KOW – First game prep

Long story short, I’m no longer taking part in the 40k Kill Team evening on Friday. I just really couldn’t drum up any enthusiasm for it and with my limited club time in Jan/Feb I decided to instead, line up a game of Kings of War to finally try it out. Something I’ve been itching to do for a while. Thankfully there was no shortage of takers and in short order I had a game booked against Alistairs Undead.

In another first, I’ve not played against Alistair (and not sure if we’ve met either) so really looking forward to that too.

So with the game lined up, i just had to decide what to use.

Straight off the bat, I discounted my Dwarves. I’ve just played them a bit much over the last few years so for the time being they have been relegated to the box (though with my fickle nature that may change!).

Realistically that left Elves or Beastmen (herd). I was very very close to finally digging out my wood elves (over the high elves) but due to having auditors in, i’ve just not had the time to sort them out and so i’ll continue with the Beastmen for the time being, if only for ease.


I have repeatedly ‘herd’ (sorry couldn’t resist) that every unit is viable in KOW so with this in mind, i’ve knocked together a quick 2000pt list to try out.

Great Chieftain on Chariot with bows and Potion of the Caterpillar – 220pts

Shaman with heal and Myrddin’s Amulet – 130pts

Shaman with heal – 120pts

Tribal Spirit Walkers (Horde) – 230pt (Note: due to base sizes 24 Gor fits the footprint for a 40 20mm horde).

Guardian Brutes (Horde) with Blessing of the Gods – 255pts

Stampede (Horde) with Brew of Sharpness – 305pts

Longhorns (Regiment) – 145pts

Longhorns (Regiment) – 145pts

Beast Pack (Troop) – 70pts

Beast Pack (Troop) – 70pts

Harpies (Troop) – 90pts

Brutox – 220pts

Total – 2000pts


This list gives me 3 sources of inspiring, 2 of which will hold back to buff units (either in melee or through healing) and the other can swing combats, especially if he get flank/rear charges.

It also has a number of hordes with lots of attacks and/or high nerve values and defence. These should all be able to take a combat or two and if they charge, smash the enemy targets. The Stampede with ‘Brew’ pumps out 30 attacks hitting on 3’s with a minus 4 to defence on the charge (and a nerve of 18/22). The Brutes with Blessing have 24 attacks hitting on 4’s (rerolling 1’s) and a minus 3 to def on the charge. They do have a def of 5 and nerve of 15/18. The Spirit Walkers have 35 attacks but only hit on 4’s with TC 1 but they are fearless with a break point of 23 so have to take at least 13 points of damage before there is a chance of routing them.

The longhorns regiments do not have the attacks of other units but will consistently hit due to ME 3 and have CS+TC 1.

I have 3 units of Chaff to run interference. I do wonder if I need more but at the least they can shield my main 3 hordes.

The Brutox is included  because I like large monsters! Although it has random attacks (8+D6) and only hits on a 4+, it takes a lot to reduce it’s damage rolls and it also comes with regen to help it out.

I’m thoroughly looking forward to this game.





Hobby update – Orcsies

I happened to be down at my folks at the weekend and opened a cupboard in my old room to be presented with some of the standards of my Orc army. As with nearly all my older lead models, they are not fully finished (nothing was ever based). 

The figure on the right is an old maurauder model (I always loved their range) and was used as the BSB due to having the largest standard. The tiger stripe(ish) theme is repeated throughout the army, mainly on the shields but also on shoulder pads of the big bosses and generals (it was where I got the inspiration for my space marines). 

I actually prefer the old standards to the current solid plastic ones as it allowed me to draw icons using a combo of pencil and pen and then colour in the remainder with paint. A medium I’m far more comfortable in as you can probably tell by the quality of the standards vs my normal paint jobs!

Online gaming

Although this blog is mainly aimed at my forays into tabletop gaming, I thought i’d digress into my other gaming love, namely PC games. I would happily rack up my miniatures several times a week but sadly real life gets in the way. However I can log on quite easily to the laptop and get in half an hours gaming. The only difference between now and 5 years ago is that I’m mainly in single player mode these days (and that is why I mainly use the laptop rather than a console). So with that being said, I thought I’d post something about my two current favourite games.

Tom Clancy’s The Division

This game came in for quite a bit of criticism but this was mainly around the limited options when you reached level 30 and the disappointments with the expansions released (especially as they are mainly aimed at multiplayer).

