So the big day had arrived and I turned up at the club, for my first tournament, with the three stretching objectives of:

1) Not coming last:

2) Keeping an open mind on AOS:

3) enjoying myself.

After wandering round introducing myself to various other competitors and helping myself to the piled up crate of donuts Marc had generously provided for the contestants I was lined up for my first game.

The link to the event on the Warhammer forum is here:

Game 1

This was against Owyn Abrams and his Undead Army using the Heralds of the Storm battleplan. This battleplan involves capturing 4 objectives (2 on my side 2 on Owyns side). If you have more objectives than your opponent then the ‘storm front’ (that starts as an invisible line cutting across the dead centre of the table), moves 6″ towards the opponents side of the table. If it moves across a unit, on a 4+ they suffer D3 mortal wounds. Only Heroes or Monsters can capture the objectives and victory is gained after 5 turns if the storm front is in your opponents side.

This is where the start of my tactical genius kicked in (and proves why you should actually read the battle packs for tournaments), I only had 2 heroes in my list so the best I could hope for was a draw.

Owyn’s Forces of Death (as you can imagine he fielded pretty much all his blood Knights and vampires.
Neferata, Mortarch of Blood – 20
Vampire Lord – 8
Vampire Lord – 8
20 Dire Wolves – 12
3 x Varghulf – 21
20 x Blood Knights – 52
6 x Sepulchral Stalkers – 14 Abhorrant Ghoul – 6
3 x Vargheists – 9

The Set up (apologies for the phots, the lighting wasn’t great and i’m using my phone).

So My Thunderers are on one objective with the Elf standard bearer capturing it. The Slayers are on the other with Ungrim securing that one. My Cavalry and Chariots are in the middle to act as a harassing force.

I won’t go in much detail, suffice to say the game didn’t go quite as planned although it was quite close. The decision by myself to deliberately retreat off an objective to move the storm front over a load of his units backfired due to poor rolling and I was unable to reverse this due to giving away my gameplan with some pre-measuring. The Blood knights ability to resurrect models if they have a banner left at the end of the turn was very frustrating to play against. On a plus point, taking out Neferata early in the game almost allowed me to hold my own. Realising I could win by default by wiping out his characters on the objectives came just too late to swing the game.

Slayers are poised to help out if needed.

Owyn was a great sport, friendly guy and basically taught me how to play AOS during this game.

Game 2

The 2nd game used the battleplan – Winds of Death. 6 objectives this time with only units able to capture them. From turn 2 you roll a dice for each unit. On a 6 they take D3 mortal wounds and subtract 1 from their bravery for the turn (any unit within 3″ of an objective take wounds on a 5+).

After turn 5 the winner is the player in control of the most objectives.

This game was against Adam Elford and his superbly painted Forces of Chaos (I believe Adam came 2nd in the best painted comp – narrowly losing out to Adam Cunis’s Wood Elves).

Adam’s List
Sayl the Faithless (10)
Skaarac the Bloodborn (20)
Mighty Lord of Khorne (7)
Skullgrinder (5)
Slaughterpriest (6)
Bloodsecrator (7)
Bloodstoker (4)
Bloodstoker (4)
10 x Bloodletters of Khorne (5)
5 x Flesh Hounds of Khorne (5)
10 x Chaos Warriors (10)
Chaos Warshrine (10)
5 x Chaos Knights (10)
10 xBlood Warriors (10)
20 x Bloodreavers (6)
10 x Wrathmongers (16)
Khorgorath (6)
Khorgorath (6)
Nightmaw (3)

Again I was playing against a fantastic opponent and we spent as much time talking about painting as concentrating on the game. It was a very chilled and fun game and Adam came away with a close win (he had very few forces left but had managed to bag more objectives).

In terms of game highlights, the giant monster (possibly Skarrac or a Khorgorath) was a wound sink, able to heal itself up at the end of every go. I spent far too much time trying to kill it when I would have been better off ignoring it.

This game also provided possibly the most amusing fight mechanic I’ve come across during the match off between the slayers vs his bloodreavers, possibly because neither of us was aware of the other units abilities so it was a complete surprise. When they die, slayers cause a moral wound against the NME unit on a 4+. When reavers die, they are allowed to make a further round of attacks against the NME unit. This meant that each turn of combat between these units degenerated to another 4-5 extra round of attacks as the death throws of each caused more deaths to the other.

Turn one this behemoth made it all the way across the table into my lines


Dragon Princes fail to sneak around the flank


Hammerers show the forces of chaos why they should not mess with them


Slayers are poised to help out if needed.


Game 3

At this point things were looking bleak. I was on the 2nd to bottom table with 2 out of 2 losses. Only the number of casualties caused to my last 2 opponents had kept me off the bottom table. The not coming last objective was looking worryingly like it might not be achieved. Time to pick up my game!

