Battle of Bogenhof – pt5 – the armies

This post will literally just break down the forces involved with some brief thoughts on how we would be simplifying some of it.

As stated before the main aim of the demo game was to field as many large units and big gribblies as possible. Not having any experience in this size game, I turned to someone who was well known in the blogosphere for his large games, Greg from the Hoodlings Hole. I didn’t speak to him in person about this game (though I have briefly spoken to him before and he is very approachable and is active on FB if you want to chat), mainly as he had conveniently posted on his blog about what they have done to simplify their large games. Some of it included unifying magic items on characters, something I thought was a great idea, so for the purposes of our game, we went with the following for generic characters (with the odd exception here and there).

All armies

Level 4 Mages will be assumed to have a talisman of Preservation (4+ ward) and earthing rod (one use – reroll a miscast result)

Level 2 Mages will be assumed to have a powerstone (1 use only – add 2 D6 to one magic cast)

Special Characters will be armed with what they have as standard


Generals of the Empire and Grandmasters, will assumed to have an Ogre Blade (+2 strength) and talisman of endurance (5+ ward) and a 1+ save if mounted.

Captains of the Empire, will be assumed to have a 2+ save, the sword of might (+1 strength)and a talisman of endurance (5+ ward).

Warrior priests will be assumed to have a 3+ save (1+ if mounted) and a sword of might (+1 strength)

Wood Elves

All Glade Captains, will be assumed to have a 4+ save, the sword of might (+1 strength) and a talisman of endurance (5+ save).

All Glade guard have trueflight arrows (no modifiers to hit)

All Scouts have hagbane arrows (poison)

All characters have the same arrows as the unit they are in (else they have none)


All Dwarf (+rune) lords will have a great weapon, a 5++ ward, T6 and 6 wounds

All dwarf Thanes will have a 1+ save, 3 wounds and a great weapon

All Runesmiths/lords will have a 2+ save and a rune of spellbreaking

Master Engineers will have a 3+ save and a brace of pistols


Oldblood and Scarvets will be assumed to have a 2+ save, talisman of preservation (4+ ward) and a Great weapon

The Army Lists

The below is a breakdown of the army lists taken on the day. Generic characters will only list the exception items, that aren’t covered in the above list. Even ignoring the duplicate magic items on characters, not all the lists are fully legal but that was fine with us as the aim was to create a spectacle, not necessarily a balanced game, with units taken in larger sizes as visually that just looks better! As it went, we ended up fielding 19,578pts of models with the dwarves being outnumbered by just over 2k! Looking back, there were some additional upgrades I could have made to some of their blocks of troops that would have potentially made some a bit more survivable.

This isn’t by far the extent of my models for each of the 3 elements I bought along, but they do constitute the painted models and that was one of the main stipulations, everything must be painted!!

Dwarf Army – 8,658pts

Thorgrim Grudgebearer – High King – 650pts

Ungrim Ironfist – Slayer King – 350pts

Dwarf Lord on Shieldbearers – 286pts

Runelord – Anvil of Doom – 378pts

Total Lords – 1,664pts

Grimm Burloksson (Master Engineer) – 165pts

Thane – Battle Standard Bearer – 146pts

Thane – Oath Stone – 146pts

Thane – 121pts

Runesmith – 93pts

Runesmith – 93 pts

Master Engineer – 85pts

Master Engineer – 85pts

Total Heroes – 934pts

40 Dwarf Warriors – Full Command – Great Weapons – 430pts

40 Longbeards – Full Command – Ro Stoicism (Stubborn) – Shields – 585pts

39 Quarrellers – Full Command – Great weapons, crossbows – 576pts

20 Quarrellers – Full Command – Great weapons, crossbows – 310pts

20 Thunderers – Full Command – Handguns, shields – 290pts

Total Core – 2,191pts

1 Cannon – Ro Forging, Ro Fire – 150pts

1 Grudge Thrower – Ro Accuracy, Ro Forging, Ro Penetrating – 170pts

1 Gyrocoptor – 80pts

1 Gyrocoptor – 80pts

49 Hammerers – Full command – MRo Groth One-eye (12″ bubble of stubborn) – 791pts

30 Ironbreakers – Full Command – Ro Stoicism (Stubborn) – 485pts

40 Miners – Full Command – Mining Drill – 455pts (these should normally start off the table but we disregarded that for the purposes of the game).