Putting that aside, I love this game. It is based on the island of Manhattan, after it has been quarantined when a deadly virus was released into the population. Your task is to take it back from the gangs that have taken over, find out what happened, help find a cure and get the infrastructure back up and running (just one or two tasks then). It combines an open world 3rd person shooter with elements of MMOs and RPGs.


Quite often when playing a game such as this there is a mad rush to reach the maximum level as soon as possible and this might be why there was so much disappointment. For once I held off doing this and leveled in a slow burn over 4 or so months (if not a bit longer). One of the reasons I was able to do this, was due to the amount of pure detail in the game. I believe they mapped out most of the actual city (at least the areas you can access in game) and you can run around a good chunk of it, exploring the streets and some of the rooftops and subways. Your main base of operations is the New York Postal Service building (I believe) and you will unlock safe houses as you explore the city. In one of your first missions you have to storm and retake Madison Square Gardens (opposite it). I like the interaction with these historical and/or famous buildings.

Home Sweet Home

When wandering around, the amount of detail they have programmed into the game is astonishing, such as, coming across hundreds of coffins in a partly built underground tunnel, to lists of drinks written on the wall of a ‘generic’ coffee shop. And it looks stunning. It is this level of care in the surrounds that, to me, makes this game so special. And you can shoot stuff. Lets not forget that and it is why I rate this so much higher than Watchdogs. Other little touches such as the sub quests to find the missing division agents and listening to the telephone calls when you find them, all add to the story and experience.

What, no mega milky mocha!

As with all RPGs you can craft gear (weapons and anything else you wear) and you’ll also pick up items as loot from boxes you find or from the cold dead corpses you help to litter the city with. You augment this with skills. Anything from heat seeking grenades, to health/ammo packs for team mates and machine gun turrets. I will admit to have only slightly explored the multiplayer side so won’t comment on that here apart from to say, like all multiplayers, if you find a good group it can be great but if randomly grouping, you can also have terrible experiences.

This was quite rightly game of the year in 2016 and i’m now on my 2nd run through of it (screenshots are from that).


Total War – Warhammer

I first discovered the Total War (TW) series when TW-Rome was released back in 2004. Building up multiple armies in a grand campaign and then fighting epic battles with masses of units to expand your empire had massive appeal to me (I can’t think why. Perhaps everyone has a bit of a megalomaniac in them!). I pretty much bought every release that then followed but Rome was always my favourite of them (until Rome 2 was released). Anyone who has played the game has always said that it would marry perfectly with the warhammer world and around 2008 a chap going my the online sudonym of Jubal, created a mod for the original Rome game that allowed you to take control of many of the warhammer races and recreated the whole of the warhammer world. This kept me going during my tabletop hiatus but the mod did suffer from being on one of the oldest TW engines and the odd crash.


When they announced the release of an official version of the game, I nearly fell off my seat. At first I was hit by the excitement of it and then the irony kicked in. The release date was set for 2016. So it was set in the world they they had already destroyed. So they finally got on the band wagon and promoted a game and world that they had scrapped. You sometimes have to wonder about the thinking in Nottingham. That being said, I decided to take it as a finally hurrah of ‘the world that was’. Hell, I’m not going to complain that they finally released the amalgamation I had so wanted!


The game plays very similar to the other Total War games. You can capture and build up settlements, allowing different units to be recruited. The technology trees for each race unlock in different ways and are of variable sizes, giving them each a unique feel. The playable races at launch were: Empire, Greenskins, Dwarf, Vampire Counts and Chaos Warriors. They’ve already clicked on what a cash cow this game is and they’ve released a number of downloads already (some were even free!), from extra legendary heroes to two additional mini campaigns, complete with new races (Beastmen and Wood Elves). It’s worth mentioning that you do get to play Bretonnian but only in multiplayer. Quite why you don’t get the option to in campaign mode, only the designers know.


I have to give a special mention to the world map. The detail on it is incredible. Volcanoes have lava flows. There are huge skulls carved into mountains. The map can also change in appearance. For example, looking at the Dwarf hold of Zhufbar, each lake has a waterfall coming from it to the next one down, which also powers and turns the water wheels. If the hold is captured by Orcs, the hold will be transformed with crude Orc iconography and ‘improvements’ added to walls. (see the before and after shots above).


World Domination

There are a couple of bugbears worth noting. Not all units have been included in the army lists. For instance, the Beastmen are missing Jabberslythes, Ghorgons and Harpies. It’s not game breaking but how hard would it have been to add in the additional couple of units. At present the map only covers the old world, from Norsca to the Badlands, so it is a limited part of the overall potential map.


