Monster March – Brushes down!

For those that have not been following #monstermarch, it is a challenge run by Swordmaster of Hoeth on his blog to get us to paint those bigger gribblies that may be sitting in a box, to galvanize us to build and paint them during the month. Not having a particularly big monster, I committed to painting three smaller models, a Chieftain on ‘Chariot’ and two models being used in my Stampede (or ‘the pets’ as Swordmaster calls them πŸ˜€).

Progress of all the participants can be found here:

Week one – The beginning

Week two – Painting

Week three – Painting pt 2

Week four – Painting pt 3

Week five – Finished!

(The final post won’t go up until next weekend and i’ll add a link then but i’ve ‘finished’ my models early due to a cancelled work trip so posting ahead of time).


I’m a big fan of Mierce Miniatures and this is one of their range. Although it’s a fairly simple colour scheme, I’m really pleased with the grey base and blue wash and drybrush. It is fast becoming my favourite paint job, perhaps due to the simplicity (and I love the model which also helps!).


This is again another Mierce model (are you noticing a trend here?). This miniature, like the wolf, was pretty much done last week but needed a few finishing touches. As normal after reviewing the photos I noted a few bits that need fixing, namely the pupils, as he appears to be able to look in two different directions at once! I blame my not so steady hands.

Chieftain on ‘Chariot’

Ok so the eagle eyed amongst you may pick out the small inconsistency. Yes there is no Chariot. I may normally avoid proxies like the plague but I love the model and size wise it fits the profile (or base restrictions more accurately).

In terms of the model, it is again another Mierce miniature (like many I took advantage of their recent sale, as they are normally fairly pricey). It is at a stage where I’m almost ready to say it’s done. 

The bones are deliberately left in a rough dirty state. I was aiming to show an aged effect. I do want to add a highlight edge to the purple straps but won’t be able to get to pick up the paint colour I want to use before the close of the challenge. The blade was deliberately left black with a nuln oil wash to darken it further. I will likely drybrush it but want to research onyx blades first. 

In general I tried to add more detail than I would normally bother to do, such as picking out the studs in the saddle. Some more effectively than others but again not having the steadiest hand meant they lacked a uniform size. It makes me think I need one of those lights that surround a magnifying glass so I can really get to the detail easily.

For those at the club reading this (looking at you Dean), note the drybrushing on the riders fur. This is done in the same scheme as the above wolf and will be the basis for the rest of the Beastmen in the army. Kev, thanks for the purple colour recommendation.

I have kept to my normal simple flock basing as (a) I was being lazy (b) it fits in with the rest of the army. Inspired by turkadactyl, I will try and step it up when I finally get round to some of the wood elves.

Lastly I recommend checking out some of the other blogs for their entries as many of the painters are significantly more talented than me (though I’m definitely getting better!).



SELWG WHFB league – Quarter final results

Friday saw the last of the Quarter final games played. I didn’t see two of the games so have scant details on them. So how did I do with my predictions?


QF1: Group A 1st (Dan W – Empire) v Group D 1st (Luke B – WoC). Luke B won. This was an exceptionally close game where Luke won narrowly on victory points (after a recount). I actually managed to see a bit of this game and the main  characteristic seemed to be Lukes core of Warriors saving nearly everything thrown their way repeatedly (and then fluffing their attacks). In the final round (after again a phenomenal amount of saves) the warriors finally stepped up and did enough wounds to Dan’s halbadier  block to route them, winning the game. I predicted Dan to win, so wrong on that one! (though I still maintain he was odds on favourite). And because I love his garish chaotic colour scheme here’s another picture of his warriors.


QF2: Group B 1st (Luke C – DE) v Group C 1st (Antonio – HE). Antonio won. Again I managed to catch a bit of this game as it was the same night as the above and my first Kings of War group game. It turns out they are old adversaries having played multiple times and this time, Antonio did indeed manage to neutralise the  Witch Elf block and captured the hill, winning the game.

QF3: Group A 2nd (Neil R – DoC) v Group B 3rd (Alex M – Lizards). Neil won. As predicted, Alex using Neil’s own army against him put Alex at a disadvantage and Neil won the match.

QF4: Group B 2nd (Chris R – Ogres) v Group A 3rd (Paul B – Nurgle Daemons). Chris R won. In the TO’s words: “Chris Richards used his super powers to get yet another opponent to cascade their wizard for the win!” So I called this one wrong and Chris, in the last of the quarter finals to be played, progresses to the Semis.

