Blood Bowl – League top scorer.

In our recent club blood bowl competition I was knocked out in the quarter finals. This is pretty much recurring theme in every club competition I enter, no matter what game system but that is neither here nor there

The award I’ve been after for two seasons is most casualties caused and in the first season I did cause more than any other team but that season it was worked out on an average per game and so I ended up second. I found it interesting that in both seasons it was the standard human teams that won this award rather than any of the recognised ‘bashy’ teams.

Anyway I digress. I knew that in getting the most Touchdowns, that I was able to choose a prize (and so I picked the inducements on the grounds that I’d already bought everything else I wanted for the game). What I hadn’t realised was that I’d also be given an award too.

I wasn’t expecting it and I have to say it really made my night (especially as I then proceeded to throw away the Kings of War quarter final game that I ‘had in the bag’ 🤦‍♂️ 🤣🤣). It really is the little things that can pick you up and make a difference and I’m glad that I had also gone out and bought some trophies for the previous Warhammer competition. Hopefully that had made someone else’s night too.

Eirik Longhorn, Captain of the GF Raiders, with the team trophy.

4 thoughts on “Blood Bowl – League top scorer.

  1. Well, getting the award for causing the most casualties is certainly something, especially in a game like Blood Bowl. You might not have won, but I bet you were a solid Crowd Favorite.

    I agree, you would have thought that a team like the Orks, etc. would have caused more casualties than the humans, but then I guess Chaos is strong on the BB pitch.

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