Whfb – Dwarves vs Warriors of Chaos pt 1 – lists.

I am loving the hobby at the moment. Although I’ve barely managed to pick up a paintbrush recently, I have managed to get in a higher than normal number of games. It’s helped that I’ve discovered an active community of fellow 8th edition lovers at: http://eefl.freeforums.net/ and so the gaming side has jumped up the list of priorities (or to be exact, the gulf between that and painting has grown further).

On the weekly Friday club night, I’ve arranged to have a rematch vs Luke’s WoC. This game has a multi-faceted purpose: We will be trying out the terrain table that I adapted from Neil’s KOW comp pack: We will also try out one of the new scenarios I’ve put together from various sources and as I promised him, this time I’ll bring my take on the classic Dwarf gunline.

So what will my list look like:

The Throng of Karak Silvertop


Barlin Silvertop – General, Runesmith – shield, Ro Stone, Ro Spellbreaking * 2 – 113pts

Harak Silvertop – Runesmith – GW, Mro Gromril, Ro Spellbreaking – 121pts

Drugin Silvertop – BSB, Thane – Shield, MRo Valaya – 158pts

Burnoth Strongarm – Master Engineer – BoP, Ro Stone – 85pts


25 Longbeards – GW, FC, Ro Stoicism – 415pts

14 Quarrellers – GW, musician, standard – 216pts


23 Hammerers (The Silvergate Guard) – Musician, standard, MRo Groth One-eye – 417pts

Grudge Thrower – Ro Penetrating, Ro Forging, Ro Accuracy – 170pts

Cannon (Lizardbane) – Ro Forging, Ro Burning – 150pts

Gyrocoptor (Valkyrie) – 80pts

Gyrocoptor – 80pts


Organ gun (Little Betty) – Ro Accuracy – 145pts

19 Irondrakes – FC, Bo Drakefire pistols, Ro Slowness – 350pts

Total – 2500pts

List thoughts

This list is very close the the previous one taken in my game against Neil. As such I’ve covered most of the reasons for the choices in my previous post (here). So i’ll just cover the changes to the list and the reason for making them.

There were 2 changes to characters. The first was to change the load out of the Runesmith that goes in the Irondrakes. He was given a 1+ save and a great weapon to give the unit a bit more punch (and I liked the idea of taking a more combat orientated character). He still retains the rune of spellbreaking.

The second change was dropping one of the Master Engineers. The reason for this was because I decided to swop out one of the two Organ Guns and replace it with a Grudge Thrower. He wasn’t needed as adding Runes to the machine worked out cheaper.

I took the grudge thrower for a couple of reasons. I hadn’t used a stone thrower in this edition and after the last battle, I realised I needed another long range threat in case one of them is taken out early on. The grudge thrower with Rune of Penetrating, gives another S10 long range attack and also gives a template attack that causes S4 hits on everything else under the template. It also has the advantage of being able to fire indirectly (so could hit Ironblasters/skullcannons hiding behind buildings).

The only other changes were to the Irondrakes. Having failed (yet again) to hit anything all game with it, I removed the Trollhammer Torpedo and replaced it with my preferred Brace of Drake Pistols. The points saving, together with the saving from removing the Master Engineer, also allowed me to bump up the numbers of the unit.


Luke’s Warriors of Chaos


Lumpsucker – Daemon Prince of Nurgle, General – Lvl 4 of Death, Charmed Shield, Dragonbane Gem, Scaled Skin, Soulfeeder – 445pts

Landfill – Sorcerer – Lvl 1 Lore of Fire, Daemonic Mount, Enchanted Shield, Skull of Katam – 165pts

Thrud – Exalted Hero of Tzeentch, BSB – Daemonic Mount, Talisman of Preservation, Third Eye of Tzeentch, Flail – 240pts


10 Marauders – Standard – 70pts

5 Warhounds – 30pts

5 Warhounds – 30pts

20 Warriors – FC, Mark of Nurgle, Halberd, Gleaming Pennant – 415pts

5 Marauder Horsemen – Standard, Champion, Mark of Slannesh, Flail – 105pts


5 Chaos Knights – Standard, Champion, Mark of Nurgle, Ensorcelled Weapons – 245pts

Chaos Warshrine – Mark of Tzeentch – 135pts

Chaos Warshrine – Mark of Tzeentch – 135pts

Chimera – Flaming Breath, Regenerating Flesh – 275pts


Hellcannon – 210pts

Total – 2500pts


Luke created this list, adhering to my first draft of the Army Building restrictions for the 2017 competition. I had warned him it would very likely change but I suspect it made him think about taking something different in his list. He has ensured he has more standards in the list as many of the objectives require units of 5+ with standard to win. 