Semi Finals

Dare I put my money in my mouth again? Probably not but i’m going to anyway. The worst thing that can happen is i’m proven wrong and if that’s the case, don’t tell my wife!

SF1: Winner QF1 (Luke B) v Winner QF4 (Chris R). As I said in my last prediction, not having seen Chris’s army or him play this tournament, i can’t comment on that side but I do know that Luke has a solid army and is getting better with every game, so i’m going to say Luke will win this one.

SF2: Winner QF2 (Antonio) v Winner QF3 (Neil R). This should be a very good game to watch as Antonio seemed to be a good player and fun opponent from the little I saw of his game. However, knowing Neil and his play, I am still going to put my money on him to progress.

FINAL: Winner SF1 v Winner SF2

Monster March – Week 2

Continuing with Swordmaster of Hoeths Monster March Challenge I present a couple of photo’s of the progress to date.

Chieftain on ‘Chariot’

The initial base coat is primarily finished (with just the saddle straps to go). The beast has had a wash and drybrush as has the skin of the rider and the horns/bones. I need to start picking out details. Hoping to get this done or at least close to done by the end of next week.



I’m really pleased with how this has come out with the grey base, blue wash and light blue highlighting and as far as i’m concerned its pretty much done. I just need to finish the base and eyes.



Again this model is pretty much done. Base and eyes need to be finished and perhaps another wash as I was a little too heavy on the dry brushing in parts and so am not entirely happy with the finishing. I think the issue is, that I feel the paint used was too light in colour.


KOW ο»Ώ- 2017 SELWG Comp – Game 1 vs Forces of the Abyss.

Or: An Exercise in how not to play the Herd.

Friday saw the first ever SELWG KOW competition game being played and I had the pleasure of being one of the competitors, as the Herd of Khazbar the Magnificent (Reborn) faced off against my old nemesis Neil R and his Forces of the Abyss.

It’s worth noting that as most of the players were new to KOW, that we were not using the new COK rules with the exception of the changes to flyers. The comp pack can be found here.

It was fair to say I was slightly apprehensive about the match for a number of reasons: it was only my 2nd game of KOW, Neil is one of the better players at the club (having won both whfb and 40k tournaments in recent years), he is already into double figures with KOW games and I hadn’t used my list before. Excuses out of the way πŸ˜‰, I’ll recap my list, that I’ve previously gone over in depth here followed by Neil’s list.

12 Abyss turn 2

The Herd of Khazbar Reborn – 2000pts (edit: added some items I missed initially)

Khazbar – Shaman – heal + Myrddin’s Amulet – 130pts

Wazzock the Renewed – Shaman – heal – 120pts

Zurrock the Mighty – Chieftain on Chariot – bows + Fire Oil – 205pts

Beast Pack – Troop – 70pts

Beast Pack – Troop – 70pts

Tribal Spirit Walkers – Horde – Brew of Strength – 260pts

Longhorns – Regiment – 145pts

Stampede – Horde – Brew of Sharpness – 305pts

Guardian Brutes – Horde – Blessing of the Gods – 255pts

Brutox – 220pts

Brutox – 220pts


Neils’s Forces of the Abyss

Winged Archfiend – Ensorcelled Armour – 335

Abyssal Champion on Mount – Mace of Crushing – 200

Efreet – Heart Seeking Chant – 165 (yellow)

Efreet – Inspiring Talisman – 155 (blue)

Hellhounds – Troop – 125

Hellhounds – Troop – 125

Lower Abyssals – Horde – Brew of Strength – 230

Tortured Souls – Horde – Chant of Hate – 245

Succubi – Regiment – Blessing of the Gods – 215 (Daemonettes)

Succubi – Regiment – Brew of Haste – 205 (Pink Horrors)

Where do I start? The Archfiend is going to be a total pain. Not only does it hit hard but it is very tough and will be difficult to pin down. It’s all kinds of worrying in one package and I supect is similar to the Herd Avatar of the Father.

Abyssal Champion is a bit of an all rounder. Has some good shooting, is reasonable tough and will hit quite well too. He can soften units up, help finish off injured units or act as chaff if required.

The Efreets are not very tough and the nerve isn’t great but they have small bases and are individual so very maneuverable. This will overcome the short range of their fireball attack and with each of them having 20 attacks and not using the CoK rules, they will always hit on 4+.

