Hobby update – The Gor continue

I knuckled down over the last week and finally made some progress on the Gor horde being used in my comp list, completing half of the unit. I’m liking the blue and yellow and it ties in with the colour scheme of the the Empire soldier my Ghorgon is grasping. I have in my head that this unit ripped off parts of the uniform from an Empire garrison they defeated and now wear them and tote their standard too! (Not sure if any of the Empire providences have a blue and yellow colour scheme but we won’t worry about that). The yellow does seem bright and perhaps too pristine but I like the contrast so it will stay as it is rather than being ‘muddied’.

As normal, I broke up the monotony, of painting a large unit by also painting something else, in this case another Razorgor. Again there are elements of this that I thought worked really well. The druachii(?) violet wash over the light grey on the mane and the athonian camoshade wash over the moot green on the tail.

This now leaves me with 20 Gor, 10 Harpies and 2 Shamans to finish, ostensibly before my game with Dan on Friday.

Will I be finished on time? Nope of course not. Even taking into consideration that I have one afternoon off this week, we currently have 2 house guests staying with us for the next few weeks which means that I have no painting station (or more accurately no space to set up my coffee table as the nursery took the painting station). This might even impact getting the painting finished by the 19th when I face Paul. Fingers crossed they have left way before then!

The biggest shock for me is that I’m even this close to finishing. In terms of my Beastmen as a whole, the only other models left to paint are 20 further Bestigors and a Beastlord (oh and a further shaman and substitute Minotaur standard that I may have ordered during the Black Friday sales. More on them in a later post). 


Hobby update – Beastmen Counters and Gor Unit

I’ve recently been watching a number of battle reports on YouTube in an effort to make up for my lack of Beastmen playing time. Apart from learning that my comp list is somewhat different to anyone else’s, I did come across a video from Oncebitten, talking about using tokens to represent wounds and other key things instead of dice (frankly a great idea so there’s no confusion and accidental use of marker dice). So completely plagiarising his idea (which I think he said he also ‘borrowed’) I knocked together 3 sets of counters using various Beastmen shields. Whether i’ve made enough is another matter but it is a start and I can always add to them.

Although simple in design, I’m impressed enough with them that it has made me want to replicate it for all my other armies (using relevant counters of course!)

  1. Top left are wound counters. Some different styles so they can go against different models.
  2. Top right are Despoiler counters. To denote when a unit of Bestigors have captured standards.
  3. Bottom are Blood Greed counters. To mark when Minotaurs or Ghorgons gain frenzy/extra attacks.


I also finally finished one of my Gor units (unfortunately the smaller of the two still another 40 to go). They were all painted to my normal desktop standard (5-7 colours on each, followed by 3 or so different colour washes). The command group were then given a bit more attention with details picked out.

After completing the counters, I have now decided on a yellow and blue scheme for the 2nd unit of Gor as really liked the contrast against the browns.

Oh and I’ve decided to start taking photos  against a white background to show off the figures a bit better. Still being lazy as using my phone to take them and my desk light doesn’t provide sufficient light but it’s a start!

SELWG 2016 whfb tournament – Stage 2- Group A – Neil’s Daemon List

In the last of these posts looking at my stage 2 opponents armies, I’ll be looking at Neil Robins Daemons of Chaos. (The first post looked at Dan’s Empire here and the second post looked at Paul’s Daemons of Chaos here).

He is playing a completely different Daemon list to Paul featuring Daemons from three of the four Chaos gods.

I’ve probably played Neil more times than anyone else at the club (Dan is probably second on the list) and so I am well aware of what a wily player he can be. When last I faced his daemons (list and battle report) he had numerous small units of Pink Horrors, a Greater Daemon of Slannesh and a load of mounted Bloodletters. So what has changed?


Great Unclean One + lvl 4 Lore of Death + Lesser Gift + Exalted Gift – 580pts

Herald of Khorne + Juggernaut + Lesser gift – 175pts

Herald of Khorne + Juggernaut + Lesser gift – 175pts


24 Pink Horrors + lvl 1 Lore of Tzeentch + Standard – 322pts

10 Pink Horrors + lvl 1 Lore of Tzeentch + Banner of Swiftness – 155pts

10 Pink Horrors + lvl 1 Lore of Tzeentch + Banner of Eternal Flame – 150pts


5 Chaos Furies of Nurgle – 70pts

5 Chaos Furies of Nurgle – 70pts

3 Beasts of Nurgle – 180pts

3 Beasts of Nurgle – 180pts

4 Bloodcrushers of Khorne + FC + Standard of Discipline – 305pts


Skull Cannon of Khorne – 135pts



So the most obvious change to the above list is the change of Greater daemon from Slannesh to Nurgle. It allowed Neil to take Lore of Death which is by far his favoured magic lore, if only for the ability to gain extra power dice. I looked up the exalted gifts and they are pretty nice. Getting a potential +2 T or +3 Str on the unclean one is horrible (for me) and would boost both stats to 9!. The lodestone is nothing to be sniffed at either and some of the hellforged artefacts are also interesting.

