Army Showcase – Luke B’s Warriors of Chaos

One of my club mates is a complete fan of oldhammer models and I recently had the pleasure of being invited to his (for our Bloodbowl league game). Apart from loving the original Tony Ackland art he had, the framed A3 Gary Chalk slaves of darkness artwork in the wall and the drawers of tumbled together oldhammer figures, I finally managed to get some shots of his warriors army, that he had on display on top of a cabinet.

I hope you enjoy!

If you’re curious, the banners are both drawn and then painted by him.


Hobby Update – Zurrock the Mighty

Some time last year I took advantage of one of Mierce miniatures clearance sales. I picked up a number of metal models, mainly standard bearers for various units. I don’t mind getting metal miniatures for these size creatures as I find the Mierce resin to be a bit too brittle and easy to break (though it works well on their larger monsters).

Having been using a pre_painted older Wargor with back banner as the bsb for a while, I thought I should pull my finger out and actually get this figure painted ready for my semi-final game!

I kept the colour scheme similar to the rest of the army but gave him a unique tabard colour. I did try and freehand something on the banner but screwed it up so royally that I ended up painting over it. This was even with me trying to copy a design I’d drawn onto paper! Instead (to make up for my abysmal lack of freehand skills) I gave him some warpaint.