Hellhounds are like a beast pack turned up to 11. They are tougher, have far more attacks and also have nimble. They are quite expensive to be used as chaff so i’m not sure if they will be used in this roll.

The Abyssal horde are the army anvil. High nerve and average melee and defensive stats have been bolstered by the brew of strength so that they can dish out more damage.

The Tortured Souls are interesting. They are similar to my Guardian Brutes but although they have fly, they are also shambling so can only move 10″ and Neil does not have anyone with surge.

The Succubi are a very interesting unit. They are a cross between other armies elite and berserker units but have both stealthy and ensnare, making it harder to hit them.


We used Neil’s custom Terrain generator (which I’ve covered here in detail) and rolled Map Selection ‘1’, which was 3 * Buildings, 1 * hill, 2 * tree bases, 2 * Walls/Hedges/Fences.

We rolled off and I was player ‘A’ and Neil ‘B’ and we deployed the terrain as per the below instructions:

  1. Player A places the 3*buildings, anywhere on the table except in any DZ and at least 6” from any table edges. Also each building must be no more than 9” from each other.
  2. Player B places the hill in any DZ, at least 9” from any table edge.
  3. Player A places 1*tree base anywhere on the table, at least 6” from any table edge.
  4. Player B places 1*tree base anywhere on the table, at least 6” from any table edge.
  5. Player A places 1* WHF in any deployment zone, at least 6” from any table edge in any configuration, but all pieces must be touching each other.
  6. Player B places 1* WHF in any deployment zone, at least 6” from any table edge in any configuration, but all pieces must be touching each other.


1 Terrain


We rolled loot, which wasn’t a bad thing as it was the scenario I had played in my previous game, so I actually had an idea what I was doing! One token was automatically placed dead centre, I put one token in the large woods and Neil placed one in the village.

I won the roll for sides and using my normal tactical reasoning, selected the side I was already standing on (left on the pictures, north on the maps).


After having a genius plan of concentrating on just 2 of the loot counters, one being the counter I placed in the woods, I threw it all out the window, sketched out, seconded guessed myself and decided to spread my forces all across the table making the same mistake that I had done when last I faced him with Beastmen in whfb. I really need to learn from past games and stick to the plan!

I again won the roll, this time for first turn and in another moment of indecision, chose to give it to Neil.


2 Deployment

4 Deployment Abyss6 Deployment all

Turn 1 – Abyss

Under the orders of their dastardly general, the Forces of the Abyss advanced on all fronts. The Succubi moving into the edge of the village just short of the loot the local peasants had stashed. In the centre, the abyssal horde advanced ready to capture the loot token in the burial mound there. They were supported by the tortured souls and Winged Archfiend who lined up ready to flank charge any herd that were to contest the centre. On their right flank the hellhounds advanced around the wood and the one of the efreets moved up as bait. In the final act of the round, the Abyssal Champion threw a lightning bolt into the central beast pack causing 3 wounds.

After seeing Neil’s first turn of movement, I can fully understand why they use chess clocks in competitions for KOW. Although the early movement phases are key in lining up the attacks and will define most of the game, there was definitely a lot of faffing around and being somewhat of an expert in faffing around, I know it when I see it!

Abyss - turn 1

7 Abyss turn 18 Abyss Turn 1

Turn 1 – Herd

In the first of my tactical blunders in the first turn, I totally forgot how nimble flyers were and so advanced the chieftain and 2 Brutox without covering my rear arc.

In the centre, further mistakes were made with the spirit horde advancing to get in the face of the horde, with me convinced they could withstand a charge, with 2 healing Shamans backing them up. The Guardian Brutes under threat from both the tortured souls and winged archfiend, valiantly retreated, thus sealing the fate of the spirit walkers. The central beast pack of chaff, in a move so cunning that Baldrick would have given it a seal of approval, re-positioned to the left flank to ensure it could get in the way and not do anything useful.

On the left flank the other pack of chaff couldn’t resist and charged the bait Efreet inflicting a wound and at least ensuring it could not use its obscene 20 fireball attack next turn.

Herd - turn 1

9 Herd turn 110 herd turn 111 herd turn 1

Turn 2 – Abyss

On the herd left flank the hellhounds advanced at full tilt to get into the back field. The injured Efreet retreated behind the woods, as did the supporting Succubi unit, thus ensuring neither could be charged. The other Efreet moved forward and unleashed its fire breath wavering the beast pack that had hurt its twin.

