Hobby update – Brets/Empire/Lizards

I’ve been really slack recently (or worse than usual) with updating the blog. Does it mean I’ve rested on my laurels? Why no, so today present another smorgas board of treats for you, starting with:

Sir Percival Deschamps.

He is the Grand Master of the Order of the Green Knight (see previous green and white Bret unit), tasked with the duty of protecting the remote shrines and chapels of the realm. He is the first Bret model that I’ve painted in just one colour. Green on Brets is one that will often get the nerd rage flowing from online commentators. You can’t use it as it’s a peasant colour/only the green knight can wear green…. Yada yada. Well that convenient bit of fluff nicely explains why he can and besides my Brets are borderland based so don’t follow the same structures of the main realm, so there 😉.

He is also one of the final knights left in that army so I’m pleased that in 2022 I almost fully completed my Bret force (for the moment…).

Edit: This sentence probably also gives away when I started this post…

Baron Marc le Chauve

The Baron is the leader of my borderland Bretonnians. I’m of course using the Forgeworld model of Leitpold the Black, the named character released from the Tamurkhan book. A suitably aloof posture I felt for the Lord of all he purveyed! I also painted him in the same colours as my Empire army so I could interchange him.

Skink Priest

Just a regular humble skink priest. I don’t actually remember buying him separately, so assumed that he came in a start buying box

Empire Wizard

The next model is an alternative Heroquest wizard released by zealot miniatures in one of their KS campaigns a few years back. I painted him in the Amethyst college colours, mainly as I don’t have one in that scheme. It had just the right amount of detail for me (i.e. not a huge amount) and feels like it would fit in nicely with my other models from the late 80s/early 90s (if a little bigger in scale). He’s also satisfyingly in metal.

Empire Captain

I was lucky enough to pick up this model last year at a not too expensive price. He is hands down my favourite Empire character model (at least on foot). Seeing him now I am going to have to revisit him as I want two tones on his arms.


I’ve probably mentioned before that I’m generally a huge fan of Trish and her sculpts. The one real dodo for me is the current GW salamander model. I really detest the aesthetics of it and much prefer the older metal model. So I was really pleased when Avatars of War released this alternative a few years ago.

I still quite like the sculpt but I have to say the casting and quality is so so. I’ve probably been spoilt by GW quality. And on top of that, the new GW Salamander model they previewed recently was another model they have based on an older model and just reimagined and it looks very good. I’ll definitely be picking it up at some point!

This is a unit that I’ve not used much in game but it comes with a Str 4 flame template weapon and knowing how good the dwarf steam cannon is that uses the same template but is only Str 3, I’m vey much looking forward to it!

Avatars of War model
The new chonky model previewed by GW


The last model today is the Chief Astromancer of the Constellations, of the Temple of the Eclipse, in Tlaxtlan. He is basically a mini slann and tends to bunker in skinks rather than Saurus.

In game, he is one of those exceptions to the general rule that special characters are over costed and you can normally make a better generic character. He goes the other way and is one of the most undercosted special characters for what you get.

He’s only a level 2 wizard but is a Loremaster of Heavens, so knows all the spells. He can also roll a D6 at the start of a magic phase and on a 2-6 allows the player to reroll 1’s on power dice. This can significantly boost your magic phase (on the D6 roll of a 1 you have to reroll 6’s so not as good but can prevent miscasts!). He gets a 5++ ward save from his minor shield of the old ones. At the start of the battle, he gives D3 units the vanguard ability (allowing them to move 12”). Combined with some of your units that will vanguard anyway (Razordons), you can have some nasty units ready to throw down an opponents throat. His final magic item, allows him to reroll (if you wish) when the comet from the comet of casandora spell will impact. Not can you reroll to see if it hits the ground but you can reroll when it has hit the ground, to try and delay it another turn. It’s really useful for a potentially game changing spell!

All this for a measly 175pts.

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    1. Cheers, I’ve just added in a pic of the new salamander model GW have been previewing (as a comparison). I’m partial to the Wizard as he is a reimagination of the Advanced Heroquest model and that was my early gateway drug!

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