Hobby update pt 2 – We can make you stronger, faster, Bret-er!

Flicking through the blog, I realised that I’d completely missed uploading shots of the unit finished just before the Lizardmen Cold-ones, my Grail Knights.

I again followed my trend of keeping a unified colour scheme across the unit though this time I attempted to add a bit more detail to some of them, adding cross hatching and even a smaller scale chequerboard on some of the horses! That was of mixed success and I had to go back and repeatedly repaint parts of it to try and make it uniform in size. Still it was a first for me (though not one I’ll be rushing to repeat, I’ll leave that to the other masochists in this blogosphere for the near future 😂).

The knights themselves are an equal mixture of 5th and 6th edition models which meant I had a nice variety to paint.

I’ve also always liked the fluff around them. They are almost superhumans. Men who have found and supped from the Grail and subsequently been blessed by the lady and are now almost Fey. The image of the Knight from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade comes to mind!

How they play

Like many things from the 6th Ed Bret army book, when translated into 8th, they are somewhat overcosted. 38pts for a 1 wound model is crazy. That is monstrous infantry/cavalry territory. That said they are still very worth taking. They have the standard Bret knight defence of a 2+ save and a 6++ ward that increases to 5++ vs Str 5 or above attacks. It is their offensive output that takes them above the other options. 2 attacks base at Str 4 (6 on the charge with their lances), as well as weapon skill 5 (unheard of for a human unit), makes them a powerhouse. I

At the time of writing and in the uk, nearly all competition packs give Bretonnians the devastating charge rule. This gives them +1 attack on the charge and utilising their Lance formation, the above unit of 11 knights would put out 28 Str 6 attacks on the charge! The horses would also add another 9 Str 3 attacks (and probably be more effective too 🙄).

All in all, a great unit that you’ll see in most competitive lists.

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