Howling with glee the abyssal horde slammed into the spirit walkers (picking up the loot in the process) and backed up by the unit of hellhounds decimated the unit in a single turn of combat, leaving a gaping hole in the herd lines.

In the village, the Succubi decided they didn’t like their odds and edged sideways behind a building, whilst the Winged Archfiend moved round to threaten the rear of the Brutox contingent.

Abyss - turn 2

13 Abyss turn 214 Abyss turn 215 Abyss turn 2

Turn 2 – Herd

One of the beast packs moved up to block the succubi, which allowed the stampede to pick up the token. The Longhorns moved up in support of them, ignoring the Hellhounds that lurked behind them. Wazzock moved up to support the flank, whilst Khazbar moved out of the woods to block line of site of the now threatening abyssal horde.

In the village the Chieftain charged the Succubi causing minor damage. One of the Brutox moved up to claim the loot counter whilst the other moved to threaten the centre. The Guardian Brutes decided they needed to do something useful and moved up to threaten the flank of the abyssal horde but being careful to ensure the Tortured souls could not flank or move behind them.

Herd - turn 2

16 herd turn 217 herd turn 218 herd turn 219 herd turn 2

Turn 3 – Abyss

Both Efreets targeted the stampede causing 12 wounds and wavering them. The central pack of Hellhounds charged the flank of the beast pack obliterating them and lined up the flank of the Stampede. The final pack of Hellhounds moved up to threaten the rear of the herd lines.

The tortured souls charged into the Guardians inflicting substantial damage but failing to do any more than that, leaving them prime for a counter in the next turn.

In the village the Archfiend smashed aside the Chieftain and turned to threaten the loot carrying Brutox. The Succubi further backed up pivoting as they did so.

Abyss - turn 3

21 Abyss turn 322 Abyss turn 3

Turn 3 – Herd

The token carrying Brutox moved out of the village, avoiding the arc of the Archfiend and turned to face the inevitable charge of the Succubi. (Edit – we worked out after the match that you could not pivot when moving backwards. It the overall scheme of things it wouldn’t have made much difference but it probably would have meant that the Brutox would either be able to have charged the Succubi or wouldn’t have been facing the turn 4 charge. Note to self, learn the basic rules!).

The other Brutox, unable to charge anything advanced at the double to also ensure the Archfiend could not attack it in the rear and if it survived the inevitable barrage of fireballs, help out the left flank. As an added bonus it regenerated one of the wounds the Abyssal champion had inflicted on it earlier in the game.

The Guardian Brutes tore into the Tortured Souls but failed to route them.

In the woods, the Stampede reformed to at least prevent a rear charge against it and Khazbar threw on a heal that removed 3 wounds, though that was unlikely to help due to the impending flank and front charge and due to the number of wounds already suffered. The Beast pack moved to threaten the Efreets in the next turn, thus allowing the Longhorns to charge the Succubi, which they did to minimal effect (as an added bonus the dogs also happened to protect the Longhorns flank).

Herd - turn 3

23 herd turn 324 herd turn 325 herd turn 326 herd turn 3

Turn 4 – Abyss

In the village, starting the trend of this turn, the Succubi charged the Brutox, slaying it and capturing the loot counter. The Tortured Souls counter charged the Guardian Brutes doing enough damage to also remove them. 40 fireball attacks from the Efreets into the central Brutox was more than enough to incinerate it. No regeneration would be helping it out in the future!

Continuing the rolling wall of pain, the Abyssal horde finished off the remaining beast pack, whilst the horde was put down by the combined 45 attacks of the two Hellhound units, leaving the third and final loot token in the hands of Neil’s troops.

In the only good news of the turn, the Succubi Regiment failed to kill the Longhorns and both Shamans had avoided combat!

(Apologies but I forgot to take any photos from this point on).

Abyss - turn 4

Turn 4 – Herd

At this point I decided to call it as with only one unit remaining and it being surrounded on 3 sides, there was only one way this game was going. Neil pointed out that it was worth playing the turn as it might matter in the case of a tie breaker. With that in mind, we rolled the combat between the Longhorns and the Succubi and would you believe it, they actually routed them, ensuring that although I had been obliterated, I had dodged the complete embarrassment of failing to remove a single one of his units!

And with that achieved, we did call the game.

Herd - Turn 4


2 points for Neil for the game win and with regards to the tie breaker point tally, 1,870 points to 205 points to Neil (one of my Shamans was in the position to potentially dodge further combats so we assumed it would have survived).

