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Unit review – Irondrakes 

There are very few units, from the dwarf army book, that I would consider an auto include in my lists.

Hammerers are a possibility but more often than not opponents will avoid them like the plague and they become an expensive bunker for the general (although they also cast a 12″ stubborn bubble, if you run it in my preferred groth load out, so not a total waste).

Some players swear by Ironbreakers as the ultimate anvil and with elite dwarf  stats and a 3+/ 5++ save there is an argument for them but with the profusion of high strength attacks in 8th, the save will quickly reduce and the ward is only in h2h combat.

The Irondrakes have the same elite stats as Ironbreakers but with a slightly reduced 4+/ 6++ (non restricted ward), which increases to a 2++ vs fire. This makes them more effective than a unit of shieldbeards, our go to core anvil unit, with the added advantage of an extra point of Leadership (10) and the same 50pt Magic standard allowance. (On a side note, is this the only specialised unit armour that is not available to be purchased by the races characters? I struggle to think of another).

But wait, there’s more. On top of that they get an 18″, flaming, str 5, AP, ranged attack and they are quick to fire meaning they can move and shoot without penalty. The unit champion can be upgraded to dual drake pistols (two, 12″, str 5, flaming, AP, ranged attacks which allows the unit to always stand and shoot) or to the trollhammer torpedo (a 24″, str 8, flaming, d3 wound, slow to fire attack).

Being both a solid anvil and having a high str ranged attack gives them a versatility that our other infantry units lack. They work equally well as a flank or centrally placed unit and adding a stubborn runic banner means they will hold to the last dwarf. The rune of slowness, whilst an obvious and well known choice, is very effective against opponents who rarely face them.

Add in a basic Runesmith to the unit (who can be tooled up to add further depth with items such as the silver horn, breath weapon or even a basic runic weapon to counter ethereals) and their ward becomes 5+ vs direct dmg spells and their h2h attacks gain AP which effectively doubles their combat effectiveness vs armoured troops and if they manage a charge (very likely if the rune of slowness worked as planned) then they get the standard dwarf +1 to str that turn and an effective -3 vs nme armour.

My preferred list

If running a 2500 pt list you get 625 pts in the rare section to play with. For me this will normally be comprised of:

1 organ gun with Ro forging and accuracy (reroll misfires and +1 to hit)

1 organ gun (no runes but with attached engineer, if only to counter BotWD)

18 Irondrakes with standard (1* Ro slowness), champion with dual drake pistols and musician (accompanied by a Runesmith).

This comes to 625pts on the nose (excluding the engineer and Runesmith) and creates a formidable selection of str 5 AP ranged attacks for the throng.

The trollhammer torpedo

I have been asked on several occasions why I never take the trollhammer. There are a couple of reasons.

  1. Slow to fire. It is rare that my unit of drakes is stationary and even with the increased bs of 4 for the champion, it makes a big difference to the hit roll (also see point 3) and you cannot stand and shoot.
  2. Price. 20pts for it (or 30 if you include the champion cost) may not seem an expensive upgrade but with my preferred army load out, I cannot normally squeeze it in.
  3. Charge reactions. Dual pistols allows an additional stand and shoot reaction and once in combat, not only provides an additional attack for the champion but gives flaming attacks to negate regeneration for the rest of the unit. If he does charge himself, he gets the standard dwarf +1 str, so they are back to str 5, flaming AP attacks but in combat (at least for one round).
  4. Single dice rolls. It works like a cannon, in so far as, no matter the actual odds I seem to find that in a single dice roll, 9 times out of 10, it is guaranteed to roll a 1 (either to wound or hit). Conversely 2 dice rolls will more often than not come up as an 11 or 12, especially for break tests. Don’t ask me why, I don’t make the rules, it’s just the way it is!

So to sum up, Yes they are expensive (15pts a pop) and yes their points come from the rare section but they are only 1pt more expensive than Ironbreakers and all that versatility, wrapped up in one unit, is why I rarely leave home without them.

