WHFB – Beastmen vs Dark Elves

You join us once again to follow the amazing adventures of Captain Khazbar and the crew of the… wait no that’s a different genre.

After spending a week at the inlaws, we had a two day break before they then arrived at ours for a week, together with one of their (and my wife’s) Italian friends and her two children. Where am I going with this? Well my amazing wife realised I’d had a shit week at work and recognised that I’d had no space in the evenings to unwind, so told me to go to the club. So I managed to get an unexpected game in on Friday. Happy days!

As an extra bonus, I finally managed to get a game in vs Luke C and his dark elves. I’d seen Luke play a number of times but for some reason we’d never managed to get a game in.


Herd of Khazbar the Magnificent

Bashor the Bloody – Beastlord (General), ogre blade, armour of destiny, shield

Khazbar the Magnificent – Great Bray Shaman, level 4 – Lore of Beasts, Talisman of Protection, Brass Cleaver, jagged dagger

Zurrock the Mighty – Wargor (bsb), HA, shield, Beast Banner

Wazzock the Lame – Bray Shaman, level 1 – Lore of Shadow, dispel scroll

Cattleclysm – Doombull, Arabyan carpet, gold sigil sword, dragonbane gem, ramhorn helm, gnarled hide, HA, shield

48 Gor, FC, AHW

1 Tusgor chariot

1 Tusgor chariot

5 Ungor raiders

5 Ungor raiders

37 Bestigor, FC, Standard of Discipline

1 Razorgor


5 Harpies

Dark Elves

I didn’t get a copy of Luke’s list but it was something like:

General – Dreadlord, LIght Armour, Shield, scaly cloak, coldone, black dragon egg, ogre blade

Level 4 Sorceress – power scroll, dark steed, possibly other stuff – Lore of Life

Level 1 Sorceress – Dispel scroll, Lore of beasts.

Death Hag – bsb, cauldron of blood, obsidian blade, the +D3 attack upgrade

5 Dark riders – Standard, musician, xbows

5 Dark riders – standard, musician, xbows

5 Dark riders – Standard, musician, xbows

29 Witch Elves – FC

30 Executioners

5 Doomfire Warlocks

9 Coldone Knights



After a fair bit of testing at the club I had made some further amendments to the Wicked Woods scenario (scenario list here) and we played that to try the changes out. There were two big changes. The first was that units moving normally, did not take dangerous terrain checks. The second was that you gained 1 Scenario Victory point for each turn you held the woods from turn 2 (with a maximum of 10 points available).

Terrain and Pre-match rolls

We rolled map pack 4 which meant a river, 2 normal hills, 2 scree slopes and a forest.

After placing the terrain (including the additional wood from the scenario, it looked like this.

1. Terrain

It terms of spell selection:

Khazbar ended up with: Savage Beast, Curse, Wyssans and Amber Spear.

Wazzock took Miasma

The DE Supreme Sorceress got: Throne, Flesh, Earthblood and awakening.

The Beast Sorceress rolled Curse as well.


Deployment is as per battleline so alternate. I won the roll and so Luke placed the first unit and finished first. Although Luke had a number of units of chaff, my list far outstripped his of throwaway units and so I was able to place my big units after he had laid the Witches, Executioners and Cold One Knights. This allowed me to put the Besitigor opposite the Cold Ones, a match up he would not like. The Gor Horde went front and centre to capture the woods and the Doombull and accompanying harpies were placed on the far side of the river to perform a flanking maneuver, as the river would not impact their movement as they could all fly.

Due the the chatting and laughs I was having with Luke, as he regaled me with comic tournament stories, I allowed myself to get distracted and I did make the one blunder that as a Beastmen player you should never do, that of not having most of the army deployed within the bsb and generals range. Thankfully I wasn’t punished for that!

With a blatant disregard for their lives, the witch elves started on top of a scree slope ensuring a dangerous terrain test as soon as they moved

After his 4 vanguards, it looked like this.

