Monster March – Brushes down!

For those that have not been following #monstermarch, it is a challenge run by Swordmaster of Hoeth on his blog to get us to paint those bigger gribblies that may be sitting in a box, to galvanize us to build and paint them during the month. Not having a particularly big monster, I committed to painting three smaller models, a Chieftain on ‘Chariot’ and two models being used in my Stampede (or ‘the pets’ as Swordmaster calls them 😀).

Progress of all the participants can be found here:

Week one – The beginning

Week two – Painting

Week three – Painting pt 2

Week four – Painting pt 3

Week five – Finished!

(The final post won’t go up until next weekend and i’ll add a link then but i’ve ‘finished’ my models early due to a cancelled work trip so posting ahead of time).


I’m a big fan of Mierce Miniatures and this is one of their range. Although it’s a fairly simple colour scheme, I’m really pleased with the grey base and blue wash and drybrush. It is fast becoming my favourite paint job, perhaps due to the simplicity (and I love the model which also helps!).


This is again another Mierce model (are you noticing a trend here?). This miniature, like the wolf, was pretty much done last week but needed a few finishing touches. As normal after reviewing the photos I noted a few bits that need fixing, namely the pupils, as he appears to be able to look in two different directions at once! I blame my not so steady hands.

Chieftain on ‘Chariot’

Ok so the eagle eyed amongst you may pick out the small inconsistency. Yes there is no Chariot. I may normally avoid proxies like the plague but I love the model and size wise it fits the profile (or base restrictions more accurately).

In terms of the model, it is again another Mierce miniature (like many I took advantage of their recent sale, as they are normally fairly pricey). It is at a stage where I’m almost ready to say it’s done. 

The bones are deliberately left in a rough dirty state. I was aiming to show an aged effect. I do want to add a highlight edge to the purple straps but won’t be able to get to pick up the paint colour I want to use before the close of the challenge. The blade was deliberately left black with a nuln oil wash to darken it further. I will likely drybrush it but want to research onyx blades first. 

In general I tried to add more detail than I would normally bother to do, such as picking out the studs in the saddle. Some more effectively than others but again not having the steadiest hand meant they lacked a uniform size. It makes me think I need one of those lights that surround a magnifying glass so I can really get to the detail easily.

For those at the club reading this (looking at you Dean), note the drybrushing on the riders fur. This is done in the same scheme as the above wolf and will be the basis for the rest of the Beastmen in the army. Kev, thanks for the purple colour recommendation.

I have kept to my normal simple flock basing as (a) I was being lazy (b) it fits in with the rest of the army. Inspired by turkadactyl, I will try and step it up when I finally get round to some of the wood elves.

Lastly I recommend checking out some of the other blogs for their entries as many of the painters are significantly more talented than me (though I’m definitely getting better!).


2 thoughts on “Monster March – Brushes down!

    1. I’m not sure. I have loads of rank and file to complete in various armies but will probably start with the 15 remaining bestigor to complete those. I do have a Dwarf golem figure from mom Miniatures in Spain and a GW Chimera winging their way to me so they’ll get some love this week. I’m also mid-build of the old wood elf hero on eagle so plenty to keep me occupied!


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