Hobby update – 40k – Shadow Sentinels

This post is very late in production as I actually finished these models towards the start of August (the rules of our 40k competition dictated that our force must be fully painted).

So without further preamble, these are the finished Intercessor marines for the Shadow Sentinels. Nothing different about this scheme over the others i’ve painted.

I also managed to get in the first game of my comp’ vs another relative 40k novice, Ben. He was rocking an Ultramarines list with something like:

  • 2 Redemptor Dreadnoughts (at least 1 with the plasma gun),
  • 15 Intercessors (3*5 man squads)
  • 5 man tactical marine squad w/ heavy bolter
  • Captain
  • Chief Apothecary
  • Librarian
  • Chaplain
  • 3 Bladeguard
  • Bladeguard ancient
  • 3 Outriders
  • 3 Eradicators
  • 5 Terminators
  • 5 Hellblasters

This felt like quite a lot of marines to be facing on the table but looking at it (and if I remembered his force breakdown correctly), I had 47 models so had a numerical advantage of 1!

We also agreed that we’d just play the primary mission. In terms of winning, this would make it far more challenging for either of us to get the upper hand but meant we could concentrate more on learning the basics of the game.

Long story short, the game ended a draw. I got a good early start with my devastators taking out one of his redemptors. Over the course of the game, I pretty much wrecked his right flank with my dreadnoughts. He got the upper hand on the other flank with his Apothecary/Captain bubble proving very effective. His terminators were also a pain when they initially came down and nearly won him the game.

My models of the match were probably the Suppressors or Devastators. Their heavier firepower really helped to take out the heavily armoured marines (though once again, one of my Ironclads was running riot in melee).

My least effective models were the Assault Marines. They just whiffed all their melee attacks.

I also blundered with the sternguard and inceptors. I effectively deep striked them but in hindsight, I should have concentrated firepower with them (rather than splitting it) to allow me to wipe out the hellblasters (as not doing so allowed the apothecary to heal them back up.

Overall, it was an enjoyable game but in the next one, i’m definitely using secondaries (even if I forgot them) as otherwise the game becomes more about who can shoot/kill the other one the most effectively.

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