Sowing Misinformation – part 4

After already covering: High Elves (Sowing Misinformation – Part 1): Dwarves (Sowing Misinformation- part 2) and Beastmen (Sowing Misinformation – part 3), the 4th and final installment will look at the feral version of the pointy eared ones:

Wood Elves

I recently came across a series of pictures that I had drawn in primary and early secondary school depicting wood elves. I won’t be assaulting your sight by posting them here, as my artistic ability in that medium was and still is appalling (it makes my painting look like the miniature equivalent of the Sistine Chapel!). I mention it as it helps to encompass how long I’ve been fascinated with the wood elf race. Let’s say 25+ years, not look to closely at the accuracy of that number (it’s called creative accounting) and leave it at that.

As an army there is something infinitely appealing about the two images that come to my mind of:

  • The woods awakening to crush the despoiling (insert race here) – a la rise of the Ents in LotR.
  • Massed bow fire appearing from an invisible source in the woods, cutting down the intruders. The elves silently glide in to finish the survivors, before melting back into the shadows.

That combo of rage and sneaky backstabbing for some reason really appeals to me, maybe because it is at a polar opposite to how a dwarf would act.

With that said it is then hardly surprising that I would be looking at using my favoured elves in the next stage.

Ancients of Mu Mu

If you’ve read the Treeman article written by Edmondj on the asari forums (link is in one of my previous posts Wood Elf Compendium) you will see he puts forward a strong argument for using a Treeman Ancient as your general. I won’t go over the reasons again here, but these combined with the fact that I think having one also fits in nicely with the army fluff, means at least one list must include one.


Treeman Ancient

Spellweaver – some magic bits

Glade Captain (BSB) – some magic bits

Shadowdancer – some magic bits


10 Dryads

23 Eternal Guard

12 Glade Guard


8 Wardancers

3 Warhawk Riders

8 Wild Riders

10 Deepwood Scouts

10 Deepwood Scouts


10 Waywatchers

Reign of Arrows

This army is my combined arms list. A core of archers (as it should be), some forest folk support and some highly mobile assault units.

You will note that all my lists contain wardancers and more often than not a treeman. For me they (together with archers of course) epitomise the wood elves. To not take them just seems, well, wrong. It’s like fielding an Orc army and not including a goblin unit so the lowly orc boyz have some runts to push around and do the menial tasks! (It’s a reason why I also take snotlings, even goblins need someone to look down on).



Glade Lord



15 Glade guard

16 Glade guard

10 Dryads


6 treekin

9 Wardancers

9 Wild Riders

3 Warhawk Riders

5 Sisters of the Thorn

10 Deepwood Scouts


10 Waywatchers

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