He is also trying out a chimera for the first time, a unit I think he will very much like.

Thrud has been moved from a disc to a daemonic mount. Yes he loses some manoeuverability but he gains a wound and a point of toughness. I think this is a good move as in both our previous games (with me using Beastmen and Dwarves respectively), I’ve killed him off in combat despite the 3+, 3++ saves he was sporting.

The DP has also reverted back to the Lore of Death and with its upgrades, I really don’t want it getting into combat.

I will say that my main aim of the game will be to test out and try and ensure the new scenarios work as expected. Of course I will be trying to win but that is not the primary aim.


Competition Organiser

Well I’ve done it now. I’ve only gone and volunteered to run the club warhammer competition.

This will entail putting together:

  • A terrain table (replacing the one in the BRB)
  • A competition pack

I’ve decided to adapt some of the previous packs together with some changes I’ve found from old GT’s. The one major change I’ve decided to do is use entirely different/adapted scenarios from those in the BRB (watch this space).

Whfb - Dwarves vs Daemons – part 2 – Neil’s list and Battle Report

At the normal club meet on Friday, I faced off against Neil and his latest Daemon list. Having only received that day, I was unable to write up some thoughts beforehand but I was able to look at it on my lunch briefly to give me an idea of what I was facing. Without further a due, here is his list (and mine can be found here):

Neil’s Khorne based list


Billy the Bloodthirster – Lesser gift (multiple wound 2) – 425pts

Skulltaker – juggernaut, slayer sword, cloak of skulls – 250pts

Herald of Nurgle – bsb, lesser locus of virulence, War banner, palanquin – 240pts


32 Plaguebearers – Full command, Banner of Swiftness – 461pts

10 Bloodletters – Full command – 170pts


4 Bloodcrushers of Khorne – Full command, Razor Standard – 325pts

5 Flesh Hounds of Khorne – 165pts

1 Beast of Nurgle – 60pts

1 Beast of Nurgle – 60pts

1 Beast of Nurgle – 60pts

5 Chaos Furies of Khorne – 70pts

5 Chaos Furies of Khorne – 70pts


Skull Cannon of Khorne – 135pts


Thoughts on his list

I won’t go into a huge amount of depth on his list as didn’t before the game so it is just some initial thoughts on it.

Bloodthirster! I’d never faced one before so was quite excited to see one (though I really didn’t want to get into combat with it….

No Magic! (Yes over use of exclamation marks abound!!!). This is about the first time that i’ve ever seen no magic (normally Lore of Death) in a list Neil’s taken. Sure it invalidates a number of items in my list but that’s always a chance when creating an allcomers list.

Ambushers. His Flesh hounds will have the ability to come on behind my lines, so i’ll have to be careful not to leave any gaps for him to exploit.

In terms of the rest of the list, not much has changed from my initial thoughts. The Skull cannon is a priority for my Cannon and the Furies for the Organ Guns.

Pre-match rolls

The Dwarf hatred roll (setting the tone for the rest of the game) was a one which meant just General vs General.

The Bloodthirsters lesser gift was Cleaving Blow, which gave the Multiple Wounds (2) rule.

For Terrain, we didn’t worry about rolling on the table and just grabbed a couple of woods, a couple of buildings, some obstacles and a hill.

We rolled Meeting Engagement for the scenario and Neil won the choice for sides and picked the side that had the majority of the terrain, figuring he could hide behind most of it.

1. Terrain


As per the rules we rolled off to see what started off the table. In a spectacular display of rolling, Neil had the following start off the table:

Bloodthirster, Herald of Nurgle, 5 Furies (+ his ambushing Flesh Hounds).

Not to be outdone I had to beat him and rolled the following into reserves.

