Scissor, paper, stone, Lizard

I’ve now received my 3 opponents lists and i’ll start with Alex’s Lizards.

So what is he packing?


Slann – (BSB) – Forbidden Rod, healing potion, standard of discipline, becalming cognition, wandering deliberations

Scar Vet – Dragonhelm + dawnstone + coldone

Scar Vet – Armour of Destiny + coldone

Skink priest (lvl2) – Beasts – Dispel scroll


29 Warriors – FC

3 * 10 Skink Skirmishers

11 Skinks – Mus + Stand

25 Temple Guard

5 Chameleon skinks

1 Salamander pack

4 Terradon riders

1 Ancient Stegadon – giant blowpipe


There are no real surprises with the characters. 2 * 1+ AS scar vets with GW is standard. They can be a total pain to kill and i’ve had them hold up whole units before but with the profusion of GW in my army that should be possible.

Wandering Deliberations effectively makes the Slann the same as a high elf loremaster. He will know all 8 battle magic signature spells. Becalming is pointless vs dwarves as it relates to dispel rolls. The forbidden rod/healing potion combo will allow the slann to potentially boost 1 magic phase (+D6 power dice with D3 wounds) and then heal back up from the effects.

Skink priest will need to be watched as the slann can cast his spells through the priest. The slann will always be a priority target but if I cannot get to him, the priest (or the unit the priest is embedded in) will replace him as the target.

In a straight fight my blocks should outclass the saurus and temple guard but it will be vital to back they up and dispel any buffs/hexes. The temple guard will be a priority for the organ gun to soften them up.

Stegadon will be the cannon’s primary target. However I know my GW troops can grind it down so I am already thinking of using it as bait to draw skinks away from the OG.

The skinks are a major danger for my WM’s + slayers as they have poisoned attacks. Likewise the terradons will probably target the WM’s.

My irondrakes will prob target the skink cohort or terradons at first instance.


It will obviously depend on the scenario to some extent but after the initial shooting I will advance to CC fairly quickly.



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