2. Deployment


Turn 1 – DE

Luke started off by giving me a punishing lesson in how to use Dark Riders. One unit advanced at the double and positioned themselves in front of the Bestigors but slightly set back in the flank of my Razorgor. This meant I couldn’t charge them and so effectively took them out of the game for my first turn.

The second unit also moved up to block the left unit Ungor Raiders. This in turn would limit the movement of the Gor horde in the following turn. Their cavalier attitude towards my units was helped by the boosted flesh to stone that was cast on them.

He then proceeded to show why the dark elves prefer combat by failing to kill a single thing with 30 repeater crossbow shots. This was backed up by both Curse and dwellers failing to cast.

The rest of his forces just generally advanced, with the warlocks and accompanying supreme Sorceress re-positioning from his left flank towards the right and the witches moving slightly into the wicked woods (where they promptly took 4 casualties).

3. DE turn 1


Turn 1 – Beastmen

Taking a leaf out or Luke’s book my right most raider unit moved up to block the Cold One Knights. The supporting chariot moved up to counter should the raiders be killed.

The central chariot and Razorgor also moved to allow counter charges should the Bestigor be blocked again.

The Ungor raiders charged the T7 Dark riders in front of them, were quickly bested and legged it to safety through the nearby horde. Edit: not quite sure what I was thinking. Either that they might pin the riders in place or that they would at least be out of the way.

Across the river the Doombull and Harpies advanced at speed to threaten the flank of the witches.

On my first cast of magic in the game, a 3 dice roll of curse on the witches, resulted in  a miscast at irresistible force, followed by a further 2 sixes (power drain), followed by a final six. Apart from a an improbable set of rolls, the net result meant my level 4 Shaman was now a level 1 with just Wyssans remaining! On the positive side, at least Luke had been unable to dispel it and so his witches were effectively pinned for the next turn.

4. Beast turn 1

Turn 2 – DE

Seeing the danger posed by the flying circus, the Dark riders withdrew in order to cover the flank of the witchesand were again buffed with flesh to stone to give them a fighting chance should the raging Minotaur decide to target them. (Edit – yes I did originally write ‘ lock horns’ but took a step back, slapped myself and changed it). The warlocks moved more to the centre to ensure they were also out of the charge arc.

Meanwhile the central unit of riders advanced to impede the movement of the Gor horde (that had been hexed with Soulbight) and the executioners followed to provide support. The final unit of riders, not liking the attention they were receiving, skipped through the Beastmen lines so they were now positioned behind the Gor unit.

The woods continued to feed on the Witches and they lost another couple of the unit to its feeding frenzy.

The riders shooting improved dramatically but was still rather pathetic with a single Gor and harpy dying to the bolts.

5. DE turn 2



Turn 2 – Beastmen

Seeing their opportunity to get rid of some of the pesky riders, the central chariot smashed into the unit in front of them. 3 of them were crushed beneath the Chariot and the others turned tail and fled with another losing his life in the wicked woods.

The doombull charged into the Dark riders and despite their boosted toughness promptly slaughtered one. Their faces took on a worried look as their attacks rebounded back onto them. The worry grew as the bull grew in stature, as it ripped their kinsman apart and fed on his blood.

On the other side of the map the stalemate continued with the Razorgor joining the chariot read to counter charge the Cold Ones. The Bestigor moved up ready to support the centre should it be required.

Magic involved miasma cast on the riders behind the Beastmen lines, reducing their movement by 3.

6. Beast turn 2

17 - Beast turn 218 - Beast turn 219 - Beast turn 2

Turn 3 – DE

With a shout to Khaine the executioners charged the closest chariot, three of their number including the champion falling to the dangerous terrain. They quickly demolished the chariot and then piled into the side of the Gor horde.

The remaining dark rider rallied and moved to block the Gor unit.

