The Throng of Karak Silvertop

I thought I’d post where I’ve gotten to with the throng so far. All pictures are taken with my phone on the floor so you’ll have to excuse any lighting issues. 

I’ve tried to photo each element of the army whether finished or not. 

A few bits (half the slayers) were purchased off eBay  fully painted. As I’ve probably stated before, painting and I have never been the best of friends so most are done to a tabletop standard with a wash, dry bushing and a bit of highlighting done here and there.

The War Machines and crew

One gyro is part painted and there are 4 unpainted engineers. Yes the flame cannon has no crew and yes it is a goblin hewer next to it.

The Runesmith Contingent 

3 unpainted and an anvil that never sees any use under 8th.


Bugman is part painted and I have the 30th anniversary white dwarf with gotrek and bugman shield bearers unassembled

Ungrim and the Slayers


If I end up using them I’ll probably finish painting them!


The Ranged contingent 

20 Irondrakes, 20 Thunderers and 60 quarrellers/Rangers (20 of which need painting)

The Anvils

32 Warriors/Shieldbeards and 20 Ironbreakers

The Rest

Basically a grudge thrower, dragon slayer and 2 doom seekers I missed from earlier shots and was too lazy to unpack the miniatures again to add them to earlier shots. I know most dwarf players seem to swear by them but I’ve rarely used the GT. Again if that changes I’ll probably move it up the painting  list.

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