I hope this has been a useful article on what is, one of my favourite dwarf units.

Hobby update – beastly rumblings

Well finally finished the dual tuskor chariots tonight. I may not ever win an painting comps but I’m quite pleased with them. Particularly with using a blue wash over the grey skin (which of course, the effect you can’t see in the photos…)

I also ‘finished’ a prototype bestigor. Not sure I’m happy with the armour, it looks way too pristine so will have to go back and do something about that. The purple cloth needs something else done to it as well, probably some highlights just to break it up.

SELWG WHFB league table update 1

So 5 games have now been played in total and the updated league table is as follows.

The most popular secret mission taken is Stash the Cash (E) with 60% of players opting to use it in their initial game with Hero-hammered and three and Fourpence next with 20% each.

Looking at Emperor and Fateweaver Groups (A and D), I am not surprised to see Dan and Neil topping them but it is early days and not knowing a number of the other players in the groups this could well change.

I’ve included several game reports below from the Steve and Cyntec.

League table 16.08.16

Archaon League game report (courtesy of Steve)

On Friday night Martin and I played the first game in the Archaon League – Dwarves vs. Warriors.

We rolled up Dawn Attack and 3 pieces of terrain – a river, a building and a marsh. My 3 least favourite pieces of terrain. The river ran from deployment line to deployment line neatly bisecting  the battlefield down the centre.

Martin placed the swamp to the right of his central deployment zone blocking that wing against my trolls and ‘crushers. The building was placed to his left. Both were along the transverse centre line. All very symmetrical.

Neither side had too many issues with the randomised deployment, but when I placed my Skullcrushers on my left flank I foolishly left them facing some tempting targets and they proceeded to persistently fail their frenzy checks. Fortunately for me, an intervening unit of warhounds kept them from charging into, what turned to be, a Khemrian Marsh. However, they were now effectively out of the game due to my rustiness.

Martin placed 2 blocks of Longbeards on his right flank who spent resolutely yomped around the massive swamp with a view to securing the right hand Dwarven quadrants and invading my left quadrant. The other Longbeard block was stationed with the cannon and flyers holding Martin’s left hand quadrant.

The rest of my army deployed to the right of the river and pushed forwards to attack the lone Beardy block, but coordinating my stupid/frenzied units proved trickier than I had hoped. However, whilst they sorted themselves out, a unit of marauder horse was able to charge the cannon and take it out leaving them set up to flank charge the Longbeards when the trolls and warrior block finally turned up. You’d think think that was that then, but the little fellows took full advantage of the Shieldwall rule making loads of 5+ parry saves and it took 3 turns to finally drive them off and then only because they rolled a 10 for their stubborn break test. After that I was able to consolidate my units to secure both of the Dwarven deployment zones and one home one whilst Martin grabbed my other quadrant.

Both of us secured our missions with my BSB killing off the Runesmith to sneak Hero Hammered, whilst Martin successfully secured his paychest despite the minimal terrain.

The result was 23-13 win to the Warriors:

Steve: Win (15) + Mission (7) + 6 turns (1) = 23

Martin: Loss (5) + Mission (7) + 6 turns (1) = 13

Fateweaver league Narrative Report (courtesy of Cyntac)

I played my first game of this year vs Neil and we rolled Dawn Attack (great for Vamps) and Neil took the victory.
After last years great write ups I decided to have crack at it so here is my narrative of the battle from the point of view of my General.
Tl;dr Things go from bad to worse for him!
Mundus’ fingers twitched slightly as if they had a mind of their own. There was magic in the air and lots of it nearby. Every engagement with these creatures had always ended badly. There was never any flesh on them and he knew that even his army marched on its stomach. He would need a different kind of battle plan if he was to face them soon. They couldn’t be raised against their masters and their very touch was magic. There was a buzzing of emptiness across his lines part his own anxiety and part what would pass for fear in his thralls.

