Adventures in Mordheim pt 2 – The Crimson Wrath

With a strong interest in Mordheim being expressed across the club, we decided that we should have an intro evening at first instance to let folk try out some warbands and get familiar with the rules.

Having decided this was the best route, we then had to work out how many players we had and who could run the intro games. We had 3 players with previous Mordheim experience, Steve & Matt (2 of my DnD group and both of whom had played within the last few years) and Sugar (who last played when it was still a supported game). I also volunteered, not because I have ever played it but because the basic rules are taken straight from Warhammer Fantasy, of which I have more than a passing familiarity with!

So with interest high we invited the parties to a WhatsApp group and chucked out some polls about suitable dates for a training night and warband preferences, so that we could coordinate resources (spare warbands etc).

Having the ability to basically field any warband in the game never helps narrow down what to take, so rather than do my Bloodbowl selection criteria of try and take what no one else was, I actually made a decision to go with the Witch Hunters. Thankfully, at present, we have an even spread of warbands*, with the exception of Middenheimers, as no one seemed to want them!

* For the starter sessions we decided to go with basic warbands from the book, no hired swords etc. As an when the campaign starts things may change.

So with the type chosen, it was time to get the band together.

As a note on the warband construction, I’ve generally tried to arm them with what the model has, rather than for any gaming reason, but had to change this in a few places (especially with the Zealots) where the models have items you can’t take or because I didn’t have the points!

For the eagle eyed, there is also an extra witch Hunter in the below shot that is not in the warband (the one from the Hexbane kit).

The Crimson Wrath

The Lady – Captain – Crossbow & Sword.

The enigmatic Captain of the warband. Her real name is unknown but it was rumoured that she was sanctioned by the Grand Theogonist of Sigmar himself to purge Mordheim of the unworthy.

Iolanthe the Pure – Warrior Priest – 2 * Hammers

Devoted of Sigmar, fanatical in her zeal against the corrupt. Upon finding out the Lady was heading to the rotten cesspit of a city she immediately sought her out and pledged her loyalty to the cause.

Tiberius the Hunter – Witch Hunter – Pistol & Sword

The loyal number 2. With an older, stern patriarchal appearance, it is often assumed he leads the warband. Whilst he does have a great many more years of experience than the rest of the band he is content to let others lead whilst he concentrates on capturing the heretic and convincing them to confess within the purifying flames.

Truffles Stoutfoot – Scourge of the Moot – Witch Hunter – Crossbow and Sword

The oddity of the group. It is rare to find a halfling that values many things above his next meal but Truffles scoured the Moot, rooting out the unclean and morally corrupt amongst his kind after losing his family at an early age. His diligence earnt him an invite to the Templars of the Cult of Sigmar, the only Halfling to ever be admitted.

The Mask – Witch Hunter – Crossbow and Sword

Another member of the band that does not speak about his past. In his case it is because he can’t, having lost the ability to speak after a fire, set by cultists, burnt his body almost beyond repair. Only the actions of a priest of Shallya saved him but rather than taking up their offer to heal his trauma, he instead devoted himself to a life of violence, consigning others to the pain he himself had felt. It is rumoured that the only time he removes the mask is when questioning the accused.

Anthony & Cleopatra – Warhounds

The lady’s trained mastiffs.

Brutus and Anton le Berk – Zealots – Hammers

Brutus, or just ‘The Brute’ as he is commonly known, has been Tiberius’s servant for many years. His prodigious size is only matched by his tenacity.

Anton is from an old aristocratic family. As an initiate of the Temple he was assigned to the group as his first chance to prove himself.

The Loon and the Blind – Flagellants – Flails

Two of the many fanatics that congregated at the temple in Altdolf and who decided to follow the hunters when they saw them leave.

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