Battle of Bogenhof – pt 3 – Painting update

Scenery and painting update

So I’ve not been totally quiet on this front. I took delivery of a bulk load of mdf movement trays as well as some themed Dwarven (/Celtic) trays. The mdf trays were glued together but apart from that, will sadly have to remain as is, due to time constraints. The 3 themed trays were given a quick base and dry brush. Though they haven’t been photoed, I did take one of the accompanying (and matching) turn counter that I quickly painted to match.

I also managed to finish off the last of the plastic kits I had unpainted, the watchtower. This was definitely less enjoyable to paint than the other recent buildings and some shortcuts were taken!

The purple and yellow shields above the door are again to fit in with the yet to be built and painted Empire army I have

When digging out all the dwarves for a group shot, I realised that the original 20 Ironbreakers painted years ago, were painted with much less detail than the more recent 10 reinforcements, what detail had been done was in gold rather than the silver I favoured on the army and didn’t have any static grass on them. So I found myself doing something I’ve never done before – going back to a previously painted model and reworking them! Shocking behaviour. Now admittedly I followed my normal short cut behaviour and with regards to the silver trim, this was just painted straight over the top of the original gold areas (where applicable). I’m much happier with the unit now but it’s opened a dangerous door as I now what to revisit, at a minimum, the Irondrakes and give them the same treatment.

The eagle eyed might spot a single Longbeard hidden in the unit to round it to 30.

So as I write, there are only 4 things really left to complete by the 17th:

  • Finish building and painting Thorgrim Grudgebreaker (High King of the Dwarves)
  • Repaint (eeek there’s that word again – I told you, a slippery slope!)/touch up Orion (for the Wood Elves
  • Finish rebasing one card building and build/base a second.
  • Dig out the wood elves to double check nothing else needs to be done.

Things are looking on track!

And to finish, a gratuitous shot of the dwarf side of the demo game (excluding the unbuilt high king).

12 thoughts on “Battle of Bogenhof – pt 3 – Painting update

  1. Great work on all, a repaint to tie in the unit has got to be worth it, and for Orion, would it be more of a touch up rather than a repaint ? If we can find alternative terms it might not feel such a slippery slope ! LOL

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    1. Lol yep touch up does sound rather dubious!! My original Orion paint job was ok colour wise, just my younger self didn’t know about priming/shading etc so bits are a repaint, some I can leave as is. Some of the hues the old hex paints gave when painted direct on metal are really vibrant.

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