Now having said all that, there is a site that apparently data-mined the game and has predicted the next main releases. They were spot on with DLC3 being Beastmen and DLC5 being Wood elves, so there is hope that the below may be accurate. At the game launch it was always stated there would be 2 expansions, so between all of these, the current map should also increase in size (perhaps the land of the dead for Tomb kings and the Darklands for Chaos Dwarves and Ogres). Based on the missing DLC items, I am still hopeful that Bretonnians will be made a playable race in the main campaign.

DLC5 – Wood Elves

DLC6 – Bretonnian + Isabelle Von Carstein

DLC8 – Tomb Kings
DLC10 – Skaven
DLC13 – Chaos Dwarfs
DLC15 – Ogre Kingdoms

Exp1 – Dark Elves, High Elves, Lizardmen
Exp2 – Chaos Nurgle, Chaos Tzeentch, Chaos Slaanesh, Chaos Khorne

Whether any of the above comes to pass or not, I am loving this game and have just finished my fourth playthrough (Wood Elves are easily my favourite so far). And that replayability is probably as good an accolade as you can give a game.

40k Kill Teams

On Feb 3 SELWG is running a kill team evening and as previously stated, I’m using this as an opportunity to again try 40k to see if I can rekindle some interest in it (the game that is, I’m an avid reader and love the battles and Horus Heresy books).

I will of course be using Space Mehrines as they are the only 40k models I own. It’s difficult to play any GW games without picking up a few over the years and I fleshed these out, some time back, by picking up a load of cheap figures off eBay (a number were prepainted in Dark Angels livery which I was happy with as I was planning a green based colour scheme).

Like any sensible noob I have gone the way of my own chapter, in order that I can try out differing chapter rules. Having not spent much time in the game, the chapter is yet to be named and i’ve barely touched chapter rules to decide on what geneology it follows but the colour scheme does have a vague definition. As it stands it is: dark green with a silver skull (bronze for squad sergeant) and silver imperial eagle, with one pauldron with an orange background and tiger stripes (see exhibit ‘a’ below). The figures all have a very basic paintjob* at present and absolutely none are finished**.

*Ok by basic, I mean that they are all base coated green and have bits of detail done – even by my standards that is poor but I had lacked any drive to continue them especially with the bucketload of fantasy figures I have lined up.

**The exceptions are the few models purchased from eBay in a prepainted state (such as the Dreadnaughts below).


To date I mainly used the marines as Imperial Fists (for bolter drill tactics) with Iron Hand allies (to take advantage of the extra ironclad dreadnought rules – what can I say, they are my favourite 40k models – though they are all in DA livery and i’ve yet to add the distinctive tiger stripe to them). Pics of the Dreads below just because I love them 😀.


But back to Kill Teams. What is it all about? Well, you can take a maximum of 200pts from the following selection: 0-2 Core, 0-1 Fast Attack and 0-1 Elite. No Heavy Support or HQs (there are other restrictions too, that I’m not going to cover as they wouldn’t impact my choices bar the no 2+ saves). Three of the models you pick are given specialist abilities (these give the selected model an addition rule such as stealth or +1 to BS to name but a few) and one model must be the leader (who also gains a random ability).

As normal I’ve been trying to read up on tactics and about the only thing agreed on, is that scouts are the best value for money, which is handy as they are one of my favourite models. So without further ado here are a few of my potential builds.

Imperial Fists 1

5 Scouts (Sergeant + 1 squad member with Sniper rifles) – 57pts

5 Scouts (1 squad member with heavy bolter) – 63 pts

5 Tactical Marines (1 squad member with meltagun) – 80pts

Total – 200pts

Raven Guard 1

5 Scouts – (Sergeant + 1 squad member with Sniper rifles, 1 with heavy bolter) – 65pts

5 Vanguard Veterans with jump packs (Sergeant with power sword + 2 troops with power swords and 1 with storm shield) – 135pts

Total – 200pts

Imperial Fists 2

5 Scouts (Sergeant + 1 squad member with Sniper rifles, 1 with heavy bolter) – 65pts

5 Sternguard (Sergeant with power sword, 1 squad member with combi-melta)


After having a play around I then realised that I should probably take a look at the scenarios first, as this should have a major bearing on the selection.