He ordered Slyph to his side. This one had always been trouble but he had survived this long so must have learnt a great deal from Kemmler. He was an able replacement and easier to control. Kemmler had left with his army and from what his spies told faired rather better than expected. Slyph had a knack for the unusual so he charged him with solving the problem of the Daemons. Slyph suggested trying to harness their own magic against them and made it very clear that the results could be rather unpredictable.
“Do it” he ordered.
Unpredictable was exactly what he needed but could anything be so against the Changer of Ways. This was probably exactly what he wanted.

His outriders had brought word that the enemy had fallen upon the garrison of men nearby. Mundus knew he could not avoid a battle now. He had spent two days march encircling the tower. What he needed was inside. The remains of a great knight of old would add a mighty champion to his ranks and those who had sworn an oath to him in life and in death. Men always swore to serve their master in death and it always made him chuckle at how naive they were.
The ritual would be easy but would take some time. He would need to get into that tower.

These creatures could not be hidden from so he marched on the tower. The forest might add some cover but the air in the forest was thick. It was heavy with magic and it made it hard to keep track of where he was. The banners kept their spacing so he was sure they would be fine. He emerged from the forest but found himself at the far left of his lines. He saw Slyph emerge across the other side of the glade and his armies tight formation was now strung out across the field.
The enemy was a wash of colours and roiling magic that seemed to shift and dance. They were made of the very raw stuff of magic and would be hard to eradicate from the tower. This was no normal gathering as each of the four gods was represented and seemingly working together.

He loosed his dogs forward in a bid to buy time to re-organize his lines. He felt the winds of necromantic magic surge towards Slyph. Whatever he was doing it was happening now. He saw the magic being drawn from the creatures but also felt his Trickster’s Shard burning at his neck. It glowed, flickered and became dull. He tore it from his neck cursing Slyph and his luck at the only time this would have proved really useful. The daemons surged forward and arcane magic loosed forward at the Mortis Engine attracted to its power like a magnet. The cannon contraption also loosed a flaming volley striking the Mortis engine but it held fast just barely. Slyph was busy doing his best to block the onslaught but the distance seemed to help. He urged his army forward knowing he had not nearly enough troops to surround the tower and protect his necromancer whilst carrying out the ritual. If the Daemons encircled the tower he would most certainly be beaten. The dogs had hit home but he felt the winds change. A sudden lull in the winds left him unable to cast anything. Slyph had some how managed to tease some out and funnel it towards the Mortis engine but was denied by the enemy.
His knights already completely out of position advanced to support him but he realized too late that they had advanced too far. The daemons charged his lines trampling the dogs underfoot and hitting the Knights off guard. Sylph and the Hexwraiths were also now in combat. All but Sylph seemed to buckle under the pressure as he managed to draw more power from the foes near him.

Mundus needed to get into the fray and charged the winged beasts nearest to him. He had slain them all before his retinue of skeletons had reached the fight. He forged on making for the head of the daemon army.
Sylph had over extended himself and opened up a vortex over his unit which he somehow managed to sling towards the enemy smashing a number of zombies along its way. His zombies had overran a beast by sheer weight of numbers and two more charged in. Somehow Slyph held the line and overcame a second beast. The third was reeling from the vicious zombies but in its rage it trampled Sylph underfoot and the zombies crumbled without the magic of their master to sustain them. Without Sylph to divert the flow of magic more emerged from a yawning portal above the tower.