Clan Ironfist Slayers – Musician + Standard – MRo Valaya (boosted magic defence) – 553pts

Total Special – 2,739pts

1 Gyrobomber – 125pts

1 Gyrobomber – 125pts

20 Irondrakes – Full Command – Trollhammer Torpedo, 2* Ro Slowness (roll 2 dice and reduce charges by the highest D6″) – 400pts

1 Organ Gun – Ro Accuracy – 145pts

1 Organ Gun – Ro Accuracy – 145pts

1 Flame Cannon – Ro Forging – 165pts

Total Rare – 1,105pts

The dwarf force (excluding Thorgrim who wasn’t painted at this point).

Lizardmen Allied Contingent – 1,959pts

Oldblood on Carnosaur – loping stride, bloodroar – 460pts

Scar-Veteran on Carnosaur – loping stride, bloodroar – 419pts

30 Saurus Warriors – Full Command – 360pts

Bastilidon – Solar Engine – 150pts

6 Kroxigor – 310pts

Ancient Stegadon, sharpened horns, unstoppable stampede – 260pts

Wood Elves – 4,870pts

Orion – King in the Woods – 600pts

Spellweaver – Lore of High Magic – 350pts

Total Lords – 950pts

Glade Captain – Great Stag – 192pts

Glade Captain – Great Eagle – Hail of Doom Arrow – 207pts

Glade Captain – Battle Standard Bearer – 152pts

Shadow Dancer – Glittering Scales (-1 to hit) – 125pts

Spellsinger – Lore of Fire – 135pts

Spellsinger – Lore of Beasts – 135pts

Total Heroes – 946pts

28 Eternal Guard (spear elves) – Full command, shields, Standard of Discipline

21 Glade Guard (archers) – Full command

27 Glade Guard – Full command

Total Core – 1161pts

14 Wildriders – Full command, shields (completely forgot to give them a magic banner)

3 Warhawk riders – 135pts

6 Sisters of the Thorn – Full command – 186pts (again, completely forgot to give them a magic banner)

3 Treekin – 145pts

20 Deepwood Scouts – musician – 330pts (these ended up being fielded as 2 units of 10)

10 Wardancers – 170pts

Total Special – 1388pts

10 Waywatchers – 200pts

1 Treeman – 225pts

Total Rare – 425pts

Empire Army – 4092pts (Note this was entirely made up of Greg’s models)

Karl Franz, The Emperor – Ghal Maraz, Deathclaw, bloodroar – 585pts

Wizard lord – level 4 – Lore of Life – power stone (rather than earthing rod – due to the lore he was using) – 265pts

Templar Grand Master – 229pts

Total Lords – 1079pts

Battle Wizard – Level 2 – Lore of Fire – 120pts

Captain – Battle Standard Bearer – 146pts

Master Engineer – 86pts

Warrior Priest – 92pts

Warrior Priest – 92pts

Warrior Priest – warhorse – 110pts

Total Heroes – 646pts

24 Archers – 168pts

44 Halberdiers – Full Command – 294pts

12 Inner Circle Knights – Full command, steel standard – 365pts

Total Core – 827pts

4 Demigryph knights – Musician, champion – 252pts

1 Great Cannon – 120pts

38 Greatswords – Full command, standard of discipline – 463pts

5 Outriders – 115pts

5 Pistoliers – musician – 100pts

Total Special – 1050pts

1 Hellblaster Volley gun – 120pts

1 Hellblaster Volley gun – 120pts

1 Steam Tank – 250pts

Total Rare – 490pts

So there you have it. A bucket load of totally unoptimised lists for the game.

The next post will just be a breakdown of the day with plenty of photos.

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    1. The main post should be up shortly. I finished it last night and scheduled it for today (not that I can remember what time!). It won’t contain much more (picture wise) than what was on my insta account if that’s where you saw it. I have to say I was quite please (if I say so myself) with both the game and how it looked on the day.

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