Hobby Update – Dwarves and a little something else

Half term week is upon us and with that, it means the in laws have descended so I’ll have very little time to paint. So this weekend I launched a frantic flurry of activity to clear some items off the board.

A little while ago I painted up the original Gotrek and Felix models. Off the back of doing that, I decided that I wanted all my slayer characters to have ‘remembrancers’ (or whatever they are called). Not only do I like the idea but it would add a bit more character to the slayer unit. I’ve not thought about any special rules so for interim gameplay, they’ll just be an extra slayer.

With that decided, I just needed to pick some models to use. Cue the female barbarian adventurer from the Zealot Miniatures KS I backed a while ago (and a kick up the back side to actually paint her!). There was nothing fancy in the colours just 4 different shades of brown (including my old hex pot of snakebite leather).

I quite like the pose, especially that bar the long hair and (covered) breasts there is nothing to distinguish it from the usual, male, barbarian models.

With her dwarf daemonslayer

The second item on the table directly relates to the first, the recent upgraded Gotrek model. There’s been a bit of hate for this from the Warhammer fan boys (of which I’ll normally include myself) for two reasons. The first is he now has full use of both eyes (historically he has only one and an eye patch). The second is he is wielding a fire slayer axe rather than his normal runic axe. A few peeps also dislike the shoulder pad.

I have to say I really like the model. It’s not dissimilar to the plastic dragon slayer they released with the two axes. I of course ‘improved’ the model by getting rid of the circular base and put him on a ‘proper’ 40mm square 😉.

I liked the scenic base so much that I was always going to do this so that I could put him in a unit of slayers as a unit filler.

I also realised this was the first time ever I’ve painted any skaven. I appreciate that I didn’t put a lot of effort into them but (a), they are dead and (b), they are only skaven…

Edit: ohhh I’ve also just realised I may have again accidentally painted something that falls into the Azazel’s broad Orktober category!

The final models I finished were 8 additional dwarf clansmen with hand weapons and shields. Why only 8? Well they were the spare 8 models after I built 40 Great Weapon warriors when they purchased as part of the great summer purge by GW (and this takes the unit up to 39, I’m sure it should be 40 but I can’t find the final model).

These followed the same basic scheme as the rest of the unit, namely warlock purple (a calamity, my hex pot is on its last dregs), kalabite green and iron breaker silver.

Having two standards is deliberate as I wanted to add a bit more character to the horde of these guys, break up the unit as such. Dave England’s classic dwarfs have always stuck with me, especially his use of multiple standards.

Speaking of which, after painting them I looked at the rest of the unit and noted they had been painted (even by my standard), really basically. So I dug them all out and proceeded to touch them up, give them all washes etc. A load more work but I’m pleased with the result and so don’t feel the effort was wasted and that’s all that matters. I do still need to update the main banner though.

How they play

In game (8th edition), warriors with hand weapon and shields are frankly a bit crap. They only strike at strength 3 and have a 4+ armour save and 6+ parry as standard. In an edition where high strength is just so useful, combined with their dwarf rubbish initiative (meaning they are normally attacking last anyway), there is very little reason not to give them great weapons. Sure you will drop to a 5+ save and lose the parry but you will hit on a strength of 5.

As such I will probably proxy them as Longbeards if I use them (unless I’m being fluffy). Longbeards aren’t too much different from warriors. They have an extra pip of weapon skill (5 vs 4) but the main advantage is the base strength of 4. This just makes them infinitely better as straight off the bat, they reduce an opponents armour by 1 and gives them at least a 50% or better chance of wounding most infantry in game.

They also have a 50pt magic standard allowance so you can give them stubborn (so they always take leadership tests on an unmodified value) or my preferred vanguard (allows you to move them forward 12″ before the start of the game, helping to counter their short stumpy legs and poor general movement).

My next game using dwarves is likely to be one where I have 3 hordes of dwarves. 2 vanguarding and the other ambushing. I’m rather looking forward to seeing my opponents face when I do that 😀.

6 thoughts on “Hobby Update – Dwarves and a little something else

  1. Interesting – pink clansmen – I plan to paint some of my Dwarfs clones in a mix of colours (probably blue-red). In Wrocław we try to ressurect Warhammer 6-7th editions. Interesting Gotrek and Felix – are they on the way to Norsca 😉 ?

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    1. I do have 40 great weapon clansmen to paint so need to avoid the pink for them. Red and blue is a classic combo so I may just use that too. I do also have 40 miners but I have a different scheme in mind for them (also not the normal colour of course!).

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    1. Pink? PINK? I’m not sure where this pink malarky has come from. It clearly states on the bottle it’s warlock purple. To the untrained eye it may look pink but I can assure you all very manly and butch. The colour of warriors. 😁.
      Sorry – I sometimes think I’m funny. Cheers for the comment.

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      1. You’re right, and my untrained eye is wrong (sadly, not a first)! I read the first comment and latched onto “pink” but you do mention early on that it’s warlock purple!
        So, my comment should read “Now I never do warlock purple, and it’s not a colour that I could get right anyway ’cause I’d make it look like pink, but I think that unit really does look good, so well done! 😉

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  2. Nice work here, you’ve done a lot of painting recently! I think that my favourite is the barbarian – do you have plans to use her for anything? The unit of Dwarf Warriors look terrific together too.


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