The Mortis Engine had fallen to the cannon and the Knights had been run down. This was the last time the Wight King would fail him whatever the result. How one so supposedly skilled could miss a beast so large was beyond him. He would soon be vanquished as the Daemons had encircled them so his only chance now was to make for the tower and hunker down. The daemons seemed less concerned about this and took up positions encircling the tower. Their leader had nearly killed himself with a miscast so Mundus needed to take his chance now. Mundus slashed his way though another bunch of flying creatures, riding beasts, the cannon and pink horrors. A giant spear took a gouge out of his gorget missing his exposed neck by a whisker. His desperation had made him careless. He felt time running out as he cut the last horror down and made for the tower.
The tower was full of more pink horrors and his zombies had done a woeful job of trying to remove them. Mundus kicked in the door slashing at the pink fiends but every time he did two blue ones took their place. These whilst easy to dispatch took precious time from him and every second counted. Mundus saw a number of them fleeing out of the tower and felt a jolt of elation in the remnants of his heart. He descended the stairs to the crypt and opened the sarcophagus…..

He slammed the sarcophagus shut almost cracking the whole thing in two with his fingers biting into the stone. He lifted the lid again and a strange gurgling noise rang out. A blue horror tried to clamber out belching magic dust as he did. Mundus slammed the lid down on its head killing it and reached in to grab the other one who was gleefully sucking on the bones of the old knight. He snapped its neck and it disappeared in a puff of smoke giggling as it vaporized. With the essence of the old knight gone Mundus would need a new plan to ensure he exacted his revenge.

Tl;dr Things go from bad to worse for him!

Hobby update

The GW ghorgon model follows the styling of their newer plastic minotaurs, something I’m not a fan of. I much prefer the traditional minotaur look, so when I came across mierce miniatures and the model below I knew I’d found a replacement. (In fairness they had 3 potentials to choose from, one was a bit bug eyed and the other probably captured the ghorgon essence more closely as it is modelled launching itself forward, as if in an uncontrollable rage – but I liked the below as an army center piece).

The model is called Angaakk.


Before purchasing what, tbh, was a reasonably expensive model, I contacted the company and what followed was one of the best customer service experiences I’ve had. Needless to say it worked and the purchase was made. A few days later and I have one new ‘ghorgon’ awaiting assembly.

In other beastie news, I have finished assembling and undercoating the other 30 Bestigors, 10 ungor raiders and have two part built and painted tuskor chariots. Just need to: drybrush the chariot, finish the base (and glue the chariot to it),finish the bestigor base paint and then apply washes/highlighting to the crew and then any addition final detail to the model.

SELWG WHFB Comp – Game 1 vs Stevie’s Ogres

So Friday arrived and the first game in the ‘Kroak’ league was set to be played. Myself vs Stevie’s Ogres. I’ve previously gone through his list here: The Ogre Conundrum so I won’t go through it again.

My completion list can be found here: Creation of the Throng


We rolled Dawn Attack, which is played as per the WHFB rulebook except the table is divided into quadrants and the gain 1 point for each of your own and 2 for each of the NME’s you ‘capture’. To capture you need to have the most number of fortitude scoring units in the quadrant.


We rolled a normal river and 3 buildings. Two had 3 pieces of wall, 1 set counted as hard cover, 1 set as soft cover. After placing terrain it looked like this:

1 Terrain

As Stevie said when laying the river, it makes working out the quadrants easier. He placed one of the centre buildings and fences so I matched his placement on the other side. I’m sure the farmer would have wanted to prevent livestock falling in the river…

Secret Mission

Unknown to each other, we both chose ‘Stash the cash’ and both picked the tower at the edge of the board. I’ve previously covered missions here.

Pre-match rolls

Dwarf hatred was general vs general.

For magic, Stevie rolled Bone Crusher (magic missile), Trollguts (4+ regen) and the Maw twice. He chose to take Toothcracker (+1 T).


Barlin led the Silvertop Gateguard out from under the crumbling stone archway, shaking his head at the state of repair of this section of the Karaz Ankor. No sooner had he exited then the his cousin Harek followed with the Flamewardens taking up a flanking position. To his right he could see Drugin and the Old Grumblers emerging from the next hidden doorway but he failed to see the artillery or the Brotherhood of Doomsayers.