With the expiration of their toughness buff, the doombull/riders combat was only going to go one way as in a frenzy of blows, his opponents exploded leaving a mist of blood and pile of gore.

Magic continued the way of the previous turns with doombolt failing to wound the Razorgor and Dwellers failing to cast.

The witches, finally free of the curse, moved into the woods and promptly lost another two of their number.

7. DE turn 3

20 - DE turn 321 - DE turn 3

22 - DE turn 3
Now you see them
23 - DE turn 3
Now you don’t
24 - DE turn 3

Turn 3 – Beastmen

The Bestigors charged into the rear of the executioners only losing 5 or so of their number to the dangerous terrain. Another 4 were cut down by the druchii as were 13 of the Gor before they struck back killing 15 of the unit. The executioners broke and were run down by the Bestigor.

The Doombull turned ready to charge the rear of the Witches.

In a spectacular display of one up man ship, the ungor raiders showed the dark riders how it was done and shot down one of the cold one knights and in that one move made back their points.

8. Beast turn 3

25 - Beast turn 3

Turn 4 – DE

With a 2 point lead at this point, Luke proved his pointy eared pedigree and in an underhanded tactic, moved all his remaining Dark riders and his Warlocks into conga formation to surround the witches and prevent any units making it into combat with them.

With the evening drawing to a close, I called the game at that point.

9. DE turn 4

26 - DE turn 427 - DE turn 4


After turn 3 it was 2-0 to Luke but if we had completed turn 4 it would have likely been 4-0.


I really enjoyed the game with Luke and was glad to finally play him. He had me in stitches many times, didn’t take anything too seriously and was just generally good fun to play against. All qualities I like in an opponent.

The updated scenario worked really well and that is definitely the rule set we’ll take forward into the competition.

Luke’s use of fast cav was very good and just damn right frustrating and bloody annoying. It was definitely a learning experience (one i’ll not necessarily rush to repeat) and opened my eyes to their use.

I did make a number of errors in the game and there are a number of things to learn from it. My deployment was again somewhat lacking. I blocked a number of my own units and allowed his riders to prevent my units moving in the first turn.

In match ups with fast cav, I need to ensure that some of my chaff hangs back to allow me to charge them if they block my frontline units. Possibly this could be done by the Doombull as not only would he mince them thus gaining extra attacks but with the lack of shooting in my list he is one of the few reliable counters to them.

I should have placed the razorgor in the woods to bait the witch elves, knowing a charge would have caused dangerous terrain checks.

Honestly, Khazbar should be ashamed at the amount of miscasts he throws out. Admittedly at least this time he spiced it up and didn’t take out half his unit. I should have expected that though as he was placed in that unit and the size bumped up just to cover that eventuality!

It’s funny but I always thought that players starting with chariots sideways to get the extra inch or so of movement was a bit gamey but after this battle I realised that if I had done it, it would have served a duel purpose and allowed me to actually discourage the blocking of the Bestigor. Something for me to think about if I’m screening the big blocks with raiders.

I also need to brush up on rules as the single dark rider should only have been able to rally on snake eyes as the unit was under 25% and may not have been there full stop as the standard should have been removed when they initially fled combat.

Hobby Update – Cattleclysm and Shadestalker

Last year I ran a flying doombull in my Beastmen list but I just used a standard model that I was never very happy with (loved the model but not that the loadout wasn’t represented). Inspired by the numerous excellent conversions that IRO keeps churning out I thought I’d better take a crack at it. 

Loads of great ideas were toyed with (many from the guys on the eefl forum, some even my own). Going with light hearted humour and green stuffing a cape and ‘Robin’ mask, to mounting him on a flying carpet. My favourite was the idea of the doombull being held aloft by a gaggle (flock/murder?) of harpies, either as if he were holding a bunch of balloons (but made of the aforementioned harpies) or them pulling a chariot he was mounted on.

