To dwarf or not to dwarf…

So with the tournament looming large, I have a decision to make; what army do I take?

There are 3 primary contenders and a few secondary possibilities.

So what are the options?

Dwarves – The throng of Knoffles of Karak Silvertop.

Pros: Have all the toys, predominately painted, have played quite a bit with them recently so have a chance of pulling out some positive results.

Cons: Played them quite a bit recently. No magic (and been missing that)

High Elves – The host of Vaelin al Sorna

Pros: Have all the toys, predominately painted, have a magic phase!

Cons: Torn on my favourite play style. Seredain’s cavalry prince or Swordmaster’s MSU. Somewhat limited play time with them.

Wood Elves

Pros: Have most of the toys, 75% either painted or part painted. My first purchased whfb figures (from 3rd ed.) and still some of my favourites (scarlocks wood elf archers) are in the army. love the feel of the army

Cons: Not used them in 8th. Trying to finish painting (to maximise comp points) with a new baby is somewhat difficult!

Warriors of Chaos

Army is almost completed but need to build a couple of units/chariots and none of it is painted (I really don’t like using unpainted armies)so if I chose to use this one it would be in the second stage of the comp.

Orcs and Goblins

This was my first love (in so far as whfb armies). The randomness of the units, ability to field massed ranks and units and not knowing if at any one point if things would go Pete Tong endeared this to me in a large way. This was my primary army during 3rd, 4th and 5th editions of the game. There are a few obstacles to fielding this army. I don’t have any of the more recent toys (mangler squigs come to mind), some of it still needs painting and more importantly the whole army is stored at my folks.


Like everyone who games, I’ve built up a collection of numerous other models. None are really extensive enough to field as a coherent army with perhaps the exception of Vampire Counts but in order to use these i’d definitely have to make a few purchases, namely zombies and perhaps some ghouls and graveguard/black knights. These are likely on the cards in the future but perhaps not this year and if purchased these will definitely be mantic models as their zombies in particular are much cheaper and (imo) better than the GW models. In fact the mantic undead range is actually the best in their range (unlike the elves which are poor substitutes for GW models).


So as much as I really want to use one of the elves, I think in group stage one, I will be using the dwarves if only for familiarity. Tactically this is likely to be a mistake. If I do well in the first group stage (no guarantees) it will bump me into the higher level groups for the 2nd stage where I am planning on taking a different army that I am not as familiar with. This will likely mean that I am unlikely to do as well in the 2nd stage.

I suppose the question is, do I care? Well in some ways yes. I do have a competitive streak and would like to do well but my main aim is to play lots of games of whfb and have a lot of fun doing so. Positioning is really an added bonus. I will just have to try and get in some games with the elves inbetween the other games.




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