Hobby update – Things can only get Bret-er! Part 1

With the show in the works and having been asked to run a game again, a few months back I had some thoughts on what I’d like to do this year. My club mate (and regular opponent) Luke, had expressed disappointment that he hadn’t been able to attend last year. With his high standard of painting I knew that I’d love to get his figures on the table so I broached the subject to see if he fancied the chance of doing a large battle. He immediately said yes and visions of massed knights sprung into my head. Getting a tally of what he had (around 4k points worth, I had 2 options, either field some allies with them or get a wiggle on to paint a load more of my Brets. With the call of the crown starting, I knew this might just give me the impetus to finish them in time!

First up on my pile was some questing knights. I had 16 of these! Now 10 were admittedly some knock off and frankly not brilliant quality models from Norba Miniatures that I’d picked up several years back. Completing these nearly killed me as they just weren’t great models or casts. The saving grace was the baggage behind the knights that gave them a load of character and then I came to the GW models…

At some point in the last few years I splashed out and bought myself a birthday present. This was a new in box set of questing knights (QK) and a stripped down single model QK that was one of the 3 sold in the blister packs (in this case ‘the cook’ – so named as the baggage behind the knight was a cook pot with legs of meat, veg etc.). Never having seen these in the flesh, I never realised how detailed the models were. I’d never noticed the the standard bearer was blind and there was a small child standing behind him on the horse with a seeing glass, directing him. Detail like that swiftly made this set my favourite Bret models. After the Norba models, they were a joy to paint too!

The last member of the unit is technically a Grail Knight champion from 5th edition but due to him wielding a great weapon, he seemed ideally to use as an embedded Paladin with the Questing vow. Before seeing the about GW questing knights in the flesh, he was hands down my all time favourite Bret’ model (and to be fair, he may still be – even after saying the above models now are – I’m as fickle as the blessing of the lady!). He is of course painted in the colours as the unit.

17 questing knights in their glory!

12 thoughts on “Hobby update – Things can only get Bret-er! Part 1

  1. Fantastic looking Questing Knights, the blue and yellow colour scheme works really well, and is very striking. Great attention to detail, on all the extras that appear on both different sets, and good job tying the two manufacturers together.

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    1. Thanks Dave, like many I had extreme trepidation about painting Brets but the unified colours and more simplistic heraldry, has actually been fun to paint and something different, whilst still taking me initially out of my comfort zone

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  2. Those are some great looking Knights and I like the chosen color scheme. Has a bit of a regal flair to it. Also love the detail on them. All kinds of stuff on them, even a chest of drawers!! 😂

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