Hobby Update, a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

The joy of being so poor at updating the blog recently, is again I’m able to post a chunk of hobby update. It makes me look like my out put is along the lines of Davekay or Az’ (rather than it being spread over a 3 month period…)!

So i’ll kick off with:


Following on from my Jan post, I finished off the rest of the unit, a further 7 knights to take the unit up to 12. These completely followed the same paint scheme as the first. I included another standard/musician to give the flexibility of fielding them as 2 small units.

I also picked up and painted the father & daughter witch hunters from AOS. Again these will work like for like in my fledgling Empire force or possibly even if I look to try Mordheim again. I pretty much used contrasts for all of these. I’m liking them more and more!

Dungeon Bowl

I continued with a few bits in the DB box. This time the chests that either hide the ball, or an explosive trap! A very simple paint job but good enough to get them on the table.


After sitting on the paint board for over 8 months I finally knuckled down and finished off the Colin Dixon Bolt Thrower. The actually warmachine was again pretty much speed painted using contrasts but it was the crew that didn’t inspire me and held things up.


I’ve now made quite a bit of headway into the remaining beastmen models I own. Pretty much all I have left now is 10 further Ungor Raiders and the majority of my Minotaurs.

Starting off with an additional 5 Centigor. This nicely takes my tally to 10 and feels an appropriate size to embed the special character, Ghorros Warhoof. I’ll be honest, i’m not totally happy with the colour scheme and these might get redone, together with the minotaurs and Ghorgons, to match the rest of the herd.

I also picked up another Mierce figure in one of their sales. This time a Cygor equivalent. I’ve said it before but I much prefer these models to the GW ones. Its the little things, the pig and sheep held in its hands.

The herd have also received additional magical reinforcements. Malagor the Dark Omen has also joined, drawn my the tales of Khazbar. Could he be the one the dark gods have foretold? I painted the colours on his staff to tie in to the main Gor horde.

Fed up with the ineptitude of his first apprentice, Wazzock the Lame, Khazbar has also taken on a new one: Slidlo the Weak, hoping that the rivalry between them would make them useful (as well as diverting any thoughts of removing him as they concentrate on eliminating each other)!

The final painting was a further 10 Gor. These will allow me to field a matching horde of 50.

And that as they say, is that! Next on the painting board is 20 halberdiers.

8 thoughts on “Hobby Update, a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

  1. That is a lot of stuff you’ve got through, even if it is over 3 months, and you should never judge your output by someone else’s, we all work at different speeds, but use what they do to inspire your own creativity.

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  2. That is an impressive tally for 3 months in my book, I’d not achieve that in a year!
    I really like to blue on the centigores, and the wheels on that bolt thrower take me back to my hobby roots of Battle Masters and the cannon in that, I swear they are the same!

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