  • Push Forward

Standard deployment. 3 objectives worth 1pt each and 4 bonus pts up for grabs. Most pts wins

  • Alone in the Dark (Auto night)

Standard deployment. 3 objectives worth 1pt each and 4 bonus pts up for grabs. Most pts wins. Chance for units to get outflank rule

  • Head hunt

Opposite quadrant deployment. 3pts for killing a leader, 1 pt per specialist. 3 bonus pts.

  • Infiltrate the camp

Standard deployment. Attacker gets 1 pt per model moved off the nme table. Defender gets 1 pt per 3 kills. 3 bonus pts available.

  • Secure the high ground

Standard deployment. 1 pt per model in the centre terrain piece at the end. 4 bonus pts available.

  • Supply drop

Standard deployment. 6 objectives placed, only one is worth 3pts. 4 bonus pts up for grabs.

The bonus points include first kill, killing the enemy leader and having someone in the enemy deployment zone etc. I believe this is standard 40k stuff.

All the missions have a chance of being night fighting except the 2nd one where it is automatically selected.

So 3 of the missions involve grabbing objectives (I can see how scouts would be useful) and one involves moving off the table (again scouts and high movement troops would help).

Of the other 2, one is almost straight forward killing and the other is similar but with a final rush to capture the centre.

Yes that is a very bare bones, basic analysis but hey, what do you expect after only having played four games and the last was around seven months ago. Needless to say I am not expecting to stomp to victory!

So after looking at the missions, has that helped me decide on what to take? Not really. So the question becomes the normal, what do I fancy taking?

I’m really tempted by the Vanguard Veterans, if only because jump pack troops seem to be out of favour and I love the image of them storming in. I do have concerns that they could easily be gunned down. There is also a small issue that I don’t actually own any. The guys would probably let me proxy them with assault marines but I’m not sure I would feel right doing that (and although it is tempting to pick up a box as they are great models – I can’t justify the cost). Two squads of scouts and one of tactical marines are also tempting if only down to the sheer numbers, however I’ll probably end up going with the scout and sternguard.

I have two key considerations: keeping it reasonably simple, especially as I haven’t played in a long time (and I know the rules for these units to some extent as I used them in my comp list): the other is using something I really like and I love the models and their potential. The Sternguard themselves are fantastic sculpts. They take the basic rather boring Marines and add loads of nice touches from the pimped up guns to the gorgets. From a tactical side, both squads give me a really good versatility, the scouts with infiltrate, a couple of snipers and a heavy bolter. The Sternguard are reasonably good in combat and with the special issue ammo have the ability to counter a number of threats. You could argue that they are rather expensive, however it just means I cut down on the number of things I have to worry about. Taking them as Imperial fist successors means that nearly all the marines (bar the 2 with sniper rifles) can re-roll 1’s to hit (and that is why reason why I took a combi-melta rather than meltagun, so that I maximise boltgun fire and re-rolls). 

You’ll note I’ve barely even touched the specialist rules and how they will tie into my choice. I’d like to say its because I’m keeping something back but the truth is I haven’t even looked into it that closely. I may wing it on the night as that’s how hardcore I am…


A glutton for punishment.

Early last year I had my first foray into the realm of 40k. In normal style (after 2 practice/learn the rules games) I jumped in feet first and entered the club competition. I can’t say I enjoyed it hugely but this was mainly down to not knowing what I was doing and partially in creating a sub-optimal list (something I don’t mind in whfb as I have a better idea of what i’m doing so it’s a good challenge- see my Beastmen bat reps for an example). What can I say, I had to use what I owned and 3 dreads and 2 drop pods didn’t quite work. The rule of 3 (pods) became quickly apparent (for those not in the know, you can deploy half your pods in one go rounding up. With only 2 pods I was dropping in one dread at a time, which allowed it to be easily picked off. 2 dreads landing at once is a different proposition).
The problem with competitions is, once you submit a list you are locked in, so if you are a total novice and your list is based on models you like/own vs others full on competitive list, you can be a bit screwed. This is mitigated by having fun opponents (something, thankfully SELWG has in abundance) but nevertheless the perma-shafting (and frustration of, after a few games, gaining that understanding of where changes need to be made but unable to make them) can be a bit grating.


What can be done about it. Well the obvious thing is learn from the above and don’t jump straight in again. Hold off the comps until you’ve got a decent amount of practice games under your belt and understand what your preferred play style and army is.