I think it’s hardly worth trying to say it was anything but a total whitewash.


So with that game over, all that is left to do is pick through the pieces of the car crash. The obvious place to start is deployment. Even more than warhammer, deployment is key in KOW and it’s fair to say I screwed the pooch here. The first mistake was not sticking to my guns and spreading my forces across the entire battlefield rather than just concentrating on two objectives. Also knowing that he had flyers, I failed to either double line or cover my rear arcs, which meant I engaged in a futile dance of trying to avoid rear charges. A prime example was on my first turn, I should have positioned one of the Brutox to threaten anything that moved round the rear of my lines. Due to the limited space in the village he was never going to do anything useful there!

I also learnt some valuable lessons about my army list, which is handy due to the lack of practice with it. The Spirit walker horde can take a beating but isn’t invincible. I’m lacking chaff, so may need to sacrifice another element in the army in that role if needed. The Brutox don’t work well in a confined space due to the incorrect base size on the models and although my reasoning for taking them was based on having 2 models I wanted to use, I am slighly regretting not taking an additional spirit walker horde in place of one of them. We shall have to see how that pans out. Even after just one game I can see that my ‘inspired’ idea of using the two Brutox and Chieftain together is looking anything but and I’ll be changing that going forward.

Already i’m feeling the lack of flyers in the list but there’s not much I can do about that at present so will need to adapt and overcome the shortfall.

KOWΒ ο»Ώ- 2017 SELWG Competition – Terrain Generator

Neil decided for the competition that, rather than players just agreeing terrain (it is a comp after all!)  and rather than using the pre-generated maps that helpful players have posted on the Mantic forum, that he would design his own terrain generator.

I like what he has done. It’s different and guarantees that there is a good amount of terrain and it is pretty fair too.

In Neil’s own words:

In most wargames getting the terrain setup acceptable without too many rules & taking a fair amount of time can be a challenge. So here is a process that hopefully will not be too challenging & avoids the dreaded barren table with a few sparse pieces stuck in the corners. Players will still have some input into the final position of certain items. It also saves me the aggravation of printing/designing maps.


Before deciding scenario/mission roll on the table below (D6).

Collect terrain listed, & determine player A & B with a roll off (player highest roll). Then follow the deployment instructions.

Some general points:

All hills are L2 height.

All buildings are L4 height & impassable.

All trees are L4 height. Please make sure you have a footprint/base for trees to determine if a unit is in/out of the trees. This is important for LOS & cover.

River difficult terrain & height Level zero (3”-4” width) Does not grant cover save modifier.

Marsh difficult terrain & height Level zero, grants cover save modifier.

Walls/hedges/fences (WHF) L1 height. 1 WHF length = 12”, so 3*WHF= 36”

Unless otherwise stated all terrain must be at least 3” apart (exception WHF, which touch/link buildings and buildings which must be at least 6″ apart).

DZ = Deployment zone

Should it prove impossible to place terrain as described, then it is ok to overlap areas/distances to full fill the instruction.

Please note the slight variation on rules for the rivers only. No cover save modifier.

Hopefully this will generate a table that looks sensible & yet playable with movement trays.


Terrain table (D6 roll).

Map 1) 3*Buildings, 1* hill, 2* tree bases, 2*WHF.

Map 2) 1*River 1*building, 3*hills, 1* tree base, 1*WHF.

Map 3) 2*Marsh, 3*tree bases, 2*hills.

Map 4) 1*River, 4*hills, 1*tree base.

Map 5) 4*buildings, 1*tree base, 2*WHF, 1 hill.

Map 6) 4*tree bases, 2 hills, 2*marsh.


Terrain deployment instructions Map 1.

  1. Player A places the 3*buildings, anywhere on the table except in any DZ and at least 6” from any table edges. Also each building must be no more than 9” from each other.
  2. Player B places the hill in any DZ, at least 9” from any table edge.
  3. Player A places 1*tree base anywhere on the table, at least 6” from any table edge.
  4. Player B places 1*tree base anywhere on the table, at least 6” from any table edge.
  5. Player A places 1* WHF in any deployment zone, at least 6” from any table edge in any configuration, but all pieces must be touching each other.
  6. Player B places 1* WHF in any deployment zone, at least 6” from any table edge in any configuration, but all pieces must be touching each other.


Terrain deployment instructions Map 2.