Furies only have a LD of 2 so will benefit greatly from the Generals leadership, although due to the mixed nature of his army only they and the beasts will be eligible to use it.

He has dropped one unit of Bloodcrushers and instead upped the number of Beasts of Nurgle to 2 units of 3. Probably a good choice as the crushers seemed a glass cannon when we last fought but the beasts are tough, especially with the -1 to hit modifier and 4+ regeneration (and my lack of anything flaming).

He has merged a couple of the units of horrors so he has one large unit. This means it gets the rank benefit when casting (so will get +4). The other smaller units will get +2 as standard. Both will be reduced once ranks are removed as casualties.

The skull cannon will likely be gunning for the Ghorgon (I really should paint a target on it…).

I’m not sure how I will play this one, I’ve only played Daemons once before and that was against Neil! At least this time I have a copy of the daemons errata so shouldn’t have any surprises about the reign of chaos…

I’ve yet to confirm a date for this game.


SELWG 2016 whfb tournament – Stage 2- Group A – Paul’s Daemon List

In the second of these posts looking at my opponents armies, I’ll be looking at Paul Bakers Daemons of Chaos. (The first post looked at Dan’s Empire here and the third post will look at Neil’s Daemons of Chaos here)

I’ve only had the pleasure of playing against Paul once before and that was when he was using a Grimgor Ironhide Orc list. I don’t remember the outcome of the game but what I do know is that when facing Paul you have to be careful as he always has the most beautifully painted armies and it is easy to be distracted by them (see the badly taken pictures later in the post to get an idea). I would categorically say (and have done before) that his models are by far my favourite of those i’ve seen at the club.

But enough about the painting, what has he taken in his list?


General – Great Unclean One – Lvl 4 Lore of Nurgle + 1 Lesser gift – 505pts

BSB – Herald of Nurgle + Razor Standard + Lesser Locus of Virulence + Lvl 1 Lore of Nurgle – 235pts

Herald of Nurgle + Exalted Locus of Contagion + Lvl 1 Lore of Nurgle – 175pts


29 Plaguebearers + FC – 407pts

29 Plaguebearers + FC – 407pts

30 Plaguebearers + FC + Banner of Swiftness – 435pts



1 Beast of Nurgle – 60pts

1 Beast of Nurgle – 60pts


3 Plague Drones + FC – 210pts




Now before I even attempt to put down anything meaningful, the first thing I want to do is take my hat off to Paul for using a completely themed Nurgle army including the magic lore. Before getting back into WHFB in 8th edition, I was used to not being able to mix and match chaos god followers and it still seems wrong to be able to take followers who hate others (e.g. Nurgle hate Tzeentch), so I always appreciate it when someone is true to their God (as it were).

His entire army all has at least a 5+ ward, poisoned attacks and when attacked in close combat nmes are at -1 to hit. Poison poses an issue for me as most of my army has no armour and relies on toughness to survive, something that poison will negate. Most of my army has a higher weapon skill than his so the -1 to hit puts us on an even footing.

His choice of lore actually works against me as at least 3 of the spells reduce, WS, I and T. One improves his poisoned hits from 6+ to 5+ and two of the other spells wound if the target fails a toughness test. I’ll have to be careful what I choose to dispel.

His 2 Heralds will likely each go in 2 of the 3 plaguebearer units. The BSB, apart from upping the units AP to -2 (of no use against me) also confers a rule where all of them will auto wound on hits of a 5+ (similar effect to the spell Blades of Putrefacation). The other herald gives the rule that the unit will gain an additional str 4 hit when they hit on a 6+.

I’m not quite sure what to make of the Great unclean one. It is quite literally a monster but has an exception toughness of 7 meaning that the highest strength attacks I have in the army will wound it on a 5+

On a happy note, he has no shooting so i’ll be expecting plenty of combat to take place!