Seeing Drugin gesturing to his right, he squinted and made out the glint of a cannon and a haze of orange far in the distance. The Wazzocks, he thought, you can’t trust the brotherhood to follow simple instructions. Still, Burrnoth was pretty grounded for an engineer so he would have to manage that flank until they could get to him.

Stevie won the roll for table selection (and chose south) and so was required to set up first. All his units went in the middle section with the exception of the Hunter on Stonehorn who was on the left flank and the Ironblaster that was on the right.

The Dwarf war machines and Gyro went on the right flank and the Irondrakes and Hammerers on the left. Everything else went in the middle but resulted in the dwarf force being split in two.

It’s worth noting that any errors in this report will be down to my notes/memory.

2 Dwarf deployment3 Dwarf Deployment4 Ogre deployment5 Ogre Deployment

1 - Deployment

Turn 1 – Ogres

Burrnoth set aside his shovel, Little Betty having being entrenched. The ground started to shake as the ogres and the giant stonehorn advanced on his position with speed. To his left the botherhood were literally frothing at the mouth, eager as ever to get to grips with enemy. He muttered a prayer to Valaya that they would hold until he had managed to get off a couple of salvos.

The ogres got first turn and marched forward as far as possible. The exceptions were the Gnoblers, who being sneaky cowardly greenskins, immediately hid in the centre tower. The Ironblaster also maintained it’s position behind the right tower.

The average magic roll (3,3 with 1 ogre channel) allowed the Ogre general to cast the boosted trollguts. The resulting miscast killed one irongut outright. The maneaters finished off the turn by shooting a few of the quarrellers opposite them.

2 - Ogre turn 1

Turn 1 – Dwarves

The dwarves responded on the left flank steadily moving forward. On the right the slayers failed to contain themselves and moved forward as far as possible and the gyro moved to block the stonehorn from charging the artillery.

Shooting was somewhat ineffective, mainly due to trollguts and Stevie’s ability to get a 4+, with a single wound on the sabre from the quarrellers and the stonehorn and hunter from the OG.

3 - Dwarf turn 1

9 Dwarf turn 110 Dwarf turn 1

Turn 2 – Ogres

The Ironguts attempted to charge the Brotherhood but tripped over the hidden rocks in the river. No such trouble for the Hunter on Stonehorn, who smashed into the slayers with 7 of them meeting a glorious end pulped underneath it’s mass and a final slayer stomped for good measure. Not to be left out the Hunter leant down and skewered another 3 on his great spear. Not to be outdone the remaining slayers stuck back at the stonehorn, dragging the great beast down. With a low magic phase (2 dice each after a dwarf channel) the Slaughtermaster tried to cast Trollguts again on the Hunter but this was scrolled by Barlin (but not destroyed).

The nearest Sabre charged the cannon and despite no wounds caused from either side the charge was enough to send the crew running off the table with the sabretusk following.

To round off the turn, the Maneaters picked off another quarreller.

4 - Ogre turn 2

12 Ogre Turn 2

Turn 2 – Dwarves

On the right flank the quarrellers moved up which allowed the OG to open fire on the sabretusk, which it duly did, leaving a red mist where before there was a feline. The combat between the hunter and the slayers continued with the former suffering another wound and 2 slayers falling as well.  The gyro moved up and fired it’d steam cannon into the ironguts, killing another.

On the other flank the Flamewardens found their range slaying 2 ogres outright.

5 - Dwarf turn 2

Turn 3 – Ogres

The Ironguts finally succeeded in charging the slayers and the Maneaters charged the Shieldbeards. The Ogre unit decided they had better seek cover after being on the receiving end of the Flamewarden’s drakeguns and moved into the right tower. The ironblaster finally moved out of cover and immediately misfired which would put it out of action for another go as well.

The Slaughtermaster cast Trollguts which was destroyed by Harek and the cast toothcracker on the Ironguts. The following Dimensional Cascade killed 2 ogres and put a wound each on the ogre general and BSB.

