Adventures in Mordheim pt1

Not to be confused with Adventures in Babysitting, a film I have fond memories of and that I’m sure has held up well with the test of time…

A bit earlier in the year, talk started in earnest about a Mordheim Campaign at the club. It’s one of those games that slipped by me. I’m not quite sure why. Never-the-less, it gave me a good excuse to start painting the multitude of frankly sublime Witch Hunter models I’ve been accumulating over the last year.

I will go into the warband in more detail in another post but I went with classic black, interspersed with red and silver as my theme.

Never one to go half hearted into anything, I also went and bought a few boxes of suitable MDF Mordheim style terrain from TTCombat. TTCombat is part of Troll Trader. For me they are best known as a second hand miniature store, mainly operating on ebay. I have a bit of a love hate relationship with them. They were one of the first sellers that really pushed up the price of GW models on ebay and that seemed to result in a spiral of prices (even before covid completely exasperated that trend further). Thus I disliked them for a long time. In their favour, they kept prices fairly consistent and so are now fairly reasonable compared to a great many sellers.

Still off the back of this, they have expanded and produce model ranges of their own, including a superb, complete halfling army (one of which is represented in this warband) and an excellent range of MDF kits. I’ve honestly enjoyed building these as much, if not even more, than I enjoy building miniatures. Whether I bother to paint them in the near future is another thing…

5 down and 3 more to go!

Tangent central

Going on a trip down the rabbit hole of total tangents. While building these I was listening to my favourite Aussie podcast, The Elector Counts (sorry IRO you are No.2) and their latest episode started with The Bangles – Walk like an Egyptian. Putting that song on the Alexa led to 80’s classic soft rock tunes and Starship – Nothings gonna stop us now and it bought back memories of the film Mannequin (starship was the theme song of the movie). Only vaguely remembering that I really enjoyed the film and in my head I had a tag line that it was about one man’s love for his mannequin (that just sounded so wrong in my head) and wondering if it was another film that would likely never get made today* I had a look at the synopsis and it was actually a far fetched but quite nice storyline. Definitely one to watch as I continue to revisit 80’s memories.

I could go into a further tangent now on how my long term memory is often triggered by association with songs and it is one of the main catalysts for me remembering anything but I think I’ve displayed enough of the randomness of my thought process for today…

* Weird Science came to mind. Two nerds essentially build their own woman to lose their virginity to. It’s still a fun movie, though not a patch on the Goonies, Inner Space, Cannonball Run, The Princess Bride and other classics of that era.

8 thoughts on “Adventures in Mordheim pt1

    1. I probably will at some point if only because they’ll look so much better! It’s just about building them at speed at the minute as the club is lacking suitable terrain. Hmm there’s a thought can I get someone at the club to paint them 😁

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  1. […] Adventures in Mordheim pt1 @ BACKTOTHEHAMMER – Mordheim! I’ve got a fair bit of TTCombat’s earlier terrain and, well, it’s a bit bland. The newer stuff, as shown in this post, is a lot better. They’ve come on a fair way from their older, boxier offerings. Nice article, with loads of cool pictures. Looking forward to seeing more progress! […]

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