(I still like the balloon/harpy idea – think of a dark version of the animated film ‘Up’)

Replace balloons with harpies and house with doombull

In the end (mainly as I’d never used green stuff or attempted such a project), I chose the easy route and decided to add wings to the cheap doombull model I picked up off eBay. 

I envisioned the doombull ripping the wings off the twitching corpse of the wood elf eagle/warhawk he had just buried his axe into and then Khazbar, using his dark magic, to fuse the still living wings to the doombull’s back. 

The wing colours are quite bright but I wanted another element that contrasted with the large quantity of brown and grey in the army (and they matched the colouring used on the eagles/hawks of my wood elves. Well fancy that, what a coincidence 😉). The green stuff modelling wasn’t too bad (there is a slight quozimodo look to him) and you can see the difference between the left side (which I did first) and the right (which is much better in terms of sculpting). In hindsight I really should have practiced first…

So I present Cattleclysm, scourge of Athel Loren.

With my Beastmen distraction over, I also continued my drive to finish the models needed for my potential wood elf competition list.

A number are currently on the table but the  half painted Stag Lord is quite a detailed model, so I put him to one side and went for a smaller model I had been wanting to paint for a while, the Waystalker. I love the fluff of the ultimate lone stalker. The hunt being everything in his eyes. 

I kept the paint scheme very simple, various greens, browns and the normal addition of fuscia to add the common army element. Washes were then applied and in a rarity for me, I pushed the boat out and even added some highlighting and other touches of detail (I have to point out the toadstools, yes it isn’t groundbreaking stuff but for me it’s pretty much Rembrandt levels of effort 😀). This model did, once again, reinforce that I much prefer painting metal (over plastic) with white base coats. The colours just seem so much brighter.

So I present Shadestalker, hunter of the Tal Shavoc.

Hobby update – Beastpacks/Chaos Hounds and next up.

It’s been bugging me that I had one element of my Kings of War competition army that wasn’t painted and so I finally knuckled down and ‘finished’ off the 2 troops of Beastpacks. 

Lacking inspiration and to ensure continuity with the rest of the army, I followed the same procedure as the wolves in the Stampede. This meant they looked pretty bland (grey with a blue wash and dry brushed) so I added a few extra bits of detail ensuring the scales/spines were green with a bit of highlighting to signify they might be poisoned. 

I still need to base them but at least I now have a fully painted comp’ army.

Next on the painting table list is to revisit the ghorgon/Brutox models and add more detail to break up the brown and then I may even (shock horror) open up the space marine box, as I’ve been reading a number of the ’40k battles’ series recently and this together with the new rule set, actually has me interested (ok quite excited) about trying it out again! I’ve briefly covered/shown part of my paint scheme in a previous post (dark green with tiger stripes on an orange background as the chapter logo). They will of course be a chapter of my own devising but are currently leaning towards being scions of the blood angels, mainly as loving the fluff around their curse and having just finished off the novel Flesh Tearers it reinforced this. (This might possibly change as previously I leant towards imperial fists but found them a bit boring. But that’s the joy of creating your own chapter, you can play a few games and try out the army styles first, especially as it will just be some friendly games at the club).

With the break from the traditional shades of red on the marines, I might the have to paint the Death Company (once bought) red with black crosses as at least then they will tie back to the parent chapter but as a mirror image as in this chapter those with the curse are more revered for having embraced their fathers final wish for vengeance and blood. Those who hold off from the curse see themselves as having the unenviable duty of overseeing the chapter to ensure its continuality for the next generation. A necessity before they can allow themselves to embrace their fathers legacy. Needless to say, with their larger than average Death Company, the chapter operates on the fringes of the imperium and will normally only commit to solitary actions against targets where total annihilation is required. Their home world’s location currently remains a mystery but it is rumoured to be deep within Xenos territory, on a planet previously colonised but long forgotten by imperium records.

Monster March – Brushes down!