This game is booked in for 16 December.


SELWG 2016 whfb tournament – Stage 2- Group A – Dan’s Empire List

Steve has now sent round the army lists for the groups and i’ve had a chance to peruse each of my opponents lists.  This post will mainly focus on Dan’s Empire list and i’ll cover Paul’s Daemons here and Neil’s Daemons here.

None of the three have changed the books their armies were taken from in the first stage, so will all get 5 bonus points.

As for the other 5 points for retaining the same list, I am pretty sure that Dan will get these as his list appears to be the one I previously fought in a stage one warm up game with my dwarves (here). I can’t comment on Paul’s list as I didn’t see his stage one list but looking at the photos I took of his army on one of the club nights, it looks pretty similar. I think Neil’s list has changed somewhat (probably refined) as it is similar but different to the one I also fought against in my first stage 1 practice game with my dwarves (here).

To recap Dans list:


Arch Lector on war alter + cloak of ulric + charmed shield – 309pts

Captain BSB with enchanted sh + dawnstone – 121pts

Lvl 4 light Mage with talisman of preservation + sceptre of stability – 260pts

Lvl 1 light Mage with power stone – 85pts

Lvl 1 light Mage with dispel scroll – 90pts

Engineer – 65pts


37 halberdiers fc + detachment of 5 archers + detachment of 5 archers – 322pts

5 Knights with dhw + standard – 120pts

5 Knights with dhw + standard – 120pts

10 archers + music + stand – 90pts


4 demigryph Knights + fc + steel standard – 297pts


Hurricanum – 130pts

Luminark – 120pts

Steam tank – 250pts

Hellblaster – 120pts



I previously looked at his list with my Dwarf hat on (here) but having played him I now have a better idea of what it is capable of.

Warning – don’t expect any ground breaking analysis of this or the other 2 lists. I’ve also deliberately tried to avoid writing any thoughts on how to counter their lists (if I have any!)

To start with his list has really good synergies (I would expect nothing less from him). The War Alter gives all troops within 6″ Hatred, the Hurricanum will give all troops within 6″ +1 to hit and the Luminark will give all troops a 6+ ward save. Combine these with just the horde of Halbardiers and that is a nasty combat to get involved with and he will likely be keeping them close for just that reason.

On top of that he is running a light council and with  3 wizards and the war alter, he will not only definitely get banishment (2D6 Str 4+) but have it twice (as well as potentially all the other light spells). The light spell augments will further enhance his troops giving anything from WS and I 10 to double movement, ASF and +1 A. The Arch Lectors battle spells effect all units within 6″ and these can potentially give re-rolls to wound (filth combined with the hatred and +1 to hit rolls), a 5+ ward or Str 4 hits on models in base to base. His Hurricanum will  give +1 PD per turn. Combine this with one of his Wizards having a power stone (adds +2 to a casting roll) and a potential 4 channels per turn and his magic phase is looking to be quite formidable. For defence, he has a dispel scroll, the Luminark adds +1 DD per turn and his Lvl 4 also has a one off +D6 to a dispel roll. Not too shabby either.

The magic phase is definitely a worrying one and after my one and only game with the Beastmen  where it was a total non entity, I can appreciate how Dan has tried to stack the odds in his favour.

The Stank is also a bit of a worry as I don’t really have anything to counter it and I think I can probably say goodbye to the Ghorgon care of it’s cannon!

I am immensely looking forward to this game though (already penciled in for 2 Dec). The classic Beasts vs Empire. I now just have to remember all the rules for my units and hope that I give Dan a challenge, as last time I took an army I wasn’t used to playing (High Elves), he wiped the floor with me!



Blood Bowl – 5th ed.

In late 2015 when Games Workshop announced they would start releasing new boxed sets, one of those on the list was a new version of Blood Bowl. After a wait of a year they have finally confirmed a release date of 25 Nov.


I started playing Blood Bowl in the 2nd edition in 1988, which was the first boxed set with 28mm miniatures and a foam board representing astrogranite. At this point you started with orcs and humans, all the same model and had to add coloured rings to the bases to represent the different positions (white was a thrower, red a blitzer and yellow a catcher if memory serves me correctly).


I immediately fell in love with the game and of course purchased the next boxed set in 1994 where the miniatures had evolved to actually have different models! (and I still think they are great molds – with perhaps the exception of the human blitzers). This version streamlined gameplay a great deal and introduced dice for blocking. The pitch also become quite a bit wider (in 2nd ed you could almost block it completely with your team – you could still do so here but one successful block could leave your lines wide open).

