Empire & Wood Elves – Hobby Update

In the last of my catch up posts I have just a few things to cover.

Empire Pistoliers

This year my hobby focus is very much on my Empire army, he says now, knowing that he’ll flit between one thing and another. Or perhaps I should say that my focus is completing my existing armies and not delving into buying a new one!

Anyway tangent aside, this kit maybe more than a few years old but it was a joy to build. It came with so many extras to customise each model. I liked it so much that I bought another one and that’s on top of the 10 I’ve already built as outriders (it’s a duel kit).

Ignoring how much I like the kit, I’m not particularly sold on them in game. Yes they have dual pistols so a unit can put out 10 str4 shots and being fast Cav, they can march and fire and get the normal movement shenanigans. However, with a terrible range, multiple shot and other shooting penalties, they’ll rarely hit on better than a 6. I’m not sure on whether I’d rather use these or 5 knights. Both have advantages.

Wood Elf Glade Guard

Nothing too exciting about these guys. They are just reinforcements to join my other metal spearmen. I found 7 of them in a grab bag, on a traders stall, at the club show in Oct. And for a reasonable price, so I couldn’t complain!

The eagle eyed might note a 3rd Edition Jez Goodwin musician tucked in one corner. I do like these early elf models. Definitely a throwback to my first fantasy battles gift of Skarlocks Woodelf archers.

Woodland critters

Last up are a couple of unit fillers. These are creatures carrying quivers, part of the Kurnoth Hunters set but I thought were pretty apt for woodelves. The only reason I painted the bodies red was due to a small contrast paint incident. Painting on my sofa using a tray on a poof, when I managed to launch the bottle everywhere. The tray was hit hard, as were my clothes, the floor and the chopping board my models were on. Somehow I missed the fabric sofa, poof and every single model on the packed board, bar these. I still don’t know how I avoided that becoming a major calamity (I.e., having to explain it to my wife). Still the colour worked ok.

8 thoughts on “Empire & Wood Elves – Hobby Update

    1. Thanks John. The spillage happened quite a bit before Xmas (but I’ve only recently actually painted them). What I neglected to mention was I had the pot in one of the GW triple pot holders and being lazy I picked up the whole thing to shake one of the other paint pots, not realising that the lid wasn’t actually closed on the red pot. I still can’t believe it didn’t go over the sofa!

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  1. Good work with the painting, those critters for your Wood Elves are especially cute.

    My friend used Pistoliers against me loads in 8th Ed WFB and they were invariably annoying. They don’t kill much but can easily get out of charge arcs and threaten artillery, chaff units etc. Knights are obviously straightforwardly powerful but they’re ultimately just hammering down someone’s throat before getting pulled down. 8th Ed was not very friendly to cavalry units in general.

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