Hobby update pt4 – The final Lance

I know that projects can really galvanise output but with the completion of this final Lance of knights that is now almost all my Bretonnians complete.

All that had remained were: 2 damsels (1 on foot and 1 mounted) and a morning star paladin.

These have now been joined by 48 fireforge miniatures, foot sergeants (as proxy men at arms), curtesy of a trader at the SELWG show but still, ignoring this recent purchase, this is another army almost done.

This was not a unit that I was initially going to paint. It wasn’t in my Call of the Crown pledge or in my plans for the show but with a week to go until the show and feeling on a roll, I decided to see if I could complete them and the night before I finished basing them, adding yet another unit of knights to be deployed.

As with my other units I kept to the same colour scheme choosing green and white this time (dark angels green and apothecary white from the contrast range). Considering they were done in under a week I was pretty pleased with them. The more I’ve painted Brets the more my confidence has grown and I’ve really started to enjoy painting them, something I never thought I’d say!

The full unit. This includes 3 knights in different colours. I’ll revisit these at some point so they match the rest of the unit.

10 thoughts on “Hobby update pt4 – The final Lance

  1. Another great looking unit of knights, the green and white works really well as a combination, congratulations on getting the army almost completed, even if you’ve now added to the list ! LOL

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