For those that have not been following #monstermarch, it is a challenge run by Swordmaster of Hoeth on his blog to get us to paint those bigger gribblies that may be sitting in a box, to galvanize us to build and paint them during the month. Not having a particularly big monster, I committed to painting three smaller models, a Chieftain on ‘Chariot’ and two models being used in my Stampede (or ‘the pets’ as Swordmaster calls them 😀).

Progress of all the participants can be found here:

Week one – The beginning

Week two – Painting

Week three – Painting pt 2

Week four – Painting pt 3

Week five – Finished!

(The final post won’t go up until next weekend and i’ll add a link then but i’ve ‘finished’ my models early due to a cancelled work trip so posting ahead of time).


I’m a big fan of Mierce Miniatures and this is one of their range. Although it’s a fairly simple colour scheme, I’m really pleased with the grey base and blue wash and drybrush. It is fast becoming my favourite paint job, perhaps due to the simplicity (and I love the model which also helps!).


This is again another Mierce model (are you noticing a trend here?). This miniature, like the wolf, was pretty much done last week but needed a few finishing touches. As normal after reviewing the photos I noted a few bits that need fixing, namely the pupils, as he appears to be able to look in two different directions at once! I blame my not so steady hands.

Chieftain on ‘Chariot’

Ok so the eagle eyed amongst you may pick out the small inconsistency. Yes there is no Chariot. I may normally avoid proxies like the plague but I love the model and size wise it fits the profile (or base restrictions more accurately).

In terms of the model, it is again another Mierce miniature (like many I took advantage of their recent sale, as they are normally fairly pricey). It is at a stage where I’m almost ready to say it’s done. 

The bones are deliberately left in a rough dirty state. I was aiming to show an aged effect. I do want to add a highlight edge to the purple straps but won’t be able to get to pick up the paint colour I want to use before the close of the challenge. The blade was deliberately left black with a nuln oil wash to darken it further. I will likely drybrush it but want to research onyx blades first. 

In general I tried to add more detail than I would normally bother to do, such as picking out the studs in the saddle. Some more effectively than others but again not having the steadiest hand meant they lacked a uniform size. It makes me think I need one of those lights that surround a magnifying glass so I can really get to the detail easily.

For those at the club reading this (looking at you Dean), note the drybrushing on the riders fur. This is done in the same scheme as the above wolf and will be the basis for the rest of the Beastmen in the army. Kev, thanks for the purple colour recommendation.

I have kept to my normal simple flock basing as (a) I was being lazy (b) it fits in with the rest of the army. Inspired by turkadactyl, I will try and step it up when I finally get round to some of the wood elves.

Lastly I recommend checking out some of the other blogs for their entries as many of the painters are significantly more talented than me (though I’m definitely getting better!).


Beastmen/Herd – State of Play

After looking at my Wood Elves and Dwarves I thought i’d also take stock of my latest army: Beastmen. Like the last post, i’ll look at it from a Warhammer point of view, so i’ll group them my Core/Special/Rare/Characters but it will be slightly interspersed with Kings of War references as I have a couple of models that don’t really translate.

Some of the models were ebay purchases, pre-painted and so as normal full disclosure will be given.

I can only field a 3000pt whfb army (which makes this the smallest of my five ‘complete’ armies), as although I have the models to field a lot more points of special choices, I only have enough core choices for that value.


60 Gor – all painted (This equates to 2 Hordes and a Regiment of Spirit walkers in KOW).

10 Ungor raiders (never used so unpainted)

2 Tuskgor Chariots

10 Warhounds (need to be painted – I never used them with Beastmen and they were actually in my Warriors of Chaos pile but 2 troops of 5 in KOW are almost compulsory).







8 Minotaurs (5 painted, 3 on the way)

40 Bestigor (or 2 Regiments of Longhorns – 25 are painted).

10 Harpies (ok I only photo’ed 5 of them but the others are identical)

2 Razorgor – no separate photos, instead i’ve photographed the start of my Stampede – still need to decide on a final addition (for those taking notes, you’ll see I’ve already started on my Monster March creatures).






