Monster March

With me constantly making excuses for not cracking on with any painting recently (in fairness they are not bad excuses, I have a small house, no painting area – bar a coffee table in the lounge, and an ever inquisitive 1 year old that walks around and likes to chew on models left out), I needed something to start the ball rolling again.

As such I’ve signed up to Swordmaster’s Monster March with this beauty from Mierce Miniatures. It is destined to be used as a Tribal Chieftain on Chariot in Kings of War. (His intro post can be found Here).

As a bonus task, I’ll also try and complete the ‘bear’ and ‘wolf’ which are part of my Stampede (though these weren’t submitted as part of my entry).

One day I’ll start and do some simple conversions but when I do it will be using plastic figures and on a smaller scale to these resin ones.

6 thoughts on “Monster March

      1. I was the same as you. It’s only recently I have tried to up my painting with my latest army above tabletop standard. Here’s what I have learnt in the last few months:
        – Lighting makes a difference. I always used to paint with the light in the room or natural light. I now use a spot lamp with a white bulb on the table. It makes a big difference for seeing details and painting properly.
        – Study the photos of your minis. It’s amazing how many errors I miss by eye that are clear as day in my photos on the blog. Take time to look at your pictures to pick out any mistakes you can go back and fix.
        – Online tutorials. If there is a painting tutorial for your model online, that is great. I find they are a big help when it comes to learning tricks and new techniques.

        Hope that helps!


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