawler Bash caught my eye.

For those who haven’t seen Brawler Bash, it is slightly different from other GT’s as the bulk of the points come from killing your opponents army. You can get bonus points from scenario objectives and play strategy cards that give you both a chance to score additional points (as well as giving you unique bonuses to your army).

I won’t beat about the bush, this year, I pretty much plagarised the entire comp pack from the 2014 Brawler Bash GT rules. I did add in a number of the house rules from last year and a few additional rules for Beastmen, TK’s and Bretonnians. I also had to create an additional scenario and strategy card in order for it to work in our comp as in the brawler GT entrants play 5 games and the scenarios are fixed for each game. As I had 7 entrants and had decided to run them in one group, I needed a 6th so that the scenarios could be diced off.

31. Turn 3 - Beast
Face off vs Neil’s Lizards in the last comp

Game Format and Scoring

All scoring is done via Victory points.

Victory points are awarded through wiping out units, capturing standards etc. as per the BRB.

In addition:

Units that are at 25% or less of their original models yield 50% VPs to the opponent

Units that are fleeing at the end of the battle yield 50% VPs to the opponent.

Characters and single models that have half or less wounds remaining at the end of the battle give up 50% VPs.

Ridden monsters give up separate VPs (i.e. if you kill just the monster you score the monsters VPs but not the riders and vice versa). In both cases, bonuses (for generals, banners, etc.) are not counted towards the 50%.

Units that are both: fleeing and at/below % strength still only yield 50% VPs.

Any unit that is off the table at the end of the game for any reason, counts as destroyed.

Fully Painted Army +750 VP’s per game

Bonus Victory points are also available for completing Scenarios and from Strategy cards.

Army Lists

Each Army must be no more than 2500 points. These lists will be checked and cleared by an adjudicator and will be open to all once cleared.

  • No End Times Rules or Armies (except where stated in this document).
  • No Allies may be taken.
  • Wizards must use the same magic lore that they started the competition with throughout the competition. However, wizards that are allowed to generate spells from multiple magic lore’s are allowed to do so. For example, Skaven wizards that are allowed to generate spells from either Plague & Ruin before each game will be allowed to.
  • No Forge World rules/stat lines apart from Chaos Dwarfs.
  • A unit cannot exceed 45 wounds in total at any point (this includes embedded characters/mounts etc).
  • The following special characters are not allowed:
  • Valten
  • Malekith,
  • Morathi
  • Hellebron
  • Teclis
  • Allarielle
  • Epidemius
  • Kairos
  • Throgg
  • The competition will allow players to take up to 50% Lord and Hero allowance as specified in the GW 1.9 Errata, with the exceptions of:
  • 2017/18 Semi-finalists and finalists can only take up to 25%

 In addition, the following rules apply to the following armies:


  • May select Marks of Chaos for their units as described in The End Times: Archaon.
  • Beastmen Ambush works in the same way as ambush in the BRB.
  • Ghorgons gain a 4+ scaly skin save.


  • The following Bretonnian units/options gain the Devastating Charge special rule: Lord, Paladin, Knights of the Realm, Knights Errant, Questing Knights, Pegasus Knights and Grail Knights.
  • In additional if any of the above entries charge and a roll of 10+ is made, the front rank/model will gain impact hits (1). These are resolved at S5.
  • Remove the 0-1 selection limit to the following units: Grail Reliquae, Pegasus Knights and Grail Knights.

Tomb Kings:

  • If the Tomb King’s Hierophant dies and the army contains another Liche (or High Liche) Priest with the Lore of Nehekharan, then an initial crumble test is taken as normal but no crumble test need be taken on each consecutive turn as he seizes control of the army. This can continue (with a test being taken each time the new Hierophant dies) until no more Hierophants with the Lore of Nehekharan remain, at which point the ‘crumble test’ is taken every turn, as per the army rule book. (This works in exactly the same manner as in the Vampire Counts book in case I messed up the description, except of course, it’s based on a different lore).
6 Beast deploy
The herd of Khazbar step up to the fray

FAQ / Errata / House Rules

The current GW FAQ and Errata will apply.

  • Unmodified leadership is the highest leadership in the unit, but not including Inspiring Presence, although BSB re-roll allowed.
  • Look out Sir’s allowed against Dwellers, Dreaded 13th & Final transmutation, providing there are enough rank & file in the unit see P93.
  • High magic Lore “Drain Magic” does not affect Plague of Rust, Wither, or similar non Remains in Play spells that are in place for the remainder of the game.
  • Storm banner – rolled for at the beginning of each players turn by the Skaven player.
  • A unit may not swift reform and move into a building in the same movement phase.
  • Only 1 method of augmenting Channelling may be used at a time, e.g. a wizard bearing a Channelling Staff within 6” of Arcane Ruins can use the extra dice from the Ruins or +1 from the Staff, not both.
  • Only 2 dice can be carried over from any source
  • Maximum of 12 dice per magic phase. This includes dice carried over.
  • An augmented/hexed unit that “borrows” a stat from another model/unit still has to apply the augment/hex value to the new stat.
  • The free pivot (of up to 90 degrees) available during a charge can only be used to avoid intervening terrain and/or units, not to change the final orientation of the charging unit.
  • Open ground is considered terrain for the purpose of spells but does not have any effect on normal movement.
  • Buildings can hold up to 20 ‘wounds’ of models and are two stories.
  • A single rank of models can never be steadfast, unless another special rule imposes this (i.e. Stubborn)