2 Ghorgons




3 Shamans

3 Heroes (the 2 painted were from ebay).

1 Doombull (again a pre-painted purchase).

1 Hero on mount – being used as hero on Chariot

1 Gorebull BSB – a slightly (ok massively) oversized rhino model (it’s a good head above the doombull but I didn’t find any Minotaur standards I really liked).




A while back, Imperial Rebel Orc asked everyone how many models they own, so I’m using this series of posts to help keep a tally of my models as I go through them.

In total the Beastmen/Herd army is around 150 models of various sorts, 44 still to paint.

My dwarfs total around 320 models (I’ve added some more miners since I last reviewed them), of which 80 odd still need to be finished. I also have 6 mine carts that can be used as unit fillers.

The wood elves total around 193 models (including my latest purchase of the 4th edition Ariel model that I picked up for a steal on ebay and will be used as the Green Lady model in KOW). Around 85 need to be finished, they all need basing and some of the older models I also want to revisit.

So total models so far: 663.

I have one other large complete army to hand (High elves – approx 250 models) and another large army at my folks (O&G). I then have a reasonable collection of undead, Warriors of Chaos, Space Marines and Blood Bowl teams with assorted other models i’ve picked up over the years (mainly GW and mainly fantasy, with some necromunda as I sold my epic 40k several years ago). I’m not sure i’ll ever be easily able to catalog all my models, mainly as most of the rest are in storage at my folks, but i’ll keep going (at least for the main forces).



Hobby update – The one that got away

It seems like an age ago when I posted my finished Minotaurs and mentioned that I had a random zebra striped scheme on an old Marauder (pygmy) Minotaur model from around 25 years ago (made of child friendly lead). I was at my folks on Sat and decided to try and catalog what was down there (I gave up after half an hour due to the 3 degree temperature and lack of anything bar a jumper) but lo and behold I did come across the miniature in question. The paint job isn’t finished (no surprise as the majority of the models from my early forays aren’t) and I will be completing it but pictures are below to show it in the found state, for you to bask in its magnificence 😉.



It does seem that I had no clue about undercoating when I first started painting.

Beastmen vs Daemons of Chaos – SELWG whfb stage 2 – game 3

Or, “The great regression of skill and ability”

After spending Wednesday evening at Steve’s house with Matt, Pete and Greg in one of our D&D sessions, I somehow managed to wrangle also going out on Friday in order to finish the last of my stage 2 group games, this time against Neil Robbins Daemons (his list). If you’ve read any of my blog you know that I’ve played Neil quite a few times before and I knew I would have to bring my ‘A’ game.

A recap of my list can be found here.

Again i’ll caveat that all mistakes are due to memory (and the lack of notes).


In another first for me, we rolled up the custom ‘number 6’ scenario, king of the hill, which replaced the watch tower scenario from the book. This is played as per ‘Battleline, however, you place a hill in the centre of the board with a marker on it. At the end of the game, the player that controls the marker with a fortitude bearing unit, wins.


I rolled up 6 pieces of terrain (again) and they were as follows:

3 Marshes!

1 Sanctum (in this case a Dwarf Brewhouse – units in 6″ are immune to psychology and stubborn)

2 Hills (one normal, one scree – which counts as dangerous terrain). These were in addition to the hill you take as part of the scenario (so overall there were 7 bits of terrain).


Secret Mission

I chose take a message and Neil chose stash the cash.

Pre-match rolls


Khazbar (Great Bray Shaman – Lvl 4 – Shadow) – Ended up with Melkoths, Penumbria, Pit of Shades and Mindrazor.

Wazzock (Bray Shaman – lvl 2 – Beasts) got Wildform and Curse (again).

Great Unclean one (lvl 4 – Death) – got Spirit Leech, Doom & Darkness, Fate and Caress.