Cannon, 25 Longbeards, 16 Irondrakes, 16 Quarrellers.

This left me with precisely 3 ‘units’ and all my characters to set up initially!

Neil chose to set up all his available units first and placed a lot of them behind buildings. The exceptions were the Plaguebearers, that were put on the table edge so that the Herald could join them when it arrived and the Skull Crushers and Cannon, placed almost at his table edge.

I had an idea of how I wanted to put my battle line in order to maximise ‘bubbles’ and put everything on the base line so that from turn 2, my other units would come on into that setup. This was my first and the most costly error of the game as it meant the Organ Guns were effectively out of play for the entire game!

2. Deployment

img_31032. Deployment - Dwarf4. Deployment - Daemons5. Deployment - Daemons3. Deployment - all

Turn 1 – Daemons

In the only action of the turn, the skull cannon shot at one of the Organ Gun, killing 2 on the crew and damaging the fine machine. Burrnoth could only watch helplessly as the daemons taunted him, knowing that he was unable to retaliate.

The Bloodletters controlling their killing instinct, sloped off into the nearby tower raising the blood standard from the parapets.

3. Turn 1 Daemons

6. Turn 1 - Daemons

Turn 1 – Dwarves

With the majority of the enemy out of range, the two engineers turned their charges to the daemons in the nearby building. In a display of complete ineptitude, both machines manged to misfire and fire just 2 shots each resulting, as you might have expected, in zero hits.

4. Turn 1 Dwarf

Turn 2 – Daemons

Some of the Daemons started to move towards the dwarf side of the table but there was no sign of their reinforcements bar a unit of ambushing hounds that appeared on one flank of the Dwarf lines.

The enemy cannon once again fired, this time finishing what it started and destroying the Organ gun. Burrnoth could only watch, with impotence at the Daemons capering about on top of the infernal machine.

5. Turn 2 Daemons

Turn 2 – Dwarves

With the sound of horns and beat of drums, the dwarf reinforcements marched up to join the battle line.

The remaining Organ Gun turned toward the Chaos Hounds and obliterated the warped dogs in a single round of shooting.

The Valkyrie, moved forward and shot the nearest Beast of Nurgle. The boiling steam proving too much for it’s regenerative powers to overcome.

6. Turn 2 Dwarf

8. Turn 1 - Dwarves9. Turn 1 - Dwarves

Turn 3 – Daemons

With a terrible roar, that shock the battlefield, Billy the Bloodthirster announced his arrival. The other unit of furies swarmed round him. With much less fanfare, the Herald directed his palanquin to join the unit of plaguebearers.

With the unit of hounds destroyed and the second Gyro now a threat, the advanced unit of Furies retreated behind the bloodletter controlled tower and the 2 Beasts of Nurgle also withdrew back towards the wood.

Rot, Glorious Rot blossomed over the field of battle and the Valkyrie was the recipient taking damage as parts of the machine rusted away.

The Skullcannon continued it’s grow it’s tally of dwarven warmachines, this time adding the Cannon, Lizardbane, to it’s list. Burrnoth could only watch, his rage growing, as the Daemons danced in glee at the destruction wrought.

7. Turn 3 Daemons

11. Turn 3 - Daemons

Turn 3 – Dwarves

Burrnoth ordered the quarrellers to move up at maximum speed trying to get their crossbows in range of something. The Valkyrie flew at the double to the blindside of the plaguebearer unit (in the process forgetting to unload it’s compliment of bombs). The other Gyro moved up (hiding behind the side of the building) to threaten the 2 Beasts of Nurgle.

The Irondrakes and remaining Organ gun fired at the only only available target, the Bloodletters, completely failing to hit anything in the process.

8. Turn 3 Dwarf

12. Turn 3 - Dwarves13. Turn 3 - Dwarves

Turn 4 – Daemons

The Daemon flying wing, consolidated together and advanced down the edge of the board. Seeing the bellowing greater daemon and it’s lesser com padres looking at him, the Dwarf Gyro sudden felt an overwhelming urge to be somewhere else at that point.

The unit of plaguebearers advanced now their Herald was present and the nearby Beast moved to intercept the Valkyrie.

The Skullcannon completed it’s task as it removed the final Organ Gun making it 3 for 3.