So this game would use the battleplan – Garden of Life. One player is a corrupter and the other a purifier (that was me in this game). Each turn a player can try and either ‘corrupt or purify’ (read capture) a piece of neutral scenery when they are touching it (bonus to capture comes in the form of if it is undisputed etc.). Captured scenery can improve the bravery of your nearby units etc. At the end of turn 5 the player with the most captured items, wins.

My opponent for this game was Richard Wilkes with his Forces of Destruction (Forest Goblins) and his was by far my favourite themed army of the day. He kept up the theme and didn’t use the giant or doom divers during our game.
Goblin Big Boss On Gigantic Spider (5)
Forest Goblin Spider Riders x 10 (8) Forest Goblin Spider Riders x 10 (8) Forest Goblin Spider Riders x 10 (8)
Arachnarok Spider with Spidershrine (15) Arachnarok Spider with Spidershrine (15) Arachnarok Spider with Spidershrine (15) Mangler Squigs (10) Mangler Squigs (10) OnG Giant (9)
Doom Diver Catapult (5) Doom Diver Catapult (5)
Spiderfang VenomMob (5)

The game highlights included finding out that mangler squigs are just as deadly in AOS as they are in 8th edition. Seriously…just…no. One severely wounded squig, decimated most of my mounted cavalry in one go.

The game was reasonably uneventful mainly due to the worst rolling from both players I’ve ever seen. During the 5 turns we were between us barely able to roll above a 1 or 2 on the dice. Oh and once again it was a loss….

Richard was a great opponent and ended up as my nomination for best sport but I could have happily nominated any of my 3 opponents on the day.

The order starting line up.


The goblin hordes (boooo hissss)


Table view




So how was my first event?

Loved it. all in attendance were really friendly and happy to help out a first time player. Even the more competitive players were a joy to game against. Would I do it again? Absolutely.

How did the army perform?

To repost my army:

Ungrim Ironfist The Slayer King (6)

High Elf Prince (6)

20 x Slayers (10)

20 x Thunderers (14)

20 x Hammerers (20)

5 x Dragon Princes (8)

15 x Silver Helms (18)

White Lion Chariot (6)

High Elf Repeater Bolt Thrower (6)

High Elf Repeater Bolt Thrower (6)

Well it was a mixed bag. By selecting just one army to use in every game, I hamstrung myself by not having the ability to capture all objectives in the first game but did mean that I could learn the unit abilities more easily. I am also so used to playing battleline in whfb so kept forgetting about objectives…

So what would I change?


The Silverhelms would have to go. Having 15 of them lined up was (according to my opponents) pretty intimidating, however they were very disappointing in effect. I would probably add additional dragon princes instead. The Elf prince was also of limited use. The chariot was OK.

The repeater bolt throwers were outstanding. I would definitely max them out (so 3 rather than 2).


The Hammerers were worth their cost and then some.

The Slayers and Ungrim worked really well together. You definitely need to take both together and i’d definitely use them again.

The thunderers were OK.

Going forward I would likely just take elite units (maybe a combo of dwarf and elf) and probably only those that had rending on their profile as that really makes a difference. I’d probably also take predominately infantry (hammerers/slayers/white lions/swordmasters) with a few smaller units of mounted troops that would be held back and used to sweep forward and capture objectives once the bolt throwers had cleared off the nme on it.

How was AOS?

As much as I didn’t want to, I actually quite enjoyed it. This was probably in part to my opponents but having a comp pack to give ‘points’ to your selection was essential and without this, the game would be unplayable.

The rules are dead simple. In some ways too simple. I actually like the complication of 8th ed (I started off playing 3rd Edition and that had even more variables).

Would it replace whfb as my go to game. Not a chance, if only for the fact it is primarily a skirmish game and I love the aesthetics of massed ranks.

However I would play it again and that is not a bad outcome for a game that replaces the one I’ve been a steadfast follower of for the last 25 or so years.



Painting 1.0…8?

With the SELWG Smash looming, I joined the time honoured tradition of having to paint a shed load of models in the few weeks before the tournament.(The eagle eyed of you will note the Lion Chariot is missing – mainly as I failed to paint it in time. Failed to finish basing everything too. Totally blaming the baby for that rather than any lack of motivation…)

I think it’s fair to say that painting is without doubt fairly low on my list of skill set. If I didn’t get so much enjoyment from building models I would definitely buy everything pre-painted from ebay. With excuses made I present the (almost) finished army.

