Baited breath and other ramblings

Now that I know that the stage one group games have finished, I’ve found myself checking emails everyday waiting for the final results to come through. The main reason is because I want to see who I will be facing next. It’s only the first stage and I have an over abundance of anticipation… sad really 😉.

I actually hope that someone knocks me out of the top group (where I’m currently sitting based on the points as at the last update). This is because it would mean not playing Neil, Dan and Paul. I have no issue playing them as this always helps improve my game, as they are all great players and sports. However, being in the second group would mean I would likely to be playing more of the club members I’ve not managed to get a game with to date.

With the cut off for the bonus points for early submission of second stage army list due in a couple of days, I have sent this to Steve to maximise the points haul. The problem with blogging, is that it is now really difficult not to start a posting the list and talking about why you chose what you did. With lists potentially being submitted up until the 3/4 November, I’ll have to wait a bit longer…

So what else has been going on that is worth mentioning?


We had another session last week where we reached the island and started to clear/explore a smaller island off its coast. I’m not going into too much detail, as with a second d&d group due to start, there maybe som cross over in quests.

We have also decided to try and meet up once a month during the week to continue, as it was easier to all get together. This will either be at someone’s house or possibly Warboar in Bromley.

Has closed its forum to new members siting that newer recruits just seem to troll and all resources can be found on other online areas. Whilst true, it is another warhammer general forum that has appears to have effectively given up, which is a real shame. I will say this occurred and I found out a good month or two ago, I just hadn’t posted it.

Many clubs (ours included) used it to post about upcoming events and tournaments and for participants to sign up. With no new member sign ups it hampers new players from doing so. Not so much of an issue for whfb, 9th age or maybe kow, where the player base is likely to remain fairly unchanged and already registered but probably will hit the new AoS players (maybe that is another underlying reason for the change!)

Warseer Reborn

After going dark for more than a number of months, their twitter feed has announced that the site will be back up on 1 December.

Kings of War

Released their latest updated FAQ a month or so ago and can be found here: Mantic rules and downloads

The Ninth Age

Is due to start releasing version 1.2. This will include updates to the army books slightly changing the current core/rare/special selection criteria and sweeping changes to the Magic system, cutting the number of paths from 20 to 10 (amongst other things). They have also produced their first e-zine which can be found here: The 9th Scroll

Trying out new games

Speaking to a few members of the club, I’ve lined up a some people to try out both KoW and 9th Age. It may not occur until the whfb league is finished but we are looking to run a few 1000pt games as that way we will be able to get in a few in an evening with us each taking a turn whilst the others watching and rule checking.

I’ve been watching a lot of videos from Oncebitten360, on YouTube recently, who was/is one of the 3 key writers of the beast herd army book for 9th age and he puts across the whole process and what they are trying to accomplish in a very good way and this has definitely been one of the reasons for the increased interest (enough to try it out anyway).

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