9. Turn 4 Daemons

14. Turn 4 Daemons

Turn 4 – Dwarves

The Gryo flew over the Bloodthirster and Furies that had been threatening it and shot into the swarm, taking down one of their number.

The Irondrakes managed to succeed where the Organ Guns hadn’t and finally killed one of the Bloodletters hiding in the nearby tower.

The Valkyrie, dodging the obvious trap the daemons had set, and was able to continue it’s harrassment of Nurgles children taking off another of them.

The Quarrellers and 2 blocks of dwarf warriors started to advance towards the Daemons.

10. Turn 4 Dwarf


Turn 5 – Daemons

The Skull Cannon decided to, this time, target the Gyro harassing the Furies but in a break from the run of play, failed to wound it.

The Plaguebearers continued their advance towards the dwarf lines whilst the beast continued to try and limit the Valkyries movements.

The flying swarm, backed up by the remaining 2 Beasts, moved round the building and were now in a position to threaten the dwarf lines.

11. Turn 5 Daemons


17. Turn 5 Daemons

Turn 5 – Dwarves

The dance of the Valkyrie continued and it was able to get behind the plaguebearer unit and unleashed the full power of it’s steam gun into them killing six of the damned. The quarrellers also targeted the unit but the range was against them and only one of the gruesome Daemons fell to the volley.

The Irondrakes, performing a quick reform, targeted the Bloodthirster, burning a wound from it.

12. Turn 5 Dwarf

Turn 6 – Daemons

The two Beasts of Nurgle, two units of Furies and Bloodthirster all attempted to charge the Irondrakes but with the Rune of the Standard blazing brightly, only one unit of Furies made it in. The Bloodthirster bellowed in frustration as it took another wound in the process. In the resultant combat, the Furies failed to kill any of the dwarves, who killed one in return and two more of them were sucked back into the realm of Chaos as the units grasp on stability failed.

On the other flank, the Plaguebearers also failed to charge the Longbeards in front of them.

The Skull Cannon tried to target the BSB in the Hammerers but the shot fell short and plowed into the ground a few feet short of them.

13. Turn 6 Daemons

18. Turn 6 Daemons

Turn 6 – Dwarves

The Quarrellers and Valkyrie again combined their fire into the plaguebearers, taking off another complete rank between them.

The other Gyro moved up and killed another fury but they held firm due to the inspiring presence of the General.

In the final move of the game, the Irondrakes killed off the remaining Fury.

14. Turn 6 Dwarf


It was a draw in the end as the BRB states you must have double the victory points of your opponent.

Daemons – 445 VP’s (Organ Gun – 150, Organ Gun – 145, Cannon – 150)

Dwarves – 235 VP’s (Furies – 70, Flesh Hounds – 165).

There were no bonus victory points.


Well that was…interesting.

This was probably the quickest game of 8th either of us had ever played (about 2 hours long, games at the club are often in the region of 3.5 hours – we aren’t the speediest players).

Neil and I felt that the game had been a bit of a non event and were both left wanting. Between half the armies starting off the board, no magic phase, Neil not wanting to bring anything on until the cannon was neutralised and me sitting on the board edge, virtually nothing happened for the entire game. In the final turn where he was in a position to charge, he forgot about the Irondrake’s Rune of Slowness and it prevented him from getting almost everything into combat.

As I stated in the deployment section, probably my one major error was setting the Organ guns up on the base line. I should have set them up far further forward, where they could reach most of the board. Placing them on the edge just meant the skull cannon could pick them off without them doing anything.

I have come to one conclusion, one cannon just isn’t enough. In this type of army I need to include either a second cannon or a Grudge Thrower. My preference would probably be the GT as this would (1) give a template weapon to my arsenal, (2) allow speculative shots to hidden Ironblasters etc. (3) I’ve not used one this edition. I should have come to this decision a while back but in my other games I had been very lucky and normally struck first with my cannon. With a second long range option, I would still be able to strike back in the event the cannon or GT were destroyed. It would likely mean dropping one or both of the Organ guns as i’m coming to the opinion that I prefer the Irondrakes (though I’d always take them and one OG as a preference).