24 Horrors – took Blue fire of Tzeentch

10 Horrors (Banner of Swiftness) – rolled Firestorm

10 Horrors (Flaming Banner) – rolled Infernal Gateway

Herald (lvl 1 – Nurgle) – rolled – Plague wind


Khazbar shook his head, trying to clear the malaise that had weighed upon him over the last few weeks. At every turn the Daemons had dogged his step. After the first victory against the great horde of Nurgle, he had faced sustained attacks, Daemons repeatedly popping into the mortal realm and attacking before fading away. His once mighty Herd had shrunk, through a combination of casualties and cowardly desertion, to the pitiful remnants that surrounded him. As they slunk into the swamp, that appeared to be his only remaining avenue, his scouts timidly approached jibbering about vast host ahead. Sighing in resignation he ordered the horde forward determined one way or another to finish this.



Beastmen Right flank

Beastmen left flank
Daemons left flank
Daemon right flank
Beastmen Turn 1

Following paths out of the mist wreathed swamp, the herd found itself split in two. Khazbar watched as Wazzock led the bestigors and supporting units on his flank, forward at all due haste, in the process boosting both their strength and resilience. He couldn’t shake the feeling that something was terribly wrong but ordered his flank forward too.



Harpies are not drunk, just unsteady on the hill (rod indicates the front arc)
Daemons Turn 1

A booming roar echoed over the field of battle and a great bronze skull hurtled down flattening one of the Razorgor. This was too much for the nearby chariot that turned and fled.

With a shriek the Furies charged into the bestigors, Wazzock desperately fended off the multitude of attacks that came his way, sustaining a wound in the process. His body guard took swift revenge, tearing the creatures apart for no loss.

The polar opposite occurred a few metres away as one of the Heralds charged out of his unit and cut down 1 of the bird women, the rest chose discretion over valour and decided to leg it.

Holding one claw over his wound, Wazzock paused to invoke the power of the Chalice he carried and took some satisfaction that the Daemon engine was unable to fire as it was engulfed in a dark rain.

An incomprehensible chittering broke out from one of the small units of horrors and an infernal gateway burst into being and tore through the horde of Gor, taking out a quarter of the unit. Six more horrors then appeared from the warp to join the unit. Zhurock shouldered aside some of his lesser brethren and cuffed Khazbar hard enough to temporarily shake off the malaise affecting him and he was able to dispel the follow up spells.


Hmmmm those furies bear a striking resemblance to my harpies

Beastmen Turn 2

With a roar the doombull charged into the nearest unit of Beasts causing a few wounds and gaining an extra attack in the process. On the other flank the Chariot thundered into the Herald that had made such short work of the harpies and completely failed to cause any wounds despite 4 impact hits. It return it was slapped silly by the Herald and Wazzock and his bodyguard, seeing that they were looking rather lonesome, decided they had a pressing engagement elsewhere and ran past the freshly rallied harpies. Khazbar could only look on in despair as his army crumbled around him.


Right flank strikes

Daemons Turn 2

With Wazzock running, the power of the Chalice was broken and the crew of the Skull Cannon roared praise to their God and shot a flaming ball into the remaining Razorgor, leaving nothing but hunks of charred flesh in its wake.

The Herald that had caused so much damage, finished what it had started and ran down Wazzock and the unit of Bestigor. The Harpies decided they did not want to face this force of destruction and again fled.

The second unit of Furies advanced to block the horde of Gor and the Great Unclean One, not wanting to risk charging through the mist wreathed marsh in front of him, instead advanced to the side of the Gor herd.

The Doombull continued to tear into the Beasts but despite their powers of regeneration blunting his rampage he continued to grow in power.


There used to be a battle line here

Beastmen Turn 3

Khazbar looked to his left and watch the harpies fly off into the swamp but took  some comfort that the remaining chariot on the flank, garnered an smidgen of courage and turned to face the approaching Herald that had decimated the flank.

