Paul Bonner illustrations

I have to admit that I really like black and white sketches and pictures. It’s probably a throwback to my utter lack of talent in that respect.

Whilst I can’t claim to have any kind of extensive knowledge on the ‘fantasy’ art world, there are a couple of artists who jump out at me.

If I were to name my favourite fantasy artist it would probably be Alan Lee. His work in the Tolkien world is just phenomenal. It just bought the whole world to life and it was always his b&w illustrations that attracted me the most. His art is Tolkien’s world personified.

However some of the earliest works that caught my eye and influenced my childhood were from Paul Bonner. His sketches regularly appeared in White Dwarf towards the end of the 3rd Edition fantasy and there was a certain crispness to them and the expressions captured seemed so much more realistic that other artists.

So with that preamble our of the way, I’ll share some of my favourite illustrations from him. Ones you rarely see when searching online for his work (including a sketch of elves. I mention this as he is renowned for rarely drawing/painting them).

The picture of Muenchbek is probably one of my all time favourites but I also love the wardancer in the final picture.

I’ll have to throw out a mention to davekay and his scent of a gamer blog who inspired the idea for this post as it is definitely not my normal fare.

10 thoughts on “Paul Bonner illustrations

  1. Wow, those bring back some memories. I think that Vukotich appeared in a couple of novels which my teenaged self recalls being quite good.

    That picture of the Wardancer has informed my opinion of all Wood Elves since.

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      1. A quick google search suggests that Vukotich appears in Red Thirst though I have to admit that I don’t recall anything about it from the description. He seems to share some page time with Gotrek and Felix so they probably stole the show anyway. Perhaps I’m only (half) remembering some short story from White Dwarf anyway.

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  2. Thanks for sharing! I really like his Elves too, especially the archer in that pic.

    Growing up in the U.S., I’m not as familiar with the GW artists. Many of the early Fantasy artists that I liked from D&d were more comic artists. Not that I didn’t appreciate their art, it was just a different style. I think TSR managed to incorporate comic, cartoon, and realistic styles quite well in their books. I sometimes miss the cartoonish/comic illustration styles, as all the realistic/photoshop/painting styles that I see now, tend to be the same thing over and over.

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    1. The 3rd Edition Warhammer fantasy rule book was just stacked with art work and was a treasure trove for my young mind. Definitely worth looking at if you like this kind of thing. I believe the 40k rogue trader book was similar.

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      1. I’ve seen a few of the texts, and some random issues of White Dwarf. The art was a bit darker and grimmer, but still pretty cool. I wish I had seen a copy go Rogue Trader though, that sounds like a game I might have gotten into at the time.

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