Hobby Update – Greater Stone Elemental

On Tuesday I received a little package at work and when I opened it I found one Golem Enano (translates as Dwarf Golem) from the Spanish company Mom Miniatures.

I’m quite a fan of this company. They produce some of the cheapest miniatures available but they are also nice models. This is offset with them having a limited range of models but their dwarf range is a reasonable size and includes one of my favourite purchasable units that can be used as KOW Ironguard/WHFB Ironbreakers.

The model was resin and came in 3 parts, of which one was the base. The cast was pretty good, not in the same league as the models from Mierce but I think this is because the resin is softer. I did need to clean up some of the injection points and file down a couple of odd surfaces but the softer resin actually made this a 5 minute job. I will add that the resin is still hard enough to make this a solid model you couldn’t dent it with a nail, I used metal tools. After the compulsory wash to get rid of any casting agents (or whatever its actually called – memory is failing me!) I glued it together ready for priming.

For this model I primed it with a white base and used a mechanicus grey base. The whole model was then washed with drakenhof blue (what can I say I love this colour combo) and then drybrushed with Stormfang from GW’s dry range. Runes were picked out with Warplock Bronze. These are the one part of the paint job I’m not entirely happy with as they look too pristine so i’ll need to work out how to weather these. In a first, I actually tried to paint some gems! I kept them a fairly simple uniform green and painted multiple green colours starting dark and working my way lighter. Each coat taking up a smaller surface area of the gem. I suppose it’s a cheats way of trying to get a layer effect (unless this is the basic way of layering – i’m probably showing my ignorance here. One day i’ll watch some painting tutorial vids!). I did plagerised one of the example photos on the MOM site and added some flock to the main model, as well as the base, to try and give the impression of a weathered model that had stood still for a millennium before being called to service.

Overall the model was really nice to put together and both fun and easy to paint (the fact I did it all in 2 nights shows how much I enjoyed it). So below are some photos of the finished product including some with one of my normal dwarves so you can see the size difference.



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