  1. Player A places river 2ft from any short table edge running from long edge to long edge (4ft length).
  2. Player B 3*hills anywhere on the table except in DZ’s, and no more than 6” from any table edges.
  3. Player A places 1* tree base in any DZ no more than 9” from any table edge.
  4. Player B places 1 building with WHF touching in the opposite DZ that the trees are in, no more than 6” from any table edge.


Terrain deployment instructions Map 3.

  1. Player A places 3*trees, anywhere on the table except in DZ’s and at least 6” from any table edge.
  2. Player B places 1* hill in each DZ at least 6” from any table edge.
  3. Player A places 1* marsh anywhere on the table at least 9” from any table edge.
  4. Player B places 1* marsh anywhere on the table at least 9” from any table edge.


Terrain deployment instructions Map 4.

  1. Player A places river 18” from any long table edge running from short edge to short edge (6ft length).
  2. Player B places 1*tree base in the centre of the table, or as near as possible.
  3. Player A places 2* hills, one in any DZ no nearer than 6” from any table edge, & the second hill anywhere on the table other than in a DZ.
  4. Player B places 2* hills, one in any DZ no nearer than 6” from any table edge, & the other hill anywhere on the table other than in a DZ. (both hills may be in the same DZ)


Terrain deployment instructions Map 5.

  1. Player A places 2*buildings & 1*WHF anywhere on the table, but not In any DZ, at least 6” from any table edge, & both buildings no further apart than 6” with WHF linking both buildings in nay configuration.
  2. Player B places 2*buildings & 1*WHF anywhere but In any DZ at least 6” from any table edge, & both buildings no further apart than 6” with WHF linking both buildings in any configuration. Also must be at least 12” away from nearest building in A above.
  3. Player A places 1*tress anywhere on the table at least 9” from any table edge.
  4. Player B places 1*hill anywhere on the table at least 9” from any table edge.


Terrain deployment instructions Map 6.

  1. Player A places 4*trees, anywhere on the table except in DZ’s and no nearer than 6” from any table edge & at least 6” apart.
  2. Player B places 2*marsh in any DZ at least 9” from any table edge. Both can be in the same DZ.
  3. Player A places 1 hill anywhere on the table 9” from any table edge.
  4. Player A places 1 hill anywhere on the table 9” from any table edge.


KOWΒ ο»Ώ- 2017 SELWG Competition – Groups

On Friday the draw was made by the independent adjudicator (Paul Baker) and the groups are below.

I’ve previously covered the comp pack here and my army list here.

The first group has been nicknamed the ‘group of death’. This is because it contains the greatest percentage of former champions and semi finalists of the previous club WHFB competitions. Evan knowing that, I’m happy being in the group, as although I know they will be very competitive and tough games, with the exception of Tony (the club president) who I’ve never played so can’t comment on, i’ve played the others multiple times and they are great guys and the games will be great fun.

The disappointment for me is that I have played them multiple times. I’ve played 2 of the other 10 players (Darren in Basilea and Alistair in Orphilia), just once in my time at the club, so it would have been good to have the chance to play them in the competition. But that’s the way the random draws go sometimes.

That being said, KOW is still new for most of us and i’ve never played Neil, Dan, or Alex with them using these armies (even in whfb) and i’m really curious to see what Tony’s herd list will be like, will it differ substantially from mine (army lists are released later this week as our club comps are always open list). I’ll post a review of the group lists once I have them.


Dan White – Dwarfs

Neil Robins – Forces of the Abyss

Alex Mountain – Elves

Mark Merfield – The Herd

The President – The Herd


Darren Scholte – Undead

Stephen Tanner – Trident Realms

Michael Malcolm – Elves

Antonio Lopez – Elves

Martin Healy – Dwarfs


Neil Hobday- Empire of Dust

Paul Keyes – Ratmen

Alistair Austin – Undead

Greg Farrell – Twilight Kin

George Hobday – Elves

Detailed map of the Universe

Ok, so I am going way off topic with this post but i’m a sucker for any program on physics and space (looking at you Brian Cox and Jim Al Khalili), or nature (David Attenborough). Being able to explore a galaxy is likely why I had a brief (couple of years) foray into EVE online (cool ships and shooting aside!).

Why am I mentioning this (bar to give you info about me you probably don’t care about ;p), it’s because I found this video about a detailed map of our Universe and how galaxies make up superclusters. I have no idea of the validity or accuracy of the info but I love this stuff and had to share it.

Laneakia – Supercluster of Galaxies