Army Showcase – Luke B’s Warriors of Chaos

One of my club mates is a complete fan of oldhammer models and I recently had the pleasure of being invited to his (for our Bloodbowl league game). Apart from loving the original Tony Ackland art he had, the framed A3 Gary Chalk slaves of darkness artwork in the wall and the drawers of tumbled together oldhammer figures, I finally managed to get some shots of his warriors army, that he had on display on top of a cabinet.

I hope you enjoy!

If you’re curious, the banners are both drawn and then painted by him.

11 thoughts on “Army Showcase – Luke B’s Warriors of Chaos

    1. Yep he draws the banners and then paints them. I wish I’d taken some shots of his drawers. Apart from the horror of how all the miniatures are ‘thrown’ in, the amount of old school talisman, pre-slotta and 3rd Edition citadel was a joy to behold. I wish I’d taken more photos but at that point I was in a bit of a rush.

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  1. Very cool. The old-school models combined with the sometimes-garish colours and heavily-inked style of painting are so very reminiscent of the armies features in the original Realm of Chaos books.
    The banners are a very cool addition as well, I recognise the City of Forever “Crying Girl”. 🙂

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