WHFB – Beastmen vs Daemons of Khorne – Apr 2022

Today’s post is a bit different. Instead of my usual battle report, this is going to purely be a link to a you tube report created by my opponent, Simon.

Earlier in the year, I joined a central London Warhammer Whatsapp group and although most of the time I’ll struggle to meet up with members, as they tend to meet on a Saturday at Westfield in Hammersmith, I did have the opportunity to when my wife was away with the kids.

In order to play a few games, they often play at smaller points levels. This one was played at 1,500pts and as stated above is on the you tube channel: D6 Wounds. His battle reports are in the style of OnceBittern360, photos of the battle with narration over the top.


Doombull: heavy armour; Sword of Striking; Talisman of Preservation; Mark of Tzeentch; Charmed Shield 312

This set up meant the bull would probably hit on 2+ and had a 3++ ward save making him both killy and survivable.

Wargor: Battle Standard (The Beast Banner); Mark of Khorne; heavy armour; shield; Gnarled Hide 206

A 2+ save and 4 str 5 attacks. The standard helps boost his attack str by +1 (to the Str 5) as well as the unit of Gor.

Bray-Shaman: Lore of Shadow; additional hand weapon; Mark of Khorne; Dispel Scroll; Ruby Ring of Ruin 127

38 Gors: Foe-render; Musician; Standard Bearer; Mark of Khorne; additional hand weapon 329.

With the BSB in the unit and the Mark of Khorne, this unit would put out a potential of 51 Str 4 attacks in combat.

5 Ungor Raiders: Mark of Slannesh; 30

5 Ungor Raiders: Mark of Slannesh; 30

Tuskgor Chariot: Mark of Khorne; 80

6 Razorgors 330

5 Harpies 55

1,499 points

My thought behind this was trying something a little different, namely having a block of hard hitting Razorgor with a Minotaur Character attached. This character would give them frenzy (adding to their output) and frenzy would also help offset their poor leadership, making them immune to psychology.

We also used the Triple Crown Wargaming comp pack, which gave free marks of Chaos to the beastmen. I noted those in the list. One thing I did massively blunder on was I gave a Mark of Khorne to the Shaman. Technically he could not have taken this but it wasn’t picked up until wayyyy after the game! It was also the first time i’d used the mark of Khorne, going forward, i’ll probably stick to Mark of Nurgle (-1 to hit) as it really helps to offset the Beastmen’s complete lack of survive-ability and is a constant effect, whereas Mark of Khorne helps their damage output (adding 1 attack and immune to psychology) but if you lose a combat, you lose all the bonuses!

Spoilers for if you haven’t watched it.

I played my usual hyper aggressive game with the beastmen against an opponent who hadn’t ever faced them, pushing up as fast as possible. He was quite worried and spend the first few turns backing off and playing a really cagey game.

The terrain caused a big bottleneck for my units and I ended up detaching my Doombull from the Razorgors (really a mistake). I would have been better off swinging the unit round the flank of the ruined building.

The moral is, never send a lackey to do a Great Bray Shaman’s work!

Overall it was a fun game and it was great to meet and play with some new faces! I’m hoping to be able to get down to play some of them again (though one of the players, Drew I did meet and play at Riotville and the report is here).

I will say Simon’s army is very well painted and below is the obligatory shot before the game started.

5 thoughts on “WHFB – Beastmen vs Daemons of Khorne – Apr 2022

  1. Nice, I quite like the idea of free Marks of Chaos. Khorne might not be too bad as Immune To Psychology is pretty useful for Beastmen. I recall once facing Tomb Kings with all the tricks to make you actually worry about Fear and Terror, and it was completely horrible!

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    1. Khorne is definitely useful on the chariots as it helps up the crews output. If I was being gamey, the marks would also apply to the Tuskgor or Razorgor pulling it (in the same way primal fury does) but as the warriors of chaos book errata’ed that the marks only applied to the charioteers (and I try not to be ‘that guy’) the intent is there that they don’t. Free marks really does up their game. Not to any kind of broken level (bar perhaps that you can get a 3++ ward Doombull…). The same pack gives Brets the devastating charge rule (extra attack on the charge), which is both thematic and really helps them too.

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