The endless hordes

As I stated before I guessed Joe would be packing the standard blender. Imagine my surprise when I saw no vampires at all in his list!

So what was in his list?


Necromancer – Lvl4 – Nightshroud + Talisman of preservation (4++) + lore of vamps

Necro’ – lvl 2 – Master of Dead + lore of vamps

Necro’ – lvl 1 – lore of vamps

Wight King (BSB) – Sh + Screaming Banner (3 dice fear test)

Wight King – sword of strife (+2 A) + enchanted shield (+2 AS) + luckstone


40 Skeletons – Spears – Music + stand

40 Skeletons – Spears – Music + stand

40 Zombies – Music + Stand

21 Zombies – Music + Stand

40 Grave Guard – FC + GW + Banner of the Barrows (+1 to hit in CC)

2 Bat Swarms

2 Fellbats

2 Spirit host

1 Corpse Cart

1 Terrorgheist



So no blender, however 40 GG with (I am going to assume) both Wights and the lvl 4 Necro will be a hard nut to crack. Organ gun will be aiming for that with extreme prejudice as will the irondrakes.

The Cannon will auto go for Terrogheist and then the corpse carts will be next target.

The quarrellers will target fell bats/bat swarms or corpse carts depending on what they can see.

Over 550 points are invested in the GG so that has to be primary target. hammerers as a flank charge would be preferable with perhaps LB’s in the front as they would still get their 6++/5++ vs KB.

With open lists he will know only my smiths can harm the spirit hosts so I may need to risk solo charges to kill off the blockers.

I suspect that the other necro’s will be bunkered in each of the skeleton hordes and with master of the dead on the lvl 2, both of these can be increased in size.

He basically has 2 killing units (terror and GG) and a lot of tar pits. I shouldn’t take the skelly hordes too lightly. With spears and horde formation he is likely going defensive to maximise attacks although he will loose parry saves so I would expect to inflict some serious damage in an melee. The items (corpse cart) that cause ASL aren’t too much of an issue as most of my troops have GW so are already ASL. On paper it is all about taking out the GG unit whilst minimalizing my own losses (if that is where most of his chars are bunkered).


The rules of the comp mean that you must pick and stick to your magic lore for the group and so I know all 3 necro’s will have lore of vamps. This means he will potentially have all 6 spells + the sig spell between his char’s. In practical terms, I would expect him to use the sig spell on at least 2 of his necro’s.

In terms of the spell eaters, his lvl 2 will definitely take the sig spell to utilise master of the dead (raise skelly’s above starting size). This is a potential to destroy. Gaze of nagash is potentially his only ranged attack of note so will also be a contender as will Vanhel’s. With no magic of my own, curse of years will be dispelled in my own magic phase if it goes off.



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