In combat the Maneaters tore through the Old Grumblers killing 13 on the charge for the loss of 1 of their number. The Ironguts stacked the odds against the slayers finally killing that unit and overrunning into the quarrellers.

6 - Ogre turn 3

14 Ogre Turn 3

Turn 3 – Dwarves

The quarreller unit charged into the flank of the maneaters to support their brethren. whilst the hammers moved up ready to rear charge them in the next go.

The Organ gun caused 1 wound on the hunter leaving him with a single wound left. The gyro fired on the gnoblers killing one of the wretched creatures.

The Longbeards and quarrellers combined to beat and then run down the maneaters but the combat and resultant casualties had left the beards effectively out of the rest of the game (4 dwarfs incl. the BSB remained).

The Ironguts completed their decimation of the other flank by wiping out the quarrellers for the loss of another of their unit.

7 - Dwarf turn 3

15 Dwarf Turn 316 Dwarf Turn 3

Turn 4 – Ogres

The mop up of the dwarf right flank continued with the remaining sabre and hunter charging the OG. The ironguts failed a swift reform.

For magic (6,2 – no channels), the magic missile onto the remaining quarrellers was dispelled and toothcracker on the hunter went off with the 3rd miscast of the game and the result meaning the slaughtermaster lost the spell.

The combat was a foregone conclusion and the OG was removed. Things were looking very lonely for the engineer on that flank!

8 - Ogre turn 4

20 Ogre Turn 4

Turn 4 – Dwarves

Burrnoth charged the sabretusk determined to avenge the destruction of his beloved machines, the beards moved up to threaten the gnoblers and the irondrakes charged the ogres. The hammerers advanced through the river to secure the nme quadrant.

The gyro once again fired into the building, killing 4 more greenskins but they held from panicking on a snake eyes (much to Stevies joy – hands in the air!). No doubt the ogre masters would need to beat submission back into them later. The irondrakes beat the ogres in combat (even after failing their fear test and dropping to was 1) but again low rolling from Stevie ensured the dwarven assault squad was repulsed.

9 - Dwarf turn 4

Turn 5 – Ogres

The ironguts marched as fast as possible towards the other dwarf home quadrant. The hunter charged the lonely dwarf engineer and the iron blaster moved to line up a shot on the dwarf general and hammerers.

The slaughtermaster killed off a couple of the quarrellers, taking the unit under fortitude strength (a fact not picked up by either of us at this point). The follow up Maw spell scattered failing to hit anything and the 4th and final miscast of the game wiped away his remaining wizard level and spells.

The iron blaster finally managed something useful, killing off a rank of hammerers (but to Stevies disappointment, not the general who passed the look out sir roll).

As the final act on the right flank, the hunter killed poor Burrnoth.

10 - Ogre turn 5

Turn 5 – Dwarves

Due to time constraints (probably due to me faffing around taking notes and photos for this site), this would be the final turn.

The remains of the beards charged the Gnoblers, who chose to flee, thus negating their ability to score. We spoke about this afterwards and Stevie thought the dwarves would have killed and/or routed them anyway.

The hammerers moved fully into the ogre quadrant to secure the points.

The final move was the Firewardens recharging the ogres in the tower. With a point to prove they routed the ogres and in the process secured the dwarf secondary object whilst denying the ogres theirs (it turned out we had both chosen stash the cash in the same terrain piece!)

11 - Dwarf turn 5

At the end of the game we both had under control a single nme quadrant, however due to completing the secret mission I had the higher points haul.

Mark – draw (10) – secret mission (7) – fully painted army (2) = 19

Stevie – draw (10) = 10

This was a thoroughly enjoyable game against a great sport and I would definitely look forward to a rematch.

Would I have changed anything in hindsight? Of course, wouldn’t we all.

