SELWG 2016 whfb tournament – stage 1 groups

Well the 1st stage groups have been drawn and I was placed in the 3rd group entitled ‘Kroak’.

What do I know about my opponents? Of Joe and Stevie – very little as I have never played them before. For Joe I could guess a blender, Grave guard, Terrorgeist and Stevie – stubborn gutstar, mounted cannon, compulsory core bulls. I’ve also never played Alex however I know that he is using Neil’s Lizardmen army and so I know roughly what models he has available (if not what he will select) – Temple guard and saurus blocks. 4 flyers, slann, multiple skink units (scouts + Krox/skinks + chameleon), Steg, 3 mounted heroes. Once I get the lists I post my thoughts on them.

Am I happy with the group? In general yes. Love whfb so a chance to play consistent games is always a bonus! Not played Vampires in this edition so looking forward to that (until maybe I play them!). Lizards are tough but I’ve beaten them before. Again ogres are tough and the comp has hurt the artillery I would normally use against them but my left field slayer unit selection could work to my advantage against them.

If I had the option, I would have liked Pete, Matt or Greg in the group. They are all in my D&D group at the club (together with Steve M as the DM) but unlike with Steve, I’ve never managed to play any of them at whfb.

Emperor Archaon
Pete Hales (Empire) Steve McGuire (Warriors)
Tim Harper (High Elves) Luke Conway (Dark Elves)
Chris Richards (Ogres) Paul Baker ( Daemons)
Dan White (Empire Martin Healey (Dwarves)
Kroak Fateweaver
Alex Mountain (Lizardmen) Neil Robins (Deamons)
Joe York (Vampires) Matt Teager (Orc & Goblins)
Mark Merfield (Dwarves) Greg Farrell (Wood Elves)
Stevie Boxall (Ogres) Cyntac Wong (Vampires)



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