It’s also worth pointing out that in the entire game the Trollhammer failed to hit at all. Showing once again why I never take the damn thing!! (I just can’t make single dice rolls…)

Sods law but this is one game where the MRo Grungni might have come in handy to protect the war machines.

Next up is likely a rematch vs Luke so I need to decide whether to bring the dwarves again or maybe the Wood elves.

Whfb - Dwarves vs Neil’s Daemons – part 1 – My list and thoughts

I enjoyed my game with Luke so much that I was itching to get in another and during that game, Neil approached asking if I was free in a couple of weeks. After checking with the diary/keeper of my chain, I was able to book in a date and having forgotten how much I like them, I decided to again take the dwarves but a somewhat amended list from the previous game.


Throng of Karak Silvertop


Barlin Silvertop – Runesmith (General) – Ro Stone, Ro Spellbreaking * 2, shield – 113pts

Harek Silvertop – Runesmith – Ro Stone, Ro Spellbreaking, Shield – 93pts

Drugin Silvertop – Thane (BSB) – MRo Valaya, Shield – 158pts

Burrnoth Strongarm – Master Engineer – Ro Stone, BoP – 85pts

Dolgin Rockfist – Master Engineer -70pts


25 Longbeards – FC, GW, Ro Stoicism – 415pts

14 Quarrellers – GW, Standard, Musician – 216pts


23 Hammerers (The Silvergate Guard) – Standard, Musician, MRo Groth One-Eye – 417pts

Cannon (Lizardbane) – Ro Forging, Ro burning – 150pts

Gyrocoptor (The Valkyrie) – 80pts

Gyrocoptor – 80pts


16 Irondrakes (The Firewardens) – FC, Trollhammer Torpedo, Ro Slowness – 325pts

Organ Gun – Ro Accuracy – 145pts

Organ Gun (Little Betty) – Ro Accuracy, Ro Burning – 150pts

List thoughts

This is probably the most competitive list i’ve taken to date and on paper i’m really happy with it. It contains most of my favourite units. It is a bit cheesy but it’s rare I play in an uncomp’ed environment so I wanted to try out the double OG at least once.


The Hammerers will form the centre of the line and with Groth, will extend a 12″ bubble of stubborn to anything nearby. One warmachine will be placed either side of the the Hammerers and likely the Quarrellers and Irondrakes will then flank them so they are still within the stubborn bubble. The final warmachine will go the other end of the Quarrellers and the Longbeards (also with stubborn through their standard) will anchor that end of the line. This setup should ensure that nothing runs and everything fights to the last Dwarf and the two blocks of troops should be able to counter anything that makes it into combat with any of the shooters.

Magical defence

Between the Valaya banner and the two Runesmiths, i’m hoping to be able to shut down the magic phase whilst, with a bit of luck, removing the most dangerous of the enemy spells.


The 2 engineers, each manning an organ gun, will give them a 2+ to hit (or 3+ at long range). Two are to ensure redundancy. Between them and the irondrakes that is a lot of str 5 AP shots. One engineer has the brace of pistols and Ro Stone to make an effective warmachine guard (and if I put him in the quarreller unit, a short range stand and shoot reaction for them). The other is naked as I didn’t have the points to upgrade him. I did consider dropping the pistols in order to give both of them the Ro Stone. The Cannon is there for taking down the tougher models and with 3 warmachines it should prove harder for him to close them all down. I would have loved to have fit in a Grudge thrower (one day I will) but I would have had to remove too many options to fit one in, especially to fit on the runes of penetrating, accuracy and forging that I would want to include.

One of the breaks from my normal traditional list, is to give the Irondrake champion the Trollhammer Torpedo. After realising the Bo Drakepistols did not actually confer short range stand and shoot, I thought I’d try out something different. This will give another high strength ranged attack, with flaming, for the army and this should be on the other flank to the cannon.

General thoughts

Again I’ve gone Mro Valaya over Grungni on the bsb. With the almost guaranteed Lore of Death that Neil is sure to take, we will see if it works out for me but on paper I’m preferring the +2 to the dispel level and chance to get rid of remains in play spells over a 4++ ward on the bsb and 6″ bubble of 5++ ward vs shooting. I think it’s the small range of the bubble and how little impact the rune has made, in any game I’ve used it, that puts me off. A rank of 5 dwarves is around 4″ so it will basically give the warmachines either side a ward and that’s it and 5++ isn’t that great especially against multiple shots (I know others would argue differently).