So what did I do? Yep you guessed it, signed up to the inaugural club Kings of War competition starting in March (list submission by end of Feb). But a-ha, that gives you over a month to learn to play/get some practice games I hear you say. Very true but my next club night will be 3 Feb and is booked in for 40k (more on that in a second), I then fly to India for a good chunk of the month, so if I’m lucky, I may get in one game before the end of the month. One day I’ll learn…

The other way to do things is one day events where you play multiple games. This is a good way to get an initial feel for a game system, meet new players and if your list isn’t designed for your style of play (I say that rather than poorly designed) it only impacts one day rather than potentially several months of games. I did this with Age of Sigmar when SELWG held its AOS Smash event. Although I haven’t played another game since, I thoroughly enjoyed the event and would play AOS again in a similar situation (even if I probably wouldn’t on a club night).


I’ll probably take this route with my KOW practice game. Having 2 smaller point games in a night rather than 1 large one and in addition, swopping armies for the 2nd game so we both get a different experience of it.

And so I finally get round to the original point of this post (before I started rambling and had to go back and change the title). On the 3rd of Feb I’ll be giving 40k a second go. That evening, the club is holding a 40k Kill Team night. It will mean 3-4 games each using just 200pts of single codex models. It should be good fun. I’ll get to play members I normally don’t face and with the small model count, quite a lot of choices are viable. If I pick garbage then no loss as it’s only for one evening! Now where did I put the 40k rule book…

Evaluation of the Herd Of Khazbar

With my first run of games now finished, I thought I pop some thoughts down about my Beastmen and how they performed, what worked well and what didn’t. It may incorporate a bit of a mini army review. (Marks have been given based on my opinion of the unit and influenced by how effectively I can use it!).

WHFB Stage 2 outcome

I’ll start with my results and take it from there.

Game 1 – loss – 7pts

Game 2 – win – 17pts

Game 3 – loss – 15pts

Total – 39pts (out of a possible 75 with an additional 3 points for hobby if Steve reads the bat reps or painting updates here). So just over 50%. Not great and against the competition in the group, has a good possibility of being in last place.

Dan is probably on his way to win as I believe he has 2 out of 2 wins so far (With 2 out of 2 secondary objectives). Neil has one win and one loss but I believe achieved secondary goals in both games so still has a good points haul. Paul may have lost his game against me (game 2 – above), but he achieved the secret mission so earnt 15pts in the game. Obviously this is based on comments from opponents and my games against them. Until Steve sends round the first of the stage 2 updates I cannot be sure of the exact results.

The Herd Of Khazbar


Khazbar – Level 4 Great Bray Shaman (Shadow). 4/5

Overall he worked really well. The lore complemented the army and is fairly easy to use. The only issue is, i set the army up for him to go in the bestigor, so he could take advantage of the standard of discipline. This meant he was often up against foes with high toughness/multi wound models (as that was the units prime target) which wasted his jagged dagger item. Making him a lvl 4 beasts and keeping the same loadout but with fencers blades so he was a more oriented combat character, would probably make more sense. When placed in a different unit, the one point drop in leadership was really noticeable.

Wazzock lvl 2 Shaman (Beasts). 4/5

Was surprisingly effective, he has the same attack stats as a Gor champion so with an AHW, acted as a combat multiplier and wyssans is just such good value. Going forward I would definitely drop the chalice of dark rain and put in a dispel scroll, as the former is too situational (though in fairness I didn’t compete against any particular shooty army builds). Depending on how I take the level 4 going forward, I’ll either swop Wazzock to a lvl 1 shadow or perhaps even run a second lvl 1 also with beasts for a second wyssans.

Zhuroc BSB (Beast banner). 5/5

Hardly ever made combat but he was never meant to. His sole task was to provide a buff and reroll. The banner really made a difference to the horde with the +1 Str bonus and I was surprised he wasn’t targeted more, especially as he only had a 4+ basic save.

Bloodhorn – Doombull 4/5

I get the impression my opponents were far more experienced in facing doombulls than I am in playing them. Either that or he has a certain fear factor as a lot of effort went into getting rid of him. In terms of his load out, I think I made the right choice, especially as he was a lone character. The magic weapon meant I could use him to clear out ethereal, something the rest of my army would struggle with.

The problem was in my selection of targets. He should have just ploughed into standard rank and file, where his high save and basic stats would rip them apart. Saying that, he made a solid dent in Paul’s great Unclean one and it was just bad luck he didn’t muller a chunk of Dans empire. If I ran Minotaurs, I’d definitely be tempted to put another one in the unit as well as having him fly around. I only gave him a 4/5 mainly down to my use of him. Aesthetically he’s a 5/5.