Deployment was random but I was pretty happy with it in general. I should have set the war machines up at the back of the field to maximise the time out of combat but in doing so their fields of fire would have been affected. I’m also thinking that next time I roll this scenario they will be the first drop as this is twice they have gone on the flank, as the 2nd to last drop, making it difficult to shield them.

I still need practice in using redirectors (and getting used to a single gyro), the gyro placement prevented the stonehorn charging the warmachines but it with frenzy it could have been led around with some luck (although it was in range of both the BSB and general, so it was not a sure thing). As it was the charge into the slayers was just where I wanted it.

Moving the hammerers into the ogre quadrant could be viewed as having cost me the win, however based on the previous turn, I wasn’t to know the irondrakes would win their combat and if they had lost again, the pushback would have put them in the river and from that position it would be debatable on which quadrant they would count towards. Moving the hammerers ensured the nme quadrant was captured, which represented the most points.

I also considered moving the BSB into the quarreller unit but with the Gnoblers holding the central building for most of the game, I had incorrectly assumed stash the cash was there, so the additional attacks would have helped in the assault and preventing the ogres getting that objective.

So overall a draw was probably the fairest result but I can’t say I’m not also happy with greater points haul.


SELWG 2016 whfb tournament part 4 – Secret Missions & Points

I’ve previously covered the 2016 competition, rules and terrain (below)

SELWG 2016 whfb tournament part 1 – competition and army restrictions.

SELWG 2016 whfb tournament part 2 – Rules

SELWG 2016 whfb tournament part 3 – Terrain

I thought i’d better cover the points available and the secret missions in this last of the posts around the competition rules and restrictions.


Total Game Points

A maximum of 25 TPs are up for grabs in each game and there is no cap.

Primary – Straightforward points for a Win/Draw/Loss

WIN = 15 points        DRAW= 10 points              LOSS = 5 points

Secondary – This is based on completing your ‘secret mission’

Completing your secret mission = 7 points

Tertiary Points

If your army is fully painted = 2 points

If you have demonstrably completed a unit since your last league game = 1 point

If the game is fully completed on the night, each player shall be awarded = 1 point

Bonus Tournament Points:

Tournament points will be awarded for the following:

  • Submission of your Group Stage 1 tournament list by 4th June 2016 = 5 Points
  • Submission of your Group Stage 2 tournament list by 29th October 2016 = 5 Points


Secret Missions

For each battle pick a ‘Secret Mission’. This must be done after deployment, but before the first turn is underway. Players must note down their mission, and hand it to someone at another table for safe keeping until it is revealed at the end of the game.

  • Each ‘Secret Mission’ can only be used once during each league stage.

“Three and Fourpence” – Move a Unit Fortitude*** bearing friendly unit off the table (along the Enemy deployment base line) to succeed in your mission to send reinforcements to your embattled allies.

Such a unit may not leave the table in turn 1.

“Take a Message” – Specify a model in your army to be a messenger. Specify a fortitude-bearing unit in the enemy army that contains your spy. Get your messenger model into contact with the spy’s unit. If the spy’s unit is alive at the end of the game your mission has succeeded.

“Cut off the Head” – Kill the Enemy General in HTH combat by the end of the game. Any mount does not need to be killed.

 “Hero-Hammered” – To have amassed the biggest tally of dead Enemy characters at the end of the game. For calculation purposes, each Hero level character is worth ‘1 point’ and each Lord level character is worth ‘2 points’.

 “Stash the Cash” – When you write down your mission also specify one terrain feature outside your deployment zone where your paychest is buried. If, at the end of the game, no enemy units occupy**** that terrain feature, you have secured the cash, prevented your troops from staging a mutiny and your mission is a success. You cannot select a piece of impassable terrain to stash the cash.

**** To count as occupying a terrain feature, an enemy unit must not be fleeing and must have at least 1 rank of troops (or the complete base for single models) wholly within the feature.