Wood Elf Compendium 

The 8th edition wood elf book was the last to be released, but even so there is a wealth of great articles available with opinions and tactics on the book options.

In this post I’m going to link some of my favourite articles (mainly so I have them all in one place for my own reference).

Enchanted arrows

It is generally accepted that multiple units can take the same enchanted arrows. The following blog posts by Rex Foote, looks at each type and when best to use them. I’ve included the hail of doom arrow (Hoda) in this section. The Asrai forum post is by Brechttomme.

The Dice Odyssey – Enchanted arrow tactica

The Dice Odyssey Blog – Hail of Doom tactica

Asrai forum – Enchanted arrow review and mathhammer


Character Loadouts

NonnoSte on the asrai forum has tried to group together as many viable character loadouts as possible into one place. This includes: Lords, Spellweavers, Glade Captains, Shadowdancers and Waystalkers.

Asrai forum – Character loadouts


Forest Spirit units

The changes to the forest spirit units in the 8th ed. book, in particular the drop in strength across the board and the loss of skirmish on the dryads meant that many players no longer took them. In this series of articles by EdmondJ on the asrai boards, he  first argues the case for continuing to use dryads and then writes a good article on treemen and their uses

Asrai forum – Dryad tactics

Asrai forum – Treemen tactics


Wood elf army book reviews

Just some general 8th ed. book reviews

WarhammerTruthiness – WE book review

Hoodlinghole – WE book review

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