Tactically, it will be the normal dwarf stance of shoot the crap out of everything and hope to soften it up enough to finish it off when it reaches our lines. In terms of target priority it has to be anything that flys and can reach the warmachines quickly. Furies are a prime example of this and they will be top priority for the organs, as with negative modifiers for skirmish and long range, they are the only thing that can reliably hit them. His skull cannon is also high up on the list as it will be gunning for my own cannon and will then likely try for the organ guns after (this is the one reason Grungni’s ward save would be useful).

In a break from the norm’ I haven’t see a copy of my opponents list in advance so can’t give any pregame thoughts so I’ll cover this in the battle rep.

Hobby Update – Last minute engineering

I wasn’t happy with fielding a block of unpainted troops last week. Mainly as, aesthetically, it didn’t look great in the battle report. So for my next list I specifically went with things that were pre-painted.

Running a slightly different variant to my normal list, I realised there were a few things that I would need to paint (and order) before the game.

The first item on the agenda was to paint one of the many primed metal engineers from my endless pile of miniatures. A couple of late nights later and Dolgin Rockfist was ready to be added to the Karak Silvertop engineering core.


This is by far my favourite engineer model in the GW range (and I have quite a few of them) and I’ll admit to it not being my best painting but to be honest it was a rush job (though the photo’s don’t do it full justice). As normal I need to finish the basing. It did bring back to me that I much prefer to paint metal over plastic (in the same way I prefer plastic over finecast). It just has a nicer feel to it.

The second item on my list was to pick up some more artillery bases. A quick purchase off Tiny Worlds on eBAY (they are great for little modelling supplies, very reliable) and I soon received them in the post. A quick paint job later and they were ready for action.

Now technically they are quite a bit larger than needed for artillery bases, which could put me at a disadvantage when using them as it is easier for them to be charged but frankly they look much better than just mounting them on a standard base and if they are placed in the line, the base incorporates the 1″ gap that should be left between units, so you can just from a solid battleline with them, which just looks better.


To put them in scale

WHFB – Dwarves vs Luke’s WoC – part 2 – Battle report

With barely a rumble, the bridge pivoted up to connect to the causeway that extended out from the other side of the vast chasm, running alongside the side of the mountain. The only sign of the massive counter weights and dwarvern mechanisms powering it were the two enormous chains running from the underside of the bridge into darkened recesses within the cliff. As the two sections smoothly came together, the giant gates set back under the overhanging archway, opened and receded into the statues of the ancestor gods that stood on either side. The air was split with the sound of rasping horns and almost immediately, with iron shod boots striking the ground in lockstep, the dwarves appeared from within the depths of the silver capped mountain that gave the hold its name. The throng of Karak Silvertop once more marched to war!

As covered in my last post about the army lists, this week I had the pleasure of facing off against Luke and his oldhammer Warriors of Chaos.

Pre-match rolls and Terrain

With 5 spells to roll for, the Deamon Princes had everything with the exception of Stream of Corruption and Blades of Putrefaction.

The Dwarf hatred roll was against all characters.

The scenario rolled was battleline.


For once we decided to roll everything using the BRB including the terrain and ended up with the following:

Forest (turned out to be a Blood forest)

River (completely forgot to roll for the effects)

Magic circle (MR 2 within 6″), depicted by the blood alter on the map.

Wizards tower (You gain lore master of your chosen lore for the turn).

Building (normal)

Nehekharan Sphinx – If you pass an initiative test you can gain either: HKB, lore master of death or something else that I cannot remember (or be bothered to look up now) for the rest of the game.

We decided that the Sphinx was massively overpowered and that only one death spell could be gained with each test.

I will say, that this is one of the things i really never liked about 8th. Why can’t terrain just be terrain. Why does everything have to have sodding magical properties. It always seemed to be unnecessary and unneeded addition to the game.

As it went all the random terrain was pretty moot, as after I won the roll for sides and we switched over, I promptly stuck the horde of hammerers on the Sphinx to block the prince getting to it and we then proceeded to completely forgot about the terrain special rules!