Note: the human team below was lifted from the net. It isn’t my painting.


Around 2001 Jervis Johnson released the 4th edition living rulebook and this was updated approx once a year to 2007 (small updates were done after this).

By this point I had drifted away from tabletop gaming onto PC’s and consoles but got heavily back into Blood Bowl when Cyanide released Blood Bowl on the PC. The game itself was excellent but the multiplayer suffered terribly due to massive issues with connecting to the servers. This was later fixed but the company was and still is terrible at communication with the fan base to let them know of issues and fixes, in fact just about communication on anything. This rolled over and has continued with the 2nd release for Blood Bowl 2. An infinitely inferior version to the Chaos Edition of the first PC game (at least for the single player mode).

5th Edition

Having rambled on a bit you can see why I might be quite happy with a new release of Blood Bowl and I was lucky enough yesterday to get a sneak peek and half a game in.

So what did I think. I’ll start with the rules (and caveat that I didn’t have a chance to look at anything in depth). They actually haven’t changed a great deal. If you played the 3rd/4th editions you can pretty much pick up the game and continue where you left off. Some of the skills have been streamlined and categories renamed but I didn’t notice any other significant changes. I didn’t get to see the Deathzone rules so can’t comment on them.

The models are multipart (3-4 piece) and in the main look good (see below). I think they have again dropped the ball (excuse the pun) with the blitzer models for both the humans and orcs. In both cases almost the only way to distinguish them is by a greater crest (humans) or plume/hair (orcs).

The basic game costs £65 with the Deathzone supplement an additional £15 (and you will be getting that as it provides the additional team and additional rules such as mutation skills etc). Though you will be able to pick it up cheaper through your local 3rd party retailer. One thing they have appeared to have done is merged the Elf teams into one, though I don’t know what made the cut or not.

GW will also be selling at least 1 new additional team at the launch, the Skavenblight Scramblers (keeping the tradition of naming the teams sold after the most famous of the teams).

So will I be getting the game? More than likely and it will give me an excuse to dig out my favoured Norse team that I actually have out of storage (though they are not a team in the initial release, GW have stated that further teams will be released in the future, so fingers crossed).

I’ll have to see if I can drum up any interest at the club and then find time to actually play it!





SELWG WHFB league – Stage 1 Final Results and Stage 2 update

Stage 1 Results

After what seems like an eternity of waiting (I seriously need to get a life), Steve has posted the stage 1 results. The final group positions are below (Note the ‘missions left’ box has not been updated for any of the games played since the last update – mainly as I don’t have the info to do this).


As you can see, Dan, Paul, myself and Neil topped the groups but as previously noted, the next stage group is actually based according to the points totals from all competitors. As it happens, the four of us did end up with the highest points in the 1st group stage and so are in the top group for the 2nd stage. The results by points total are below.


Stage 2

For the 2nd stage groups we are joined by two new players: Antonio and Luke. As per the comp rules they have joined Groups C and D respectively.

Two players have taken the opportunity to change the armies they are using. Greg has reverted back to his preferred Dark elves (from the Wood elves he was using). I have taken the opportunity to use my new(ish) Beastmen army (As previously discussed here: The Herd of Khazbar the Magnificent).

Whether anyone has changed their actual army list is another question and we’ll only know that after the first update of stage 2 when we see the bonus points.


Steve also added the below to his update:

Just a quick reminder that everyone plays everyone else in their group once. The top 3 finishers in groups A and B will be joined by the winners of groups C and D in the final playoffs:

QF1: Group A 1st v Group D 1st

QF2: Group B 1st v Group C 1st

QF3: Group A 2nd v Group B 3rd

QF4: Group B 2nd v Group A 3rd


SF1: Winner QF1 v Winner QF4

SF2: Winner QF2 v Winner QF3


FINAL: Winner SF1 v Winner SF2


I am still processing the final list changes and I will send out list by group once they are all confirmed.



Chance of qualifying 

Technically I have a 3 in 4 chance of qualifying for the quarter finals. I think I might struggle to do so as I’m up against 3 very strong competitors using an army I’m not familiar with and there’s a chance none of them changed their list so I’ll be handicapped on points. Still I won’t just roll over and because we’re using scenarios and there are the secret mission points available it is still viable to not place last.