38 Gor horde 4/5

Complete beast, especially with the banner. Over 40 Str 4 attacks (if the BSB is in the unit) will tear through most things. Only one real way to play it, pick an opposing unit and get into combat as soon as possible using your chaff to eliminate his blockers, something I didn’t always do and it normally cost me when I didn’t. If we didn’t have a competition 40 wound restriction, I’d likely boost this to 50 models as it takes a lot of punishment from all directions. What I didn’t appreciate was how much opponents feared this unit in each game and adding another 10 models might just make them avoid it more so might actually be counter intuitive.

With the beast banner this unit is definitely a 5/5.

19 Gor herd 3/5

The unit was fine but you have to pick fights with care. It mainly got used as a bunker for the level 2 and wyssans helped it a lot. I would be tempted to either boost the size by at least 5 models if only to help survivability, as I do find that extra rank can make all the difference, especially in 8th. The other option would be to drop the unit completely and run a couple of 30pt ungor raiders. At that size/cost I wouldn’t care about the random Beastmen ambush rule.

Chariots 4/5

I like these a lot. Yes they get targeted by cannons quite a bit, need to be in BSB or generals LD bubble and their combat effectiveness is somewhat debatable (if only down to my single die rolls). However they are reasonably cheap, are there mainly to support other units in combat and can be used as chaff if needed.


Bestigor 5/5

I can see why this unit is a go to in most competitive lists. WS4, Str 6, primal fury and a 50pt magic standard allowance make them as good as we will get. LD 8 maybe average for most armies but it’s gold standard for Beastmen. ASL does mean they should apply the maxim go big or go home. Having one of the only saves in the army generally means nothing when they are fighting the high str/toughness preferred foe. The unit of 24 I took worked well in most cases. It was the right size to be flexible and absorb some casualties, however in half my battles, the magical cascade from having the lvl4 embedded there, effectively took it out of the game before it reached combat! So the moral is: 24 is fine but go 40 if your shaman is in there!

Harpies 3/5

I’ll admit I struggled to use them effectively. A combination of unfavourable matchups or good deployment by my opponents didn’t help (and I kept forgetting I had scout on one unit). I can see how in the right hands they can be used very well (perhaps that will be me with more practice) and Neil taught me a nice trick with them (or with his furies) using them in a 3*2 rank for character assassination.
Razorgor 5/5

Compared to the harpies I generally had much more luck with the porkchop express but only once I realised it actually has limited use in combat. Sure it has 4 attacks and a good str, which increases on the charge but I found it averaged out to one wound. I found the best way to use it was run it in front of a combat unit and stick it in the face of the nme unit, always remembering to angle it so if they charge you can counter into their flank (he may be mediocre in attack but he is surprisingly survivable) or if they don’t he can stay there and block them or help with a combo charge. In theory, harpies could be used the same way but I found it easier to do with a single model and it is for this reason I’ve given it such a high rating.

Ghorgon 3/5

I have 2 models I completely love and use as Ghorgons and it was purely for this reason I took it. I want to love the rules but after using it I’m struggling. The truth is I’ve not yet used it effectively and wonder if I ever will. When you deploy it you always worry that it will be one shotted. It just isn’t survivable enough, especially when anything can wound on a 6+ (although ironically he survived 3 out of the 4 battles I used him in). There is also the points cost. 275. That’s a lot. For just over that, I could bump up the size of the Bestigor unit (the standard option) or get 6 minotaurs with AHW. Yes they are also massively overpriced, especially if you compare them to trolls or Ogres and suffer from frenzy baiting with a much lower leadership but you get far more attacks and wounds. He also fills roughly the same role as the doombull in my list.


Going Forward

I’ll definitely be trying out builds with minotaurs. Dropping the Ghorgan (or using 2!). Beastlord  in Bestigor to get the maximum LD bubble. Double units of 5 raiders.

Lots of options to try. I’m definitely not finished with this army. I still have lots to learn but the army is immense fun.

Hobby update – The one that got away

It seems like an age ago when I posted my finished Minotaurs and mentioned that I had a random zebra striped scheme on an old Marauder (pygmy) Minotaur model from around 25 years ago (made of child friendly lead). I was at my folks on Sat and decided to try and catalog what was down there (I gave up after half an hour due to the 3 degree temperature and lack of anything bar a jumper) but lo and behold I did come across the miniature in question. The paint job isn’t finished (no surprise as the majority of the models from my early forays aren’t) and I will be completing it but pictures are below to show it in the found state, for you to bask in its magnificence 😉.



It does seem that I had no clue about undercoating when I first started painting.