1. Terrain


I nearly deployed entirely on my left flank to take advantage of the open terrain but with the sphinx dead centre, I wanted to control that and the house was ready made to protect one flank (and more importantly the organ gun) and allowed me to place the quarreller unit in there, so they would not only be able to shoot in any direction without penalty but it would also protect them in combat and give them stubborn. The two hordes were placed front and centre and the Irondrakes were placed to guard the flank.

2. Deployment

1. Deployment

3. Deployment4. Deployment5. Deployment7. Deployment

Turn 1 – WoC

With a great cry, the forces of the dark gods pushed forward on all fronts. The Juggernauts of Khorne showed an amazing amount of restraint, keeping their wits enough to maximise the range of the organ gun.

The prince called on the favor of his deity and the juggers were the recipients, flesh toughening in response. The warriors on the shrines chanted in unison and the eye of the gods turned on their champions with Thrudd’s muscular caricature growing further.

The depraved, twisted cousins of the dwarves goaded their charge to target the hammerers but the enraged daemon broke free of it’s chains, devouring it’s handlers and wounding the nearby daemon prince.

The hammerers watched, unimpressed, as the hail of javelins launched at them all failed to clear the nearby river.

3. Turn 1 WoC

8. Vanguard9. Turn 1 WoC10. Turn 1 WoC

Turn 1 – Dwarves

The gyrocoptors flew towards the large unit of Warriors and although at the maximum distance for their weapons effective range, still managed to roast 5 of the putrescent ones. The irondrakes stepped up and chargrilled 4 of the dogs in front of them, the stench of cooked tainted meat was not enough to send the final member of the pack running though.

The quarrellers in a rare moment of total ineptitude, all targeted the same dog. That dog obviously died, pincusioned with bolts and with their faces flaming behind their beards the crossbow dwarves were glad the walls of the house hid their shame from their brethren.

The crew of the organ gun, seeing the Daemon Prince had been gravely wounded tried some speculative shots to finish off the fell beast but they all went wide of the mark instead shredding the trees surrounding him.

4. Turn 1 Dwarves

11. Turn 1 Dwarf12. Turn 1 Dwarf13. Turn 1 Dwarf

Turn 2 – WoC

The warriors charged into the nearest of the gyro’s and dispite the warped diseases that threatened to twist the flesh of the flyer, he staved them off, striking a warrior down in the process. The experience was unnerving enough that with his machine rusting before his eyes, his nerve broke and he peeled off and made for the hills.

The Maurauder horse and remaining hound attempted to charge the irondrakes but the runes on their standard flared brightly causing both units to stumble and pull up short of their target. Seeing the failure of the nearby units to charge the drakes, Thrudd instead flew across the river to set up a favourable future charge.

On the other side of the river, the dogs failed to charge the organ gun, thus impeding the ability of the Skullcrushers to do anything. Bellowing in frustration they steered their mounts to the side, determined that they would not be denied their tally of skulls.

The Daemon Prince realised staying put was just inviting the artillery to keep targeting him and determined to share the gifts of the allfather, tore into the warrior horde. Four of the brave dwarves fell beneath his claws and a further warrior was shredded from the miscast explosion that also took a further wound from the prince. (Edit: with a single wound now remaining, Luke was now somewhat concerned for the safely of the Prince!)

5. Turn 2 WoC

14. Turn 2 WoC15. Turn 2 WoC17. Turn 2 WoC

Turn 2 – Dwarves

The Gyro finished it’s tactical retreat and once again turned to face the warriors. His squadron partner, used the time to get into a prime position and fired his steam gun at full force. Seven of the Nurgle warriors fell to the ground with the putrid flesh sluiced off their bones as the boiling steam turned the armour into a pressure cookers.

The quarrellers, making up for their early failure, wiped out the remaining dogs, opening up the path for the Organ Gun to then target the Skullcrushers. With typical efficiency the machine cut down one of the monstrous infantry and left a second hanging onto life.

The Hammerers charged into the mauraders who fled, panicking the nearby hound. They then redirected into the trolls who also fled. The Daemon prince continued it’s one man monster crusade of destruction, killing another 5 dwarves and healing a wound in the process.

