Hobby update pt3 – character-ful heroes

4 posts in a 48 hour period! Things are going crazy here.

As you can probably tell, my hobby has been on overdrive, trying to get things ready for the show. It’s been pretty tunnel vision and all other hobby has gone out of the window.

The next items finished were some of the heroes for the Bret forces. With the dwarves (again) fielding Thorgrim Grudge Bearer (the high king) and Ungrim Ironfist (the slayer king), it felt only right that the Bretonnians were able to field equally esteemed characters!

First off was Louen Leoncoeur, King of the Bretonnians. I honestly can’t remember how I got the model. My best guess is I must have picked him up in a made to order at some point (though no idea when!) as I definitely didn’t get him back in the day and he was complete on sprue in a box which made eBay highly unlikely. The model did come with 2 alternative heads. Louen was bare faced but I’ve always been a fan of helmeted heads, so I used the second option (which was probably in there to make a generic hero on Hippogryph). I went with the fairly standard Colour scheme for him. He is also in my crown of command challenge, so that’s another one ticked off.

In game he is ridiculously over costed (728pts!!!) with abilities that range from fairly mediocre to terrible (if he dies, everything in your army takes a panic test…) so the only time you will viably use him is in a large and more narrative game.

Next up was another probable made to order purchase and that was the Fey Enchantress on her unicorn, Silveron. As with Louen, she is finecast but an ok cast (as he was). Nothing to complain about. If I’m being honest I’m not the biggest fan of the sculpt. The detail is ok, it’s a fairly standard pose and perhaps that’s it, it’s just ok, in a range that is stock full of great models.

Like Louen, she is expensive at 545pts, though still not nearly as bad as he is and where she differs, is she is actually worth taking in a list. She has a decent ward, some great magic items and provides great synergy with your army (such as automatically giving them the lady’s blessing without having to pray and forfeiting the first turn!). All in all I’m definitely looking forward to seeing her on the table.

The final character for the army is actually the old Marauder Miniatures, Empire Captain on Pegasus. He was painted to match my fledgling Empire force but for the purposes of the game, he’ll be a bretonnian hero on Pegasus. I have a massive nostalgia buzz for pretty much every Marauder model and this one is no exception. It’s the heavily muscled Pegasus that extrudes raw power and then the over the top, massive seat mounted on it that gives it its charm (at least in my eyes). I don’t know the characters full name as yet but it’s definitely starting with Sir Reginald…

And lastly, I dug out all my completely Brets for a group shot. I realised after I did this that I only had a few Brets left to paint: the 3 special ‘not’ Robin Hood characters, 2 damsels (one mounted, one on foot) and a morning star wielding character! (There was also one final unit of knights, not shown in the below, as at the time I hadn’t finished them).

8 thoughts on “Hobby update pt3 – character-ful heroes

  1. That is a lot of Bretonnians! I’m a sucker for a group photos a day thus one is gorgeous. My recollection is that special characters were rather a mixed bag in Fantasy Battle so I guess it is no surprise that the king is actually a bit rubbish in game. There must be any number of Chaos Lords et al who could reliably deal with him so that Panic check is quite the liability.

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