Hobby Update – Slayers

After being asked to write a comprehensive guide to the 8th Edition dwarf army book for the forum, I’m feeling a great deal of love for the stunties at present. Enough that, when taking some pictures of some of my collection to add to the posts, I realised just how badly painted (or perhaps I should say how quickly painted) some of them were!

As such, I revisited more than a couple to add more detail. I might post some of the others once they are redone but this post is about the slayers, namely Ungrim Ironfist and generic Daemonslayer no.1.

I’m still not happy with their weapons so need to decide what to do about those.


Sport Heaven

Just a short random post today. I’m not a massively sporty person but this has to be one of my favourite times of the year.

Not only has my beloved Rally continued on with one of the closest competitions in years (can Ogier finally be knocked off the top spot?) but England have somehow turned out a football team that have, in the main, been enjoyable to watch. The World Cup in general has been amazing. VAR is set to be game changing and will be a great edition once they iron out the kinks in its use and application.

On top of that, the Tour de France has started and I’ve yet again blagged tickets to Wimbledon, this year for ladies semi-finals on centre court. A nice way to get over the disappointment of last nights game.

Happy days

Jewel of July – Hobby Update – Wood Elves and Dwarves

Azazel has done it again and managed to get me out of my hobby slouch with another one of his monthly challenges, this time it is the Jewel of July.

This challenge is all about characters and show pieces. I’m sure a number of the blogs will pull out some impressive large models but I have decided to ease myself back into painting with two more humble models.

The first is a dwarf slayer character that was released during the ret-conned Storm of Chaos expansion (I believe around 6th ed Warhammer Fantasy).

Garagrim Ironfist was the War-mourner of Karak Kadrin and son of the legendary Ungrim Ironfist. It was his duty to tend the Shrine of Grimnir and the temple’s store of runic weapons.

This was a model i’d been after for a while but due to not wanting to pay silly prices it had taken me a while to find him. Thankfully an Italian gentleman had put one up on ebay together with the dual pistol dwarf engineer for a very reasonable price. This might have been due to his base being missing but either way I jumped on it and the ‘free’ engineer was a bonus.

It did however mean I had to do something with the lack of base. He was still attached to the ‘sprue’ so I was able to put him in a slotta base but he stood half an inch up. This was fixed by, with my normal ‘attention to detail and foresight’, wedging half a ton of greenstuff onto the base.

Yep my paint board does contain half a dozen projects part painted

If i’d been thinking at all, I would have at least tried to sculpt it into stone. Because I winged it, I instead wedged a number of elf heads onto the base and then added static grass.


Annoyingly, after taking the photo, I realised I needed to wash the beard ornaments

The next character finished for the challenge was the second of my Waystalkers for my Wood Elves. I kept the paint scheme almost identical to the first, which was quite deliberate as the idea was they were the left and right hand of Haldrin Stormlight. The twin deaths.

I did try to up my game with him, adding a lighter green drybrush on the leaves and then far more highlights (the final picture shows the difference). He also got a red sprite rather than blue.