6. Turn 2 Dwarves

18. Turn 2 Dwarf19. Turn 2 Dwarf20. Turn 2 Dwarf

Turn 3 – WoC

Thrudd and the nearby Warshrine both charged into the Irondrakes. The defensive fire once again proving ineffective against the well armoured BSB. In the ensuing combat the Irondrakes showed their elite status, wounding Thudd and the damaging the warshrine twice for the loss of just two of their number.

The few remaining warriors of Nurgle recharged the damaged Gyro, this time completing what they started and permanently grounding the machine.

The Skullcrushers finally managed to get a charge off, targeting the quarrellers. Much to their frustration they needed to dismount to attack the dwarves and were quickly repulsed from their building assault. The Warshrine supported this by attacking the organ gun and destroying the proud machine. The Prince continued his demolition of the warriors, again gaining a wound but unable to shift the steadfast dwarves.

The marauder horse and single hound continued their run from the battle but the Trolls rallied and turned to face the battlefront.

7. Turn 3 WoC

Turn 3 – Dwarves

In what turned out to be the final turn of the game, the remaining gyrocoptor continued to whittle down the warrior unit, this time taking out just two of them. The Irondrake combat continued with 2 more of the dwarvern elite falling but in return they bought down the enemy BSB and inflicted a further wound on the shrine, that they then proceeded to run down as it fled from the implacable dwarves.

The Prince killed off a handful of the stout warriors and they failed to inflict any damage in return.

Throgg and the Trolls once again fled from the attention of the Hammerers, who pulled up just inside the woods

8. Turn 3 Dwarves


Running out of time and with so little of the battle played, very little destruction had been achieved. I’d lost my Organ Gun (145pts) and a Gyrocoptor (80pts) and Luke had lost his BSB (241pts), a warshrine (135pts), the hellcannon (210pts) and a pack of dogs (30pts) which, when also factoring in the bonus 50VPs from killing the BSB, gave me a 666 to 225 victory.


On the drive back we had a chat about how we thought the rest of the battle might have played out. We agreed that the Irondrakes killing the bsb and the shrine had given me the edge.

On the left flank, the Warriors were in real trouble, they could have retreated but the Irondrakes would have been able to move across and finish them off (perhaps with the assistance of the Gyro)

It the centre, the hammerers would probably have done a swift reform and moved to attack the Prince in turn 5. If the Warriors were able to hold for another turn or two (which should have been possible due to steadfast) it would ensure the prince was held which should have allowed this. This would have likely resulted in a dead prince. However the nearby shrine might have been able to charge the dwarf Warriors (though I would have used my engineer to try and delay this), which could have swung the combat allowing the prince to avoid the hammerers. Either way the Dwarf Warriors survivability was looking as likely as their chaotic compadres. 

The juggernaut riders could possibly have finished off the quarrellers but with steadfast and Lukes rolls, they likely would have taken all game to do so (especially as the xbow dwaves wouldn’t have to initiate combat in their turn).

I forget how psychological this game can be, especially if you haven’t faced a specific unit before. For Luke it was the Hammerers, he was trying to avoid it (successfully) at all costs. For me it was Throgg and the Trolls. I’ve seen Luke roll a phenomenal number of saves before so that regen was really worrying me.

In terms of the list, it played reasonably well. The ease in which Luke avoided the hammerers just bought to the forefront the major weakness with Dwarf armies, their movement and as such when taking large blocks of troops you need to ensure the options for the enemy are all bad (or that there isn’t one option that is better than another). In hindsight this meant that I should have put at least the lord in the warriors as he would have bolstered the weaker unit making neither of them a good prospect to attack.

The two Runesmiths, Banner of Valaya and 2 dispel scrolls really helped contain the magic phase and the banner especially, gave me a massive  edge vs the bound warshrine spells. As it went I only used one of the dispel scrolls in the last turn and probably wouldn’t have bothered doing so if it hadn’t been the last turn.

My unit of the match was definitely the Gyrocoptors that between them they killed off 14 of the Warriors, though my Irondrakes were probably a close second once again proving their worth.

My next match may be against Luke using a full gunline but I also know that Neil is interested in a game too.

2. Deployment