Battle of Bogenhof – pt4 – painting update

This will be the last of the painting updates as everything is now done and dusted (or as much as it can be before Sunday’s game).

The first thing cleared from the board was the High King of the Dwarves, Thorgrim Grudgebearer. Costing over 600pts to field, it means that he rarely sees play (so much so that I hadn’t even built him), so with such a large game, it felt like a travesty not to take the opportunity to field him. This also put an idea into my head, why not take the ‘leaders’ of the other races we were going to be fielding. Greg (who was bringing his Empire army) agreed and immediately started to paint up his unused Karl Franz on chicken (sorry Griffin) and I also dug out and started to paint the lord of the Wood Elves…

….Orion. Now this is the original 4th edition iteration of the model and the sculpt was based on the Mark Gibbons classic picture (as so many of the great models of that era were – actually that is a total assumption that the pictures came before the models and I should probably fact check myself. Either way his artwork is fantastic and deserves a post all of their own). I actually painted Orion back when I got him, at some point in the 90’s. So this was more of a repaint of some aspects of him, adding a bit of extra detail/washes/actually basing him etc. The main areas I didn’t touch too much, were the horn and the cloak. With the latter, I loved the vibrant green. I’m not sure what i’d used to paint that originally but the colour may have had something to do with the fact a younger me had no concept of priming and so it had been painted directly over the metal. He’s also mounted on the original 40mm base whereas technically for 8th he is on a 50mm base. Like Thorgrim, he also clocks in at 600 odd pts so rarely sees table time. He is also a total glass cannon, able to dish out a some meaty combat attacks and decent ranged, with 2 separate types: his spear, that acts like a bolt thrower and a bow that is like a repeater crossbow. I’m expecting him to go out in a blaze of glory!

I also finished off putting together a classic 4th ed card building and repairing a carbon copy of the same one (I have no idea where the 2nd came from as one of them came in the 4th edition starter set and I definitely didn’t get two boxes). I like the card buildings as they hold a nostalgia charm to them.

The last thing I’ll post is a copy of the sketch put together planning the table layout. We’d be using a 8*6 table (or 2 6*4 tables put together). The Dwarves would be set up in the middle and they would be attacked from either side. Wood elves on the wooded side and Empire and Lizards from the other!

The next post will just be a breakdown of the lists to be used and how we’ve dealt with the simplification of elements.

13 thoughts on “Battle of Bogenhof – pt4 – painting update

  1. Great work to meet your deadlines, you must be very pleased to be ready for the big day. I really like the painting that you’ve done on both Orion and Thorgrim Grudgebearer, and I reckon that the beards of the Dwarfs are among the best you’ve done.

    Looking back, it seems mental that GW released these characters for their games but then made them so expensive that they wouldn’t even fit in any normal game, but I guess it was a very different time. I can’t wait to see them in action.

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