Hobby Update – a veritable feast I tell you! (WE, Empire, Beastmen, Dungeonbowl).

After 3 weeks of back to back covid cases in our house, in the run up to and over Xmas (only avoided by yours truly), things have got back to semi normality (only ruined by some killer hours at work).

The good news is I managed to squeeze in some painting and it’s one of those months where a number of things come together, to clear off the board.


First up were 5 Empire Knights. These are the test scheme for my new (well newish – first lockdown year purchase). Initially I wanted to make them Knights of Morr but I wasn’t happy with how the test model turned out and couldn’t seem to get it right, so instead I decided to paint them in the colours I’d ring fenced for the army, purple and yellow. Why those colours? I’ll come back to that in a later post.

In honesty, these have been done since Dec (bar bases) but I have another 7 or so to paint and was trying to push through to get them all done. As ever, I was distracted by other shinies, so when I started to base the other bits I thought I’d at least complete these to clear a bit of space.

The basic colours used were as follows (mainly for my own notes). These are a mixture of current GW paints and older hex pots. Quite a garish scheme but I’m growing more fond of bright schemes.

Even more shockingly, this is the first army I’ve started from scratch with no pre-existing painted models, so I’m actually planning the build/painting in a methodical manner! It’s unnatural so I’m sure I’ll internally rebel against this at some point.

Averland yellow with Casandra yellow wash. Liche purple with druchii violet wash and genestealer purple highlight. Ironbreaker silver, nuln oil wash. Warpstone green and athonian camoshade wash.

I have a load of state troops lined up to paint at some point and I’ll be looking to try out contrast on them as it should help speed up the process of painting the army considerably!

I may also have to get my eyes tested as I’ve been struggling a bit painting close up. I may live in denial for a bit longer though.

Wood Elves (or more correctly Forest Spirits)

The next items completed were driven by a game played last Friday. Our DnD group had agreed to play a 5 way Triumph and treachery game of warhammer. Two of the group were old fantasy players who hadn’t played it for years. As such I offered them the choice of a number of armies from my collection which they jumped on. I then made up multiple 1000pt lists that they could choose from.

Pete jumped on the wood elf bandwagon (in part as he’d enjoyed using them at the club demo game we’d run and picking a list headed up by a Branchwraith. This of course was the one model not painted up in the list so cue digging some out and painting them up.

I’m the end I painted up two models. The first was the old Drycha model. She is a special character that has been in multiple editions and is normally a bitter and slightly twisted dryad. As such I used a darker paint scheme for her. One thing I was particularly pleased about was managing to paint her eyes, something that I normally don’t bother with (and was a nightmare – see earlier comment about needing glasses…)

Colours used: dryad bark, agrax wash, golgfag brown dry brush. Sprites – Teclis blue and lothern Blue highlight.

The second model was the newer AOS model and as such I followed a similar scheme to the Kurnoth Hunters (Treekin), previously painted. Of course the eyes were done again and not nearly as neatly (the photos also revealed one area missing paint!).

The colours used were: weapon – warpstone green with moot green highlighting. Wood = Base – Gorthor Brown, agrax wash, golgfag brown drybush. Branches: xereus purple, screamer pink, emperors children. Bug = Mephiston red, carroburg crimson wash, – wildrider red highlights. Other bits: kalabite green, athonian camoshade wash, green dry brush


I’m a big fan of a lot of the Mierce Miniature models, especially the alternative Beastmen ones and many of the larger models in my army are from this company.

The one thing I’m not a fan of is their standard prices. Thankfully they have sporadic sales throughout the year and inevitably when they pop up I’ll peruse their site (they’ve just had a half price monster sale so I have an alternative Cygor on route as I write).

A while back they had a sale for monstrous beasts and I took the opportunity to add to my collection an alternative Razorgor model. This is the second model I now own, out of a set of 3.

The paint scheme was kept very simple: Doombull brown, agrax wash and golgfag brown dry brush. Khorne red for the tongue/eyes and Zandri dust and nuln oil wash for the bone.

Dungeon Bowl

The last small things that were cleared off the board were the 6 teleports from the new game. Again these were done with minimal effort. Administrator grey base, a nuln oil wash and light dry brush of xxx grey for the stone. Talassar blue contrast paint for the portal.

11 thoughts on “Hobby Update – a veritable feast I tell you! (WE, Empire, Beastmen, Dungeonbowl).

  1. Good to hear you have all got over your Covid battle, and things are returning to normal. Great work on all the models, and the colour schemes on all suit them really well.

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