Chris Achilleos

I’m not one to normally post on the death of an artist but Chris sadly passed away earlier in the week and was one who very much helped to influence my formative fantasy years. His artwork was a fair few fighting fantasy books, covers of White dwarf and I even had 2 A1 sized posters of his work adorning my bedroom wall. Below are a few of my favourite pieces or ones that hold good memories.

More of his art can be found on his site:

Orc Hero (1988)- This was used on the cover of Steve Jackson’s Trolltooth Wars novel (from the World of Fighting Fantasy).
Horde of Chaos (1984) This was one of the A1 posters in my room. It depicted the hosts of Mordor – commissioned for the ‘Middle Earth’ GW game.
The Orc’s war banner (1987). This was the other A1 poster and was created for the Fighting Fantasy book: Armies of Death.
Dragonspell. Not sure on the year of this but it was used on the cover of the Fighting Fantasy world source book: Titan. It’s still one of my all time top fantasy pieces. I’m honest enough to admit much of that is nostalgia and the association with what is still one of my all time favourite source books.
The Sentinel (1979) – Used on the cover of the Anne MacCaffrey book: Dragon Quest. This is one of the earliest pictures of a dragon I can remember and so influenced what I always thought they should look like.

3 thoughts on “Chris Achilleos

  1. I’ve generally not been one to know who created various artworks but these are indeed nostalgic throwbacks to my formative years. Thanks for posting about the sad passing of an artist who, in their way, is responsible for how a big part of my life has played out.

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