SELWG 2016 whfb tournament – Stage 2- Group A – Dan’s Empire List

Steve has now sent round the army lists for the groups and i’ve had a chance to peruse each of my opponents lists.  This post will mainly focus on Dan’s Empire list and i’ll cover Paul’s Daemons here and Neil’s Daemons here.

None of the three have changed the books their armies were taken from in the first stage, so will all get 5 bonus points.

As for the other 5 points for retaining the same list, I am pretty sure that Dan will get these as his list appears to be the one I previously fought in a stage one warm up game with my dwarves (here). I can’t comment on Paul’s list as I didn’t see his stage one list but looking at the photos I took of his army on one of the club nights, it looks pretty similar. I think Neil’s list has changed somewhat (probably refined) as it is similar but different to the one I also fought against in my first stage 1 practice game with my dwarves (here).

To recap Dans list:


Arch Lector on war alter + cloak of ulric + charmed shield – 309pts

Captain BSB with enchanted sh + dawnstone – 121pts

Lvl 4 light Mage with talisman of preservation + sceptre of stability – 260pts

Lvl 1 light Mage with power stone – 85pts

Lvl 1 light Mage with dispel scroll – 90pts

Engineer – 65pts


37 halberdiers fc + detachment of 5 archers + detachment of 5 archers – 322pts

5 Knights with dhw + standard – 120pts

5 Knights with dhw + standard – 120pts

10 archers + music + stand – 90pts


4 demigryph Knights + fc + steel standard – 297pts


Hurricanum – 130pts

Luminark – 120pts

Steam tank – 250pts

Hellblaster – 120pts



I previously looked at his list with my Dwarf hat on (here) but having played him I now have a better idea of what it is capable of.

Warning – don’t expect any ground breaking analysis of this or the other 2 lists. I’ve also deliberately tried to avoid writing any thoughts on how to counter their lists (if I have any!)

To start with his list has really good synergies (I would expect nothing less from him). The War Alter gives all troops within 6″ Hatred, the Hurricanum will give all troops within 6″ +1 to hit and the Luminark will give all troops a 6+ ward save. Combine these with just the horde of Halbardiers and that is a nasty combat to get involved with and he will likely be keeping them close for just that reason.

On top of that he is running a light council and with  3 wizards and the war alter, he will not only definitely get banishment (2D6 Str 4+) but have it twice (as well as potentially all the other light spells). The light spell augments will further enhance his troops giving anything from WS and I 10 to double movement, ASF and +1 A. The Arch Lectors battle spells effect all units within 6″ and these can potentially give re-rolls to wound (filth combined with the hatred and +1 to hit rolls), a 5+ ward or Str 4 hits on models in base to base. His Hurricanum will  give +1 PD per turn. Combine this with one of his Wizards having a power stone (adds +2 to a casting roll) and a potential 4 channels per turn and his magic phase is looking to be quite formidable. For defence, he has a dispel scroll, the Luminark adds +1 DD per turn and his Lvl 4 also has a one off +D6 to a dispel roll. Not too shabby either.

The magic phase is definitely a worrying one and after my one and only game with the Beastmen  where it was a total non entity, I can appreciate how Dan has tried to stack the odds in his favour.

The Stank is also a bit of a worry as I don’t really have anything to counter it and I think I can probably say goodbye to the Ghorgon care of it’s cannon!

I am immensely looking forward to this game though (already penciled in for 2 Dec). The classic Beasts vs Empire. I now just have to remember all the rules for my units and hope that I give Dan a challenge, as last time I took an army I wasn’t used to playing (High Elves), he wiped the floor with me!



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