On his right things were looking a little better, the Ghorgon bellowed and charged in to join his smaller sibling, the two of them making short work of the remaining Beasts. The remaining unit of harpies flew into the large unit of Horrors, sacrificing themselves to ensure they delivered their message.

Seeing some partial success at last, Khazbar ordered the horde to charge the furies blocking their path, making short work of them.


Two’s company
Message delivered!

Daemons Turn 3

The Horrors once again summoned their gateway and Khazbar could only stare stupefied as it tore through the former horde, sucking 8 of the hapless Gor into the realm of Chaos. The Skull cannon added to the carnage and Khazbar was saved as one of the remaining loyal Gor pushed him to one side before taking the brunt of the impact.

The Herald of Khorne charged the remaining chariot and finished his route of the left flank, as it turned tail and fled into a patch of swamp where it sunk taking all the crew with it.

The Great Unclean One’s laughter burbled as it swelled with even more power from the sword it was wielding and it smashed into the smaller Gor unit, leaving half the unit as bubbling diseased carcasses.





Beastmen Turn 4

With a sharp wrench, Khazbar regained control of his mind, realising that the greater Daemon had been toying with him since the start. Looking around he could not help but despair as the Unclean One butchered the rest of the smaller herd herd. The Ghorgon and Doombull rampaging round would be of no help to him and he ordered the few remaining Gor in his horde to form up round him in preparation of their last stand.




Daemons Turn 4

With an almightly rumble, Nurgle’s chosen representative and his beasts charged into the remaining Gor cutting them down with no mercy. Khazbar was saved as the protective amulets around his neck flared up, transporting him to safety but with that the battle was over and he could only slink off to lick his wounds.




Neil – Win + Mission + Battle Complete (15 + 7 + 1) = 23 Pts

Mark – Lose + Mission + Battle Complete + Painted Army (5 + 7 + 1 + 2) = 15pts


What a monumental balls up! That was possibly the worst game of 8th I’ve played in over a year (perhaps ever). Effectively tabled on turn 4 is shockingly bad form. All there is to do is try and dissect what went wrong and never repeat it.

Where do I start? The obvious place is deployment. After the issues I had in the first group 2 game and not knowing the rules around rivers, I let the number of marshes, my fear of their impact and their placement, get inside of my head. I further compounded this by then deciding to split up my army when, from previous play, I knew it was essential to keep everything within the leadership/BSB bubble. I paid the price for this when the left flank just collapsed from panic, putting me on the back foot immediately.

Even then I could have gotten something from the battle but I dithered around with the Gor not moving them forward and allowing Neil to decimate them with magic.

As Neil further pointed out placing the Ghorgon on the flank away from the cannon was understandable but the Doombull had a 2++ against it as it was flaming (which I forgot) and putting them both on the flank effectively took them out of the game. I also should have cast Mindrazor on the small Gor unit ready for the Greater Daemon’s charge.

When looking at his list last year, I knew that I needed to be aggressive and get into combat and with the limited games played I knew I needed to support the blocks with the chariots/Doombull etc, whilst redirecting with chaff. I failed on all fronts but especially with my two blocks of Gor letting him dictate the fights. It was like I forgot how to use the army.

Going further, I think part of the problem was I’ve been watching and reading about Kings of War almost daily since my last game with Paul in December (I need something to occupy me on the commute) and as such, did not have my Warhammer hat on, was not at all prepared, hadn’t looked at the lists since I last played and generally just played terribly.

You know you’ve had a bad game when about the highlight of your tactical acumen was sidestepping a unit behind a marsh to block the charge by the Great Unclean One…

None of this takes anything away from Neil, who played his normal solid game.

I can only apologise to Neil for not giving him more of a challenge (not that I think he was complaining as it allowed him to rack up maximum points), although I think even he was surprised at the number of  unforced errors and cock ups I managed to roll out during the game.