Lizardmen reinforcements

The joy of being a sporadic poster is that it means when you finally get back into the groove, you have a bit of a backlog of models.

When I entered the call of the crown 2 challenge, my aim was to finish the bulk of my Brets and Lizards and whilst the Brets are pretty much there (I’ve since picked up 40 odd men at arms from fireforge and have a couple of damsels left), the Lizards have a way to go as I have the bulk of my skinks to do and have picked up a bsb, 20 more Saurus (before they retire the kits) and another Stegadon since entering! Still, this post is the conclusion of the models entered into the challenge and once the skinks are done, that will be the best part of 2 armies done in just over a year All in all, I’m pretty pleased with that.

Saurus Temple Guard

Temple Guard are the elite of the Saurus, bred for one purpose, to protect their Slann. 30 of them make a solid bunker and when protecting him they gain stubborn and this, combined with their cold blooded rule, means they will almost never break from combat.

This unit is a bit of an oddity in my lizards in that they are the only one not painted with contrasts. Admittedly this is because they were primed green before contrasts were even a thing and I didn’t want to respray them. I suppose I could have done a zenithal spray or attempted to ‘slap chop’ them but I wasn’t ready for such thingymagigy hocus pocus!

Slann Mage Priest

One of the bloated, toad like, rulers of the Lizardmen. They are always level 4 mages and have a wealth of upgrades available to them. Likely 9 times out of 10, you’ll see one in a Lizardmen army.

Lord Kroak

The big bad corpse of a Mage Priest. One of the best known special characters of the Lizardmen. A dead slann who’s essence refuses to leave his body. He still a level 4 but knows one spell, that he can never lose. He brings a number of bonuses to the table, not least that he makes his temple guard unit unbreakable as well as imposing a -1 to hit against them in combat as well as for ranged attacks. He’s also one of the few models in the game to come with a 3++ ward. His downside is the age old problem with named characters, he’s expensive for what he brings to the table, especially when he is up against the versatility of the standard mage priest.

Terradon Riders

The final unit for the day is the terradon riders. I went with a more muted scheme for them figuring the more flamboyant colours should be used for the more natively dangerous creatures (a consistency that hasn’t been kept across the army…).

I’ll also admit to not having used these in a game as yet. I know the theory of their use. Primarily as chaff or warmachine hunters. They have a rule called drop rocks that is very similar to the Dwarf Gyrocoptors drop bomb ability (though with no side effects!). Once a game you move over an enemy unit and have the ability to, you guessed it, drop rocks. It will mainly be useful for a counter chaff move, with the chance of damaging and causing panic on a unit of 5 models. With the fly ability, you stand a good chance of ‘getting the drop’ on them (pun intended 😉).

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