The Dwarf contingent


2 Slayers


3 Silvergate guard
Silvergate Guard
4 Thunderers of Clan Silvertop
Thunderers of Clan Silvertop

The High Elf contingent

5 Hurin Nemmin
Hurin Nemmin
6 Vaelin's Helms
Vaelins Helms


7 Kariko's Lancers
Karikos Lancers
8 RBTs
Bolts of Destiny

Note: Karikos and the Bolts of destiny were not painted by me.

SELWG Smash – 1 day AOS comp prep

The next couple of posts will be around this subject and hands up that they are somewhat late as everything occurred last month.

So no sooner had I returned to the hobby then the opportunity arose to take part in a one day AOS tournament organised by the club and open to the public as part of the run up to this years SCGT run by Heldenhammer

Having already admitted to having been somewhat sceptical about AOS, I thought what the hell, lets drop myself in the deep end.

We would be playing 3 games over the day and these would each cover one of the 5 SCGT scenarios: ‘Heralds of the Storm’, Winds of Death’ and ‘Garden of Life’.

Having decided to go with order I could take up to 150 pool choices of which you could pick and select 100 pool choices for each game. T o keep things simple I decided to just take 100 pool choices and would use this list in every game. This resulted in the first of the tactical blunders of the competition, proving my utter genius before I even started!. So the only thing left to do was decide on what to take.

Well  having no experience of AOS a competitive list wasn’t top of the priorities so instead I decided to take a selection of things I wouldn’t normally do in whfb with a few I would. I loosely had a plan of having 50% of the force made of Dwarf infantry to hold any objectives close to my deployment while having the other 50% of the force made of Elven Cavalry and chariots to sweep across and capture those on the other side.

With this subtle and genius plan fixed, the below list was picked and all that was left was to turn up and claim victory!!

1 * Ungrim (6 Pool Choices)

20 * Slayers (10 Pool Choices) – FC – Icon Bearer

20 * Thunderers (14 Pool Choices) – FC – Clan Banner

20 * Hammerers (20 Pool Choices) – FC

5 * Dragon Princes (8 Pool Choices) – FC

2 * Bolt Throwers (12 Pool Choices)

15 * Silver Helms (18 Pool Choices) – FC

1 * High Elf Prince (6 Pool Choices) – Starblade, Shield, Banner of Phoenix

1 * White Lion Chariot (5 Pool Choices)

Total – 99 Pool Choices

Age of Sigmar thoughts

Like most out there I was gutted when GW shelved WHFB. Looking at the company accounts you can understand to some extent why it was done.

I have no issue with AOS as a game. It is simple to play, easy to pick up, can be a lot of fun and there are rarely any arguments over rule interpretations.

There are 2 areas where I do have issues.

  1. Lore – If they wiped out the Warhammer world and shoved it thousands of years into the future, why do they feel the need to reintroduce some of the old Warhammer characters. I suspect that is just twisting the knife in for those who are already annoyed with GW rather than providing a link with the old system. They should just start from scratch, clean break as such.
  2. System – AOS is at heart a skirmish game. It becomes one of many now in the market and not necessarily the best. The draw of whfb to me was the massed rank and file in a fantasy setting. This is primarily why I won’t be wholeheartedly switching systems to AOS (plus I really don’t want to rebase to round).

So what options are now open. Well in terms of a supported system, this now pretty much leaves just Kings of War from Mantic  as the only viable system (which lets be honest is staffed by many of the former GW employees that were writing all the rules and systems when I got into the game!).

Thankfully at present the club still has a large 8th ed. whfb  following and for another year we will be running an annual tournament with over 20 players so no decision is yet needed.

Starting over

6 years 3 months and some days. What is this you say?

The break taken from fielding hordes of metal and plastic miniatures in an effort to crush your opponent and plough salt into their fields in an effort to prevent anything growing again…or table top gaming if you prefer the mundane term.

So what is my poison. I’ll try a bit of everything but my one true love is Warhammer (whfb) and here I encountered my first problem.

GW have discontinued it…

I won’t go on about this as everyone and their mother have covered it over the last year. Suffice to say I was part of the issue, a die hard whfb fan who played from 3rd edition up to 6th and then took a break (only from the miniatures side mind, still kept the black library in business during this time). What can I say PC gaming lured me away.

So what changed. In short myself and most of my mates had a babies and moved to different geographic locations. This necessitated a need to find an excuse to get out and socialise with some local likeminded people if only for one night a week to break the cabin fever (Don’t get me wrong, I love the little monkey but you do need a break if only to keep your sanity).

In this I found salvation in the form of the club: South East London Wargaming (www.SELWG .org).  Each week they meet and many different games are played (FOG,40K, Malifaux, ART, Starwars to name but a few) but more importantly they still have a large pool of whfb players. Heaven.

So what is the point of this blog. Well mainly for me to keep a record of my time at the club and new experiences. If anyone actually reads it and finds it remotely useful – then bonus!