The Sundering of Montford pt1

So the club show has come and gone and I thought I’d post some shots of the game.

As with last year, I was asked if I wanted to run a demo game. Always one to jump at the chance of playing an epic size battle, I quickly agreed. Knowing that my regular opponent, Dr Luke Blaxill (you tube channel of the same name and insta: oldhammer_powermetal_painting) was keen to display some of his models on the table, because of the show and clubs historical roots, we decided that we would field a large contingent of Bretonnian knights. Luke already had a fabulously painted army so I knew I had to get cracking on my half (hence the flurry of recent Bret posts!).

Meant to be helping us out on the day was one of our DnD group, Matt, who unfortunately (together with his wife) had food poisoning the night before so had to pull out. Given the choice of various armies, he had picked dwarves again (I say again, as he’s enjoyed taking them during our recent triumph and treachery games). That suited me as it meant no painting was required for them!

So with the armies decided, it was just left to put together some lists and design a suitable battlefield.

The Battlefield

Having learnt from last year I realised that although it looked good, we probably had too much terrain. This year I wanted a themed board but not as cluttered, especially as with Brets you would want to leave them some good charge lanes.

Going to town with some graph paper scales to reflect the board size and then cut out scenery sections, individually blue tacked, allowed me to play around to my hearts content and I eventually settled on 2 possible setups.

This board would have the Bretonnians defending the castle, sallying forth to attack the dwarves
This board would have the castle to one side.

In the end, we used the second option, as although it was not as ‘themey’, it meant the Bretonnian player wouldn’t have to be reaching over the castle every time he wanted to move anything, so there would be less chance of accidents! Prudence wins every time.

What I did do on the day was to change the lay out of the houses etc, having a few clumps of terrain to not impede the mass of troops.

Spoiler shot!

Rather than list every item, what I’ll do is give an overview of the army. I again tried to follow the lead of the ‘Hoodling’ and give many of the heroes and lords identical load outs to keep things simple (though Luke rewrote his half of the Bret list adding in some different items, a bombard and an Emperor Dragon!).

Dwarf list

High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer with personal bodyguard of 49 Hammerers, accompanied by 1 of the armies battle standards.

Ungrim Ironfist, the Slayer King, with 39 slayers

Runelord on Anvil of Doom

28 Ironbreakers with Thane and Runesmith

39 Warriors with Great Weapons and Thane

38 Longbeards with shield and Lord on shieldbearers

39 Miners with Runesmith

Grimm Burloksson and 19 Irondrakes

39 Quarrellers with Runesmith

20 Thunderers with shields

10 Rangers

10 Rangers

4 * Gyrocoptors

3 * Organ Guns each with an Engineer

1 Cannon

1 Grudge Thrower

1 Flame cannon

1 Bolt Thrower

This gave the dwarves around 340 infantry, 4 flyers and 7 warmachines.


My Brets

King Louen Leoncoeur on Hyppogryph

The Fay Enchantress (lore of light) with 10 Knights of the Realm

11 Knights of the Realm with Paladin

11 Grail Knights with Damsel

16 Questing Knights with Paladin and Paladin BSB

12 Knights Errant

12 Knights of the Realm with Paladin

24 Peasant Bowmen

Paladin on Pegasus

4 Pegasus Knights

12 Mounted Yeomen

2 * Trebuchets

Luke’s Brets (approx)

11 Grail Knights with Heavens Prophetess

10 Knights of the Realm with 2 Paladins and Paladin BSB

17 Knights Errant with Life Prophetess

5 mounted yeomen

45 Men at Arms

12 peasant bowmen

10 peasant bowmen

10 peasant bowmen

10 skirmishing peasant bowman

3 Pegasus Knight

1 lord of Pegasus

6 Grail Knights

The Green Knight

2 * Trebuchets

1 Bombard (used as a cannon)

1 Emperor Dragon

2 * Unicorns

This gave the Bretonnians, 127 Knights/mages on horses, 10 flying knights, 17 mounted peasants, 111 infantry, 5 artillery, 2 unicorns and a dragon.

